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A ghost named Hannah is believed to reside here. She likes to hide objects and play havoc with anything electric. She has been known to play with the hair of sleeping staff members, and her apparition has been seen as well. Other spirits may linger here with Hannah; guests have reported hearing footsteps and furniture moving on the empty floors above them.

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17 Newmarket Rd
Durham, NH 03824
United States

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43.13224720889806, -70.9187674821078
Strafford County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Durham, NH (0.4 mi.)
Madbury, NH (2.6 mi.)
Newmarket, NH (3.5 mi.)
Lee, NH (4.7 mi.)
Newington, NH (4.8 mi.)
Dover, NH (5.1 mi.)
Stratham Station, NH (5.6 mi.)
Eliot, ME (6.2 mi.)
Newfields, NH (6.7 mi.)
South Eliot, ME (7.3 mi.)

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  1. I went here for a wedding once and a staff member told me a story about a certain painting in the building. the painting is a portrait of a black haired woman and it is hung at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor. The staff member told me that the painting had to remain in that spot because any time it was hung in a different area, it would be found on the ground after a few hours.

  2. My husband planned a weekend for my birthday in Concord, NH and it was a surprise. He made all the arrangements. Come to find out, since we love history, he had researched old places to stay and decided on the Three Chimney’s Inn. They were going through renovations, so we stayed in the Carriage House. It was a deluxe king room with a hot tub and fireplace. Neither he or I knew anything about the supposed hauntings of this Inn built in 1649 or Hannah. I read it in the binder they left on the bed as we entered the room. The cemetery where the founders of the building were buried was right outside or window looking out. We are both non-believers in ghost or any such thing but there was a real eerie feeling while there. The morning we checked out, we were both in the bathroom and the fireplace ignited. It had been off since the night before and the dial to initiate it was in the living room. My husband insists that these things happen but it really freaked me out.

  3. I worked at the Three Chimneys over a summer vacation and it is truest magnificent. However it is absolutely Haunted and my first day, they even took me aside to tell me so. I knew this already because I was a close neighbor to them and grew up hearing stories of the place. They told me about Hannah and said that she loved to toy with new employees. They also told me there was definite poltergeist activity, all of which I experienced. One night we were setting up for a function and I was alone setting tables in the grand dining room. When I looked up from my work I saw a young girl in a white dress dart up the kitchen ramp. I immediately went after her because a restaurant kitchen is no place for a child. I need to tell you that the ramp is very long and by the time I had gotten over to it I should have been able to see a child. There was nothing. One day I was also helping with the cleaning service and made up a bed. I went to the bathroom to clean and when I came back out, the bed was all messed up. It was at this moment that I decided that whenever I entered a room in the establishment I would kindly announce myself and say that I meant no harm and would leave as soon as I was done working. I’ve witnessed a picture frame flying off a shelf at the check in. The one experience that really got me however was a day where I was going to pick up my paycheck. The paychecks are always locked in a sturdy wooden desk and drawers are pretty heavy. As I was approaching the drawer with the key, the drawer clicked and smoothly slid out in front of me. I stopped in my tracks, gathered myself to say “thank you very much!” , collected my paycheck and relocated the drawer. The place is haunted but if you have no ill feelings or distrust towards the spirits they are actually quite lovely.

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