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Elvis Presley performed in this historic theater in 1956, and although it closed in 1980, it re-opened in 1983. Reports say a strange, unexplained humming noise has been noted in the building, and at least one apparition has been caught on camera, sitting in balcony seat E2, section 500, waving.

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Geographic Information

128 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL
United States

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30.326282, -81.65577989999997
Duval County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Jacksonville, FL (0.4 mi.)
Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL (11.5 mi.)
Orange Park, FL (11.5 mi.)
Fruit Cove, FL (14.9 mi.)
Lakeside, FL (15.1 mi.)
Atlantic Beach, FL (15.3 mi.)
Neptune Beach, FL (15.5 mi.)
Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL (15.7 mi.)
Jacksonville Beach, FL (15.8 mi.)
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (17.2 mi.)


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  1. I think I might of caught an unknown figure while randomly taking pictures on my phone at the theater this past Saturday (8/16/14). I took two pictures in the same spot and the figure only shows in one. It’s very interesting. Email me for details please. I would like to get them officially analyzed

  2. I had a couple of sightings in the Florida Theater many years ago. One time, when I was a teenager, I was sitting in the middle row on the right, ground level, watching a movie, and suddenly I saw a human skull floating right in front of my face. I went and told the ticket taker lady and she said “That’s it. I quit.”

    Another time, I had to go to the men’s room, which is upstairs and to the right. When I came out, I saw the entrance to the balcony, which was roped off. They had too many kids throwing things on the people below, I guess. Nobody was around, so I went under the rope and went in the balcony. I was the only one there, except for a man sitting in the top row left corner seat. They had some lights on so I could see him pretty well. I sat in the front row, feeling uneasy with the man sitting there, and was about to leave, when I heard stomping sounds coming from behind me. I turned around and looked and saw the man walking down the stairs, stomping his feet really hard and laughing.

    I got up and ran down the stairs to the ground floor, making a lot of noise as I did, and making a few viewers angry. An usher asked what I was doing and I told him I was in the balcony and about the man coming down the stairs, and he said I shouldn’t have been up there.

    I thought about the man over the years, who I got a good look at. He was a tall, thin white man, with a bald head and clean shaven. He was wearing black pants and a white, long sleeve shirt. He was in his forties, I guess, and figured he was just some jerk who liked to scare kids.

    A few years ago, there was a special on Channel 7 here about the ghosts of N.E. Florida. Part of it was about the Florida Theater ghost, and started by telling the history of the theater, showing some old pictures from when it started. One picture caught my attention. It was of a man who worked there who was standing onstage, holding some ropes to the curtain .and smiling at the camera.

    It was the same man I saw in the balcony. Tall, thin, bald, clean shaven, and even wearing the same clothes, black pants and a white long sleeve shirt. But the picture was taken some time in the 1920s and I saw the man in the balcony in the1960s, but he hadn’t changed at all. He looked the same age as the picture.

    So, if anybody knows who the man in the picture was, that’s your ghost, unless there are more than one.

    For years, I just thought the man was just some jerk who like to scare kids. I got a good look at him

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