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Years ago when the Dover Mills caught fire, many people died, and their spirits are said to remain on the grounds. Witnesses say after the offices here are closed, lights come on in the high-level rooms and the sounds of mill machines turning on and off can be heard.

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Geographic Information

Near Central Ave and Chapel St
Dover, NH
United States

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43.19616288275692, -70.8730657696288
Strafford County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Dover, NH (0.1 mi.)
Madbury, NH (3.2 mi.)
Rollinsford, NH (3.8 mi.)
South Berwick, ME (4.2 mi.)
Somersworth, NH (4.5 mi.)
Eliot, ME (4.7 mi.)
Berwick, ME (4.8 mi.)
Durham, NH (5.1 mi.)
Newington, NH (6.9 mi.)
South Eliot, ME (7.8 mi.)


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  1. 6 years ago on halloween and coworker and my self took a trip to the basement. For some reason that day it was open so we followed as far as we could go through room after room. There was some lighting but we made it all the way to the end with no more doors and a single light hung in the last room. As we joked that it’s not haunted the light turn off on its own!! We looked for a switch and there wasn’t one. Then the light came back on! did it for a few more times! Then we got out of there fast.

  2. A few years ago, about 2011-2012-ish, I was crashing with a friend of mine at his apartment while he was out working a late shift. He didn’t expect to get back home until about 2am, and I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30 after playing PS3 for a few hours.

    I woke up when I felt a weird shift on the couch cushions, like someone had been sitting near my feet and had stood up off the couch. It was about 2:15am, so I figured my friend had just gotten in and had been sitting to relax for a few minutes, while I was sitting up, I saw “someone” walk from the kitchen towards the bathroom, and go into the bathroom. It didn’t strike me as odd at first because my eyes were still blurry and it was dark, so I figured it was just my friend moving from the kitchen to the bathroom.

    After a few seconds I noticed that the kitchen lights hadn’t been turned on, and then it occurred to me that they hadn’t turned on the bathroom lights or closed the bathroom door, either… I stood up and looked around, wondering if I’d been seeing things, or if someone else had maybe snuck into the apartment. I grabbed a steak-knife from the kitchen and really slowly made my way to the bathroom.

    It was literally pitch-black in there at the time, and I could’ve sworn I heard someone breathing, so I backed off and flipped on the living-room lights to see inside. There was no one there… I flipped the bathroom lights on and looked behind the door, looked in the shower, behind the curtains… Nobody there… And then I heard a hard banging on the apartment door.

    Almost pissed myself. I opened the door and my friend had just gotten home from work, said he’d forgotten his house-key and thought I’d be asleep, so that’s why he was pounding on it so hard to wake me. He was surprised I was already up. I didn’t say anything to him for almost 24 hours after, because of course I thought I must’ve been dreaming, or I was going crazy. But then I asked him in passing if he’d ever seen anything weird in the apartment at night, and he told me, “Oh, yeah. There’s this, like, shadow-y person that walks around the kitchen at night sometimes.”

    Apparently he’d mentioned it to the apartment manager, and the only response he got was, “Yeah, probably. I don’t doubt it.” But he also said he’d never admit it to someone as a way of letting them out of a lease early… Needless to say, I didn’t stay there too much longer.

  3. My brother and his fiance moved into here after it was renovated and turned into apartments. I went there often. There is definitely just an oppressive vibe about the whole place. Everything is dark even with all the new light fixtures. My brother often complained of hearing out of place noises in the place. I know the elevators seriously just creeped me out. They were new yet made noises like they were about to fall apart, would shake really hard and the one on the right side always had this strange odor like burnt mustard (that’s just what I thought it smelled like). Other people that I have talked to that have been in there have all had the same impression (and also noticed the strange smell). I don’t spook easily and am not claustrophobic. But those elevators usually left me feeling like I was suffocating and extremely anxious. Thankfully my brother moved out of there as soon as he could because he didn’t like the feel of the place either.

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