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The 1928 Felt Mansion is believed to be haunted by ghosts, shadow beings, and doors that open by themselves.

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6597 138th Ave
Holland, MI 49423
United States

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42.696144, -86.18914699999999
Allegan County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Saugatuck, MI (2.9 mi.)
Douglas, MI (3.7 mi.)
Holland, MI (7.5 mi.)
Beechwood, MI (7.7 mi.)
Fennville, MI (8.3 mi.)
Zeeland, MI (11.8 mi.)
Hudsonville, MI (20.4 mi.)
Allegan, MI (20.5 mi.)
South Haven, MI (20.7 mi.)
Hopkins, MI (22.4 mi.)

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  1. My daughter and I went through the mansion one day, not knowing a thing about it. When we went to leave the wives bedroom the door was shut and locked. We tried it several times. We started to panic. We tried it one more time and it opened right away. It was several weeks later that I was googling haunted places in MI when I saw the Felt Mansion! It said that Agnes would lock people out of her bedroom…but we got locked in instead!

  2. My Aunt and I went thru the Felt just as they had started this most recent renovation. Not much had been renovated yet. One of the workers told me since Felts lived there it had been a Men’s Prison and also a Convent for Nuns. It fell into disrepair in late 60’s- and hipppies lived in there and messed it up a bit.
    I found the creepiest place to be the Ballroom upstairs. Just had a feel like lost energies.A huge and resounding open space.
    Agnes bedroom we kinda creepy knowing she died there. He built the house for his wife, but I believe she only lived there 3 months – then died.
    There was a fabulous garden in the back with a moat and a small island in the middle with a beautiful alabaster angel statue. The way the sun hit the alabaster, it was just glowing. This whole garden area was overgrown with heavy weeds, but you could tell it must have been glorious in its day.
    I definately recommend seeing the mansion for it architectural beauty and hauntedness.

  3. We used to go there a lot before renovations even started. We had footsteps following us outside and had some eerie feelings. Once they started renovations, I became a helper. Me and other worker were down in the basement when we heard voices. We went up to first floor and could still hear them. Coming from formal dining area. I peaked my head around and they stopped. As we were discussing what just happened, we heard heavy foot steps coming up from basement. I called out hello, no answer. So I went to look..No one. Walked back to where I was, the footsteps started again, rounded the corner and as it passed between us we felt a cold breeze. I have any many experiences like this in that beautiful Mansion. It’s a must see.

  4. I’ve been to the felt mansion, and there is nothing haunted about it. It was during Christmas time in 2010, and I didn’t feel, hear, smell, see, taste, or even think about ghosts. I even saw the creepy attic, and felt nothing. Very spooky, but there are certainly no sinister specters.

  5. I went to the felt mansion for my 5th-grade 4-course meal (we were learning table manners) and In a brush was old hair. Some of my friends also found a dumbwaiter behind a picture. something else that was spooky was that when I was on my way to the bathroom I saw a crack in the wall going from the top to the bottom, and I was able to put my hand in it. The crack disturbed me very much because it was too straight to be made by natural causes, such as the wall breaking away.

  6. Nope. Not haunted. I called them out. I got there on a Saturday and the whole place was locked up and so I called out the spirits there I said out loud if your real open a locked door to let me in otherwise you’re fake and your not real. Nothing happened so I called them out on BS I said out loud you’re fake and not real and still nothing.

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