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There have been newspaper articles written about this hotel’s ghost. It has been seen drifting in the hallways on an upper floor, floating through closed doors, and turning the water and electricity on an off, among other things.

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Geographic Information

240 S Seguin Ave
New Braunfels, TX 78130
United States

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29.7016218, -98.1228269
Comal County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
New Braunfels, TX (0.1 mi.)
Lake Dunlap, TX (3.5 mi.)
Northcliff, TX (8.3 mi.)
Marion, TX (9.1 mi.)
McQueeney, TX (9.3 mi.)
Geronimo, TX (9.7 mi.)
Cibolo, TX (11.5 mi.)
Garden Ridge, TX (11.9 mi.)
Santa Clara, TX (13.1 mi.)
Seguin, TX (13.2 mi.)

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  1. 16 years ago we stayed at the Hotel Faust with our toddler son, Jack. At bedtime I was carrying him through the halls to get him sleepy. We walked up to a picture in the hallway of a man. Jack started laughing and pointing at the picture, and when he reached out at it he would pull his hand back quickly and giggle. This went on three or four more times, and as I turned to leave he crawled up over my shoulder and was waving at the picture.
    When we got back to our room I had forgotten the key, so I had to knock for my wife to let us in. The next morning I went to take our bags down and found our room key in the lock on the outside of the door.
    We were definitely creeped out.

  2. My mom stayed here when she was younger and told me her experience here: she was in her room just got out of the shower heard the door knob turning she thought it was her friends just playing a prank on her but when she looked under the door she saw no ones feet standing there o.0

  3. I stayed at the Hotel Faust while recovering from a severe sunburn on Spring Break 1996 with some friends. We kept hearing a child giggling and a ball bouncing in the hall adjacent to our room…. went to check and nothing was there. Turns out we were the only people staying on that floor.

  4. I’ve stayed there several times over the past few years. i have gotten many pics of orbs floating around and the voice of a child on a digital recorder. I didn’t hear the voice until I listened to it the room.

  5. We stayed at the Faust in September 2018. Just walked up and down the halls taking pictures.
    Napped this one on the 3 or 4. I don’t think there were any other paying guest at that time.
    Looks like an Indian to me. My cousins say maybe an old lady.

  6. Quite a few years ago my friend & I stayed at the Faust when we were in New Braunfels to go tubing in the Comal River. Two times when we left our room locked (and both of us remembered locking our door) we came back to find our door standing open. Nothing was taken or moved otherwise. The hotel staff told us they did not leave it open, but that the ghosts there often do such things.

  7. I woke to the covers on my bed falling off towards the back. Irritated thinking my girlfriend kicked them off, I got up and picked them off the floor, covering up before falling back asleep. The next morning the covers were again on the floor. Reflecting about the covers initially falling off I realized that it was as if they were slowly sliding off the end of the bed. To test my theory I tried placing the covers half way up the bed to see if the weight would be enough to cause them to fall. I could not reproduce the covers sliding off the bed on their own. I’m certain the covers were pulled off of us. I couldn’t find any other explanation.

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