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This is the site where Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crashed in December 1972. 101 people died – 75 survived. Many perished in just 18 inches of water because of the swampy conditions. A very popular book called The Ghost of Flight 401 was published soon after, telling the story of multiple sightings of Flight 401’s captain and second officer in subsequent years on board other Eastern Air Lines flights.

But this location is also considered the site of a possible haunting due to reports from the initial search and recovery. Teams in johnboats swore they heard whimpering and screaming around the swampy crash site, but when they searched there was no one to be found. One searcher had the uncomfortable experience of seeing a pale, eyeless body floating just beneath the water – he turned to tell his colleagues about the find, and when he turned back to the same spot, it was gone.

Eerily enough, ValuJet Flight 592 crashed just two miles north of this spot in May of 1996, killing all 110 people on board. A marker and memorial stands at that location, but to date no permanent memorial marks the site of the crash of Flight 401.

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Miami-Dade County, Florida
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  1. I don’t know about the site but the crash itself had several well documented hauntings associated with it. It use to be airpolicy to canibalize usable items from wrecks and put them in other planes. That satopped after this. almost every plane that had parts from this wreck put on it started having appiritions of the dead first officer appear on them.

  2. I found Goodland, FL in 1978. I’d been driving the apx 13 mile stretch of what was then a narrow 2-lane road bordered on either side by swollen canals. There were no lights on the road nor gas stations or any other stores and very few old homes that sat far back from the road, basically invisible unless you knew they were there. My vehicle was old with a lot of mileage, and the commute seemed endless. Under the conditions and having to leave from my parent’s home before sunrise; often returning after sunset, it quickly became a “drag”. I worked at the 1st grocery on Marco Island. The Island was still mostly deserted but the old Winn Dixie was Always busy and there were few employees so I worked as many hours as needed. One day a co-worker invited me to her home after our shift ended. I followed her to the farthest tip of the island, along a sliver of twisting, winding gravel road, and noticed the aroma of the area had changed significantly. The air was thick, pungent (tannin, from mangroves), and the mosquitoes were like tiny aliens and ruthless. The village water tank at the time wasn’t covered, and Goodland was basically an encampment of tiny cottages situated in the middle of acres of tangled mangroves. The Little Bar was the Only place to buy staples or beer, and it was barely more than a two room old wooden structure. The inventory was basic, and “the bar” had a couple stools but few regular customers, mostly local fishermen or guys from “up North” “slum” fishing on a weekend occasionally. I fell in love with Goodland immediately and the next day met Kathy’s “landlord”. He rented me a 2 room cottage catty corner from her & her husband. Zero AC. Few residents still living there – the locals. My son was born in Goodland in 1981 and I moved closer to Naples when he was a few months old. I regret that now but still visit at least yearly to immerse myself in the area’s unique culture. One of the few places in SW FL that resisted “renovation”, though a couple restaurants tried “taking over” the eclectic space; if you can get beyond the touristy types at Stan’s the Little Bar remains- a little larger but not much. The atmosphere still vibrates and crackles with electromagnetism that is palpable. My ex, now deceased, was a “comedian” with an intractable seizure condition- so he fit right in with the locals and we quickly became part of the tiny very tight knit community. The only outside communication was the pay phone outside the LB’s little grocery. This is where Marcus birthed his brainchild – WRFG Radio Free Goodland – and I’ve tried to keep it alive for him ever since. I call Goodland the epicenter of the ‘Glades. Ancient Calusa and Seminole roots and traditions run very deeply here, entwwith the web of interconnecting mangrove roots. Gators, snakes, spiders, lizards, bobcats, enormous grouper and snook, bears, every “swamp” creature imaginable, were part of the habitat and we were only “passing through” their land. I learned so much about NA traditions, and my respect for Nature grew exponentially. The mosquitoes? They were SO big they had Faces. Venturing outside after dusk was tricksy. In 100° 100% humidity if you weren’t covered from head to toe, any square inch of skin was a target. Smoke kept them away but no one kept a fire burning constantly. But one day my mom gave me some skin-so-soft (old Avon product) & bingo! Best insect repellent on the Planet and non-toxic. I’ve had many “unusual” encounters there and all across the Coasts and islands of Florida & beyond. My private Journaling and photos are documented for posterity and despite preferring Not to be attuned to alternate dimensions and frequencies – I follow my gut and like a magnet, am drawn to places and experiences I would never have sought out. I believe in giving all Beings their Privacy. Unless invited I steer clear. But I created “Platinum Coast Paranormal” Inc. years ago as a place for me to chronicle my many journeys in/out/to/from wherever it is or was that my gut has guided me. Goodland came long after I’d spent the 1st 20 years of my life in another area in the Midwest that is centered on the intersection of very powerful ley lines and my journey began at a very young age. Between 9 months and my current ancient 68, I’ve sojourned to many worlds as it were. But Goodland will always resonate in my Heart and Mind and Gut as Home. No way to convey accurately but thank you for recognizing our little secret in the swamp. IF you visit, please do so with humility and respect. XxxOoo

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