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This creek was most probably named after the La Llorona myth. La Larona (the Weeping Woman) is the hispanic boogey-woman. She appears everywhere and the story is always the same: a woman drowns her child in a river/lake/ocean/pond/drainage ditch/bathtub and then spends all eternity wailing for her lost child and searching desperately for it. Many drownings are attributed to her influence as it is claimed if you get to close to where she is haunting/searching for her child, she will pull you in hopes that you are the child she is seeking.

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Geographic Information

Between Exits 591 and 593 on I-10
East of San Antonio, TX
United States

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29.49352640717982, -98.20785905822754
Nearest Towns:
Zuehl, TX (2.6 mi.)
Cibolo, TX (4.8 mi.)
Santa Clara, TX (5.4 mi.)
Saint Hedwig, TX (5.5 mi.)
Schertz, TX (5.5 mi.)
Universal City, TX (6.3 mi.)
Converse, TX (6.7 mi.)
New Berlin, TX (6.7 mi.)
Marion, TX (6.7 mi.)
Selma, TX (8.6 mi.)


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  1. I usually stay once a month at the Omni Hotel Colonnade Boulevard in San Antonio and I think that the hotel is a haunted place, particularly check room 1707; lots of weird experiences there.

    • What kind of experiences did you encounter? I was in room 1717 and got haunted. When we asked the staff they claim not to know of any hauntings.

  2. I once was at a ranch near a creek bed outside of San Antonio. It was my friend’s ranch and we went walking around at night. We heard things in the brush,but we just kept walking. Anyway, My friend suddenly stopped walking due to he said he heard someone crying. I listened and heard something like a person sobbing. I then shouted for them to”shut up!” and they did. Man, that was scary!

  3. I live in marion and didnt think any thing is wrong with it but when i lived in my old house i went to sleep and heared a piano playing and people talking and we dont have a piano at all!

  4. I live about two miles from this location. I grew up in the area, very active location. The story is early settlers to the area came under attack by natives and murdered. Scalped, she walks the creek looking for her family. Screaming Woman Creek, the natives would not go back to the site.

  5. Mariana anguiano  |  

    This is true except the location this actual bridge is way more scarier it’s a one way bridge like if another call r is coming u have to wait till they pass or they let u pass first it’s in a little town 2 hours south of San antiono called tecolote it’s 10 miles from Alice Texas this bridge is not lit nor the road leading to the bridge there no signs saying the lloronas bridge this way noooo people it’s like I lived in that tecolote area from the day being born till about 16 years old now 29 and this bridge in tecolote Texas is the real bridge not between Seguin and San Antonio it’s between George West Texas and Alice Texas

  6. I have stayed at the Omni colonnade room 1717 and was haunted. While I’m the shower door was locked something forcefully tried to make their way inside. Me and my boyfriend at the time were both the only ones in the room and in the restroom at the same time. The door knob was turning as if somone was trying to get inside and shake violently. We were so freaked out and yelled “who is it get out” we finally got the courage to open the door and no one was in the room. Door was double locked from the inside. When we went to lay down the lamp in the room went on and off. My bf at the time yelled out loud “fuck off” then the lamp flew across the room. I never returned to this place and always remember the number 1717.

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