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The college library is believed to be haunted by a woman in a white dress who appears in the basement or in front of a window during the full moon.

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1014 Boswell Ave
Crete, NE 68333
United States

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40.6226289, -96.95187959999998
Saline County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Crete, NE (0.6 mi.)
Dorchester, NE (8.6 mi.)
Denton, NE (9.7 mi.)
Wilber, NE (9.8 mi.)
Hallam, NE (10.4 mi.)
Sprague, NE (10.9 mi.)
Milford, NE (11.7 mi.)
Pleasant Dale, NE (11.7 mi.)
Clatonia, NE (12.1 mi.)
Yankee Hill, NE (15.1 mi.)

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  1. I went to college here and you may have your info a little wrong here. The Library has no basement. But the theater is haunted by emma a little girl who fell down the elevator shaft while playing (here dad was the architect in charge of the design) there is even a memorial dedicating the building to here out front. As I was part of this department I heard many storys of people seeing her in the basment and in windows and even having her speak to them asking for help because she was lost and cold. It is a very sad little story.

    I only have one personal experience with emma though I was taking a girl that I was interested in to see the theater set before the show opened in the middle of the night, I used my key card to unlock to door and 5 or 6 steps in and we both heard the sound of running little feet and the laugh of a little girl and then a scream. Need less to say we both ran and I never went in the building after dark again.

  2. This Halloween our theatre group Doane Players held their annual haunted house and during breaks me and my fellow actors would gather in the basement lobby to hang out. Nov. 1 the final night we went into the lobby and this guy asked someone to go check on this girl in the bathroom because she has been crying for the past 20 min. I offered to go check on her. As I entered the bathroom I heard crying in the far end stall and so I started talking to her trying to console her and I tried peaking through the cracks but didn’t see anybody so I assumed they were on the floor so I slid down and sat next to the stall and continued to console her. In the meantime the guy that was concerned came in and laid down and looked under the stall and looked at me and said there were no feet, I looked and there was no one in the stall. At that point we both took off running out of the bathroom. I believe it to be Emma after hearing other stories. She seems to be a girl lost and scared.

    • If it’s this bad you really should get a priest to come in and bless the place or a psychic to help move her on, she doesn’t need to be stuck like that.

  3. A few of my friends work at Doane and they have seen a woman in white at the library. I personally saw what looked like a lady in white like at midnight once.

  4. I am Doane College archivist and historian and this tale of the lady in the white dress haunting the library isn’t quite right. Our library has not had incidents of hauntings — yet, but other buildings on campus have. A lady in a white dress often appeared in Whitcomb Conservatory, for example. Perhaps the facts are a little mixed up.

    • Hi Janet, please see my other post that I’ve got in here, as it explains a bit of who I am and what I’m referring to. My question to you is….since you’re a Doane College “archivist” (btw…is it now…Doane UNIVERSITY)?? I thought I read that somewhere. OK….you probably are aware that there are supposedly many, many tunnels underneath much of Doane…..have you ever heard of or read any experiences that others have had regarding these tunnels with respect to spirits / hauntings / anything paranormal related? Thanks! joel ewing

  5. I was at Doane for one year only…my freshman year, which was in ’73-’74. I loved the place, but was invited to leave and never come back. Smoking the bong daily and drinking at the bars downtown nightly really cut into my scholastic efforts. But….I do have something to share. I lived in the dorm that was then called “Men’s Hall”, which in now named something else. I lived in room #301. I had no roommate my 2nd semester, and for my bed, I simply threw my mattress down on the floor and got rid of the metal bed hardware. Really a class act, I was….and very ’70-ish cool. I swear on the Good Lord that I would often feel my mattress vibrate vigorously some nights. Yeah, there’s a joke there, but this was no joke. I could find no explanation for it. It would vibrate just as intently as those old beds that motels used to have where you’d put a quarter in them, and they would “massage” you for a few minutes. When this would happen, it would scare me to death…and there was no way to return to sleep. Also, there are purportedly all kinds of underground tunnels beneath Doane, I was given the opportunity to walk thru some of them one time by our R.A….and like the fool I was….I passed on it. What an experience THAT could have been. Who knows what kinds of things are utilizing those tunnels to lurk in? Tunnels are notorious for harboring spirits….as well as anything underground.

  6. Hey I grew up in Crete, and that place is so creepy. I don’t know if the pond is still there, but that was a place to go if you couldn’t get in the building, or tunnels. We would just go sit by the water and start talking with each other. Those spirits wouldn’t wait long to join in. Sure wish we could have understood them, and stayed long enough to ask. We did get into 1 tunnel at one time, don’t remember much other than we were scared girls running. Let’s just put it this way Done never let us down. As an adult, I have no desire to go back, I know it’s haunted. I have new places to challenge myself at and with. Go and have fun if you dare. Heck I was just a young girl and lived thru it you can. Lol.

    • Stephen McGee  |  

      Current Doane student here. Can you give any information about the tunnels? I’ve heard only rumors and now I’m very curious to know.

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