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There have been ghost sightings on this road hitchhiking. Do not stop or you may get hurt. Its not a real person and you will have a feeling that you are being watched. I traveled down that road didn’t see anything but I felt a presence. The reason why it is haunted is down there is a hanging tree from a long time ago.

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Geographic Information

Lick Skillet Lane
Waldron, AR
United States

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34.9043219, -93.8788409
Scott County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Waldron, AR (12.0 mi.)
Booneville, AR (16.5 mi.)
Magazine, AR (17.5 mi.)
Blue Mountain, AR (18.3 mi.)
Oden, AR (20.5 mi.)
Mansfield, AR (23.7 mi.)
Havana, AR (24.4 mi.)
Huntington, AR (25.0 mi.)
Caulksville, AR (27.5 mi.)
Belleville, AR (27.6 mi.)


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  1. My family & descendents grew up in Lick Skillet. My great grandparents told that a group of settlers traveled through & their little girl was lost, never to be found. We were always told there were spirits here & some of my relatives would not visit the area.

  2. I would suggest visiting Lick Skillet Lane only during the day. From the moment we turned onto the road from the highway, we saw a light to the left that appeared like a porch in the faint distance. The longer we went down the road, the light stayed appearing but never got closer. We made it halfway down Lick Skillet Lane, before turning around. I took this pic after we turned around to back to the main highway. When I got out, there was COMPLETE darkness. That faint porch light that appeares the whole time was gone. Super wierd, and very scary.

  3. Just went and visited this road, drove it first, then parked and walked it. It’s late, completely dark. Nothing notable. At one point it got cold, which we all took note of, but it is Fall, unseasonably warm, but still fall and at night it usually does cool off, so it’s not that crazy that there is a cool breeze now and then. The only other thing is at one point there was a light that went across my midsection, I though for a second someone had shined a flashlight at me, but there was nothing, weird for sure, but no creep factor. I had my dog with me, she did not seem to hit on anything either. We had a bit of a group, to many were noisy children, me and my dog hung back and let the others go ahead, but it would have been better if there had been fewer people.

  4. My family lives in hale town matter of fact they are hales and we have had a lot of sightings here. A lady was stung by a bee and died because of a allergic reaction and at the time my mom which was a kid hanging out with her daughter before she died had seen this lady after her death on the side of the road at her old house in all white. My mother has also seen a group of horses that got out on our fenced property but no one in the area had lost their horse when asked about it and they disappeared after running mothers dad was horse riding in the woods and the horse got suddenly freaked out and he saw a unknown creature by our pond and he hit it with his switch and it went right threw the animal before running away. my grandma and her sisters and brother (when they were kids) had claimed to see a blue light when parked at night on the side of the highway and the light followed them home and everyone in the house could see it they were so scared they went to there neighbors house down the road and the light followed them there and went thru the window scaring everyone before disappearing and the same house from back then is now owned by my grandmas brother he smells his dads old hair grease time to time in the air note he also died there inside the house along with other family members . a banging noise has happened there since they were kids and my uncle said his dad (the one that passed) used to say it was a chicken under the porch so it didn’t scare them. There has been a couple of family deaths inside the house. Around kingdom by the river there had been accounts of people hearing chains swivel around with no one there. I’ve personally seen strange stars and heard unimaginable noises and every time I visit I feel like I’m being watched.

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