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The library and auditorium both have “ghost stories” attached to them. Librarians swear up and down that books they’ve organized just the day before are thrown into utter disarray the next morning. According to local legend, at least two people died in the auditorium – a janitor and a president of the drama club. People swear that the auditorium television gets turned on all by itself, and strange music and whispering can be heard at odd hours.

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8855 SW 50 Terrace
Miami, FL
United States

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25.722787, -80.33961199999999
Miami-Dade County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Olympia Heights, FL (1.0 mi.)
Glenvar Heights, FL (1.4 mi.)
Sunset, FL (1.4 mi.)
Westwood Lake, FL (2.1 mi.)
Westchester, FL (2.3 mi.)
University Park, FL (2.4 mi.)
Coral Terrace, FL (2.7 mi.)
South Miami, FL (3.1 mi.)
Flagami, FL (3.1 mi.)
Kendall, FL (3.3 mi.)


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  1. I went to sw. I was with 2 others in the auditorium when it was locked up. Working on art for the ap class. I heard the whispering and the door slam. My friend on stage checked. No one was with us. Later we heard the tv in the office click on. No one was there. And the one door was clearly on view from the seats.

  2. I recently took a tour of sw and immediately I felt a eagle vibe walking through that place of all the eagles that went to sw before my era began in 1983.
    Erick s valdez swmhs class of 1986

  3. I was working in wood shop after hours once, trying to finish a cutting board for my mom before mothers day. I stepped out to the bathroom and when I got back one of the band saws was running. I turned it off and checked around the shop, but found no one, and all the doors were locked. I went back to work on my project and the saw turned on again. I walked over and disconnected it from the wall, a little freaked out. One minute later it came on again. I ran out of there and sped down Miller all the way home.

  4. I went to SW from 2000-2004 c/o 2004. I also went to night school for a couple months and one night I was walking through B wing by myself because all my friends had gone home and I needed to get something from my locker, I got what I needed and locked it as I was walking away a vacant locker that was next set of lockers next to mine slammed shut. I looked around thinking it was someone playing a joke but when I checked no one was there. I ran out of that place so fast I couldn’t breathe because I didn’t stop til I made it to my car. I don’t want to say the place is haunted but every time I was in the library I always had an eerie feeling like someone was breathing down my neck or looking at me from the other side of the book shelves. Needless to say I quit night school that same week and was always accompanied by someone when I walked through the halls, day or night!

  5. I was once walking into A-wing in the middle of the night to do some stuff… and then suddenly out of nowhere I saw someone. There was this nasty skinny woman who looked liked a witch. She was flat as paper, like no ass. She had hair like hay and held a cigarette. Her face was squished. It didn’t look too comfortable. Suddenly she spoke. She spoke slowly and stuttered very much. I started sweating. I wanted to ask if she was okay, but she was so scary. She kept on walking towards me asking me weird questions. I hauled ass out of there and never came back…. Rumors say she teaches at the school and can’t stop…. so scary that something like that is still at the school. Scares me to this very day… I have friends who claim to have seen her too. Spooky… 🙁

  6. I was on my way to biology class from the bathroom around 9am in c-wing ,while i was walking i felt someone tugging in my pants i thought it was one of muy friends playing around but when i looked back there was no one there and then again i felt it …i went running back to clases almost breathless

  7. Class of 2013. I was once walking through the breezeway connecting A-wing to C-wing alone during class towards the main office. There’s a sort of hole in the floor about an inch deep and about a foot in diameter near the C-wing door. My friend once told me that a girl was raped and murdered there and the hole was where the guy crushed her face into the ground.. Now that I didn’t believe cause like c’mon… really? Anyway, alone, walking down the breezeway, I looked at the hole, and then looked out the window, and one of the small windows to the left above me creaked open slowly and I thought it was someone coming through the door behind me. I looked back and saw no one, and the window shut suddenly and I ran my scared ass straight to the A- wing, and almost shit myself.

  8. Another time, after hearing that the Library was haunted, a couple friends went to the Library during summer school after picking the side lock that leads to the staircase found across from the Library’s Checkout desk. After spending about 20 minutes inside to see if the books had rearranged themselves like some websites say they have, we decided to start walking towards the staircase, when the lights towards the end of the library where they stored the overhead projectors began to dim, and books began to fall periodically.. We ran out after hearing two fall, and realizing that everyone that snuck in were standing in a circle, and no one else was with us.

  9. So… I’m not a huge believer in the supernatural. Even talking about my paranormal experience makes me cringe, but I feel like I have to share it. I still attend southwest (currently a sophomore) and have to stay late at school because of club activities or because I don’t want to go home. About a week ago, I was hanging out at the auditorium with 3 friends and doing my makeup when I saw a shadow like figure in the mirror of my compact. I turn around, my friends are nowhere and there’s obviously nothing weird going on. I head to the stage and hear slamming from behind the curtains. I try to move closer to investigate and am suddenly pushed back. My friends rush back in, faces pale, and tell me the door to the outside closed on its own. We run out of there and now I’m honestly questioning if im still a sceptic.

  10. I graduated in the late 80s and was born and raised in front of SW. Both as a child in the 70s when SW was a much more open campus and there was more grass than buildings,we used to walk, run, play, and bike in and out of the campus. Even used to sneak in the Wings at all hours. When I attended high school, we spent many hours after school and evenings as part of athletics and clubs, and not once ever did we ever feel or have any out of the ordinary things occur that have been described here and over the years by others. In fact,not to long ago while visiting Miami I took my son through the campus. Nothing unusual.
    I’m not discrediting those who believe theyve experienced something. No disrespect or disagreement meant. But I believe they’re might be something more worldly and concrete that may explain these occurrences.

    • I graduated in 1981 – I don’t recall any paranormal events while I was there – but one of the years I was there – can’t remember exactly which – a teenage boy died in a motor cycle accident right in front of the school – while we were all in class.

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