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This historic site, now an Army National Guard station and training center, is reported to be haunted. The site, which experienced major fires in 2008, has also been used in several films, including A Soldier’s Story in 1984, Biloxi Blues in 1988, and The Tuskegee Airmen in 1995. Elvis Presley also stopped here on the way to his basic training. The apparitions and other strange phenomena experienced here prompted its appearance on the TV show Ghost Adventures.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Fort Chaffee
    Fort Chaffee, AR
    United States

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    35.3123139, -94.30604519999997
    Sebastian County, Arkansas
    Nearest Towns:
    Barling, AR (1.0 mi.)
    Central City, AR (3.1 mi.)
    Greenwood, AR (7.3 mi.)
    Fort Smith, AR (7.3 mi.)
    Lavaca, AR (7.7 mi.)
    Arkoma, OK (7.8 mi.)
    Bonanza, AR (8.4 mi.)
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    Kibler, AR (9.2 mi.)
    Moffett, OK (9.6 mi.)


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    1. I spent a few months In the old hospital helping with a haunted trail ride for charity. It was comprised of hundreds of individual buildings, all connected by covered walkways or short tunnels behind barred doors. There was a pediatric ward with teddy bears and clowns hand-painted on the walls, cracked and ruined by old age. my friend and I had our arms brushed against by “nothing” several times there.
      They had a theatre for patient’s entertainment- I went upstairs in what used to be the VIP area, and heard low-toned mumbling from other rooms. One day, there were three of us and everyone’s camera stopped working for a few minutes.
      There was a psych ward and it was the only building with steel doors on every room, with tiny windows to see out. also the only building with separate solitary confinement rooms- closet spaces with barred doors and no way out.
      Ft. Chaffee told us we needed to delete our photos, and keep them off the internet. A year later one of those buildings caught fire, and so so sadly, Chaffee burned the other hundreds down. They didn’t try to preserve a thing. Looking from Google Maps, it is across from Deer Trails Golf Course in Ft. Chaffee. The burned remains anyway. You can also see service roads away from the hospital. I wish I knew more about the history. I know it was utilized by all soldiers on base and their families, POW, refugees….
      Any history or stories would be welcome!

      • I live like right down the street from it and my dad is an army guy to so he told us about this place and how he said he always saw things here to went went to the hospital and we say some thing run across one of the hallways and we heard some things bust that’s it

    2. Hello!:) My name is sondra and i was wondering if it is possible that me and my team of 3 can investigate here aka Fort Chaffee? Any information will be greatly appreciated!!
      Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!!!!!!:)

      • I actually live just a few minutes from Fort Chaffee. The “old hospital” is the part of Chaffee that was said to be haunted. It burned down in 2008, reportedly from a visiting National Guardsman’s cigarette. Unfortunately, all that remained last time I heard about it was charred remains and empty land.

    3. I was actually stationed at Ft Chaffee for two weeks during Operation River Assault 2013. It was my Reserve units annual training. While we really weren’t allowed to explore per se, due to the nature of our training mission I spent a lot of time away from our barracks and motorpool and a lot of time in the woods. What I first noticed while out driving or on the way to training sites was the large number of graves scattered throughout the woods. These would range from a single plot and stone with a small fence to larger ones with as many as 20 gravestones. And every time we would be near one of these sites I would just have an uneasy feeling. Especially as it got darker out or after the major thunderstorm. I remember one time I was sitting in the hatch of our M88 smoking and just felt like someone was watching me the entire time.

    4. i been near there one time never want to go back there ever again it was creepy and scary and i got a bad when i was near there. the scary part was the signs out was moving around and it was not windy out side that day.

    5. I can feel,hear and summon spirits communication without technology. Consult me for advice on communications from the other side.
      There is strong very strong activity in the Frank Allen house.

    6. I was there for 2 weeks in the late 80s. One night I woke up hearing horses outside. Kinda freaked me out. But I don’t even know if they ever had calvary there. So who knows.

    7. I was stationed at Ft Chaffe during the Cuban refugees confinement. I was an MP out of Ft Bragg. We had to go a long way through the halls to use the phone. My husband was stationed st Ft Bragg so I would walk to the free phone and call him after midnight. One night as I was leaving the phone booth I heard heavy footsteps behind me so I looked back thinking it was another soldier. I saw nothing. I continued to walk and I stopped the footsteps stopped. I loked back and saw nothing. I started walking and heard them again so I ran as fast as I could back on the other side of the hospital to my room. I was 21 at the time and that still haunts me to this day.

    8. Spent many nights and days there as a soldier during the cuban rock festival. No matter what the media saysi’ve witnessed killings and death

    9. I un-Covered the Fact that Fort Chaffee Stored and Spray Tested Agent Orange, Agent White and Blue out here at Fort Chaffee and Also got a Veteran 100% Disability and he never left Fort Chaffee or the United States for Agent Orange Exposure. and he just Passed away 2 weeks ago.

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