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Darlene’s One Stop, a sports bar and grill once known as Mac’s Cafe, is said to be haunted by a man who ised to live in an apartment above the restaurant. Jack Schaefer was an explosive character and an abusive boyfriend and stepfather. In one incidence he was found firing a shotgun into the windows at his girlfriend and her children. One of the children, a 19-year-old son, fired back to protect is family and blew off Schaefer’s head at point-blank range. Now, Scheafer’s ghost has been known to appear in the apartment hallway in the clothes he was wearing the day he died: hiking boots, flannel shirt and jeans. Furthermore, lights and shower faucets turn on by themselves, and many other strange and unexplained things have occurred here as well.

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Geographic Information

105 Market Street
Berger, MO
United States

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38.6757897, -91.33697970000003
Franklin County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Berger, MO (0.1 mi.)
Hermann, MO (5.8 mi.)
McKittrick, MO (7.1 mi.)
New Haven, MO (7.9 mi.)
Rhineland, MO (10.1 mi.)
Big Spring, MO (11.6 mi.)
Pendleton, MO (11.8 mi.)
Gasconade, MO (12.0 mi.)
Jonesburg, MO (12.4 mi.)
Warrenton, MO (14.1 mi.)


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    • The bank that held the deed now owns the building. Darlene was my mother. After the fire my family had financial issues due to my mother’s health condition. They handed it back over to the bank . I managed the bar and was also part of the investigative team led by Dan Terry of PTF . I have experienced lots of erie unsettling things there. I had got to the point where I,under no circumstances, would not be alone as I had things flying at my head and items fall on top of me. I had also been locked in the cooler which had no lock. That was the point at which my parents and I implemented the rule of 2 people at all times and invited Dan to check it out. Hope this info helps. Sincerely,Tina. PS Dan Terry’s book shadowlands is where you can read about the investigation where I am mentioned as a participant.

      • The bank does not own the building. Someone else does and is not fixing it up. I asked if it was available for sale since this town needs a gathering place again and was told by the owner that he was not interested in selling. What a shame to see the place waste away.

  1. John r. III pataky  |  

    Sorry, but the story of Jack Schaeffer’s death is not the correct version! I know the intimate details of it. I was there when it all went down.

    • I was the unfortunate one that had to shoot Jack. Really had no choice. Loved the man for who he was but, he just wouldn’t stay on his meds. He was a great guy, very intellectual and charismatic personality., until he quit taking his meds!!! SORRY it had to happen.
      .miw the aftermath is INSOMNIA, PTSD, depression and not knowing if I could have done something else. And hope I don’t go to HELL for it.

      • John, you were protecting your family, or I assume that part of the story is true. If you are Christian all you have to do is sincerely ask forgiveness for taking this man’s life. Do you really believe God would expect you to allow an insane man to kill or attempt to kill your family members?

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