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Local legend tells of a teenage mother who gave birth to a deformed baby. She threw him off the bridge, and he is now a ghost with very strong legs, prone to knocking down trees with his crying fits. It is said that the fallen trees all over the area are his doing.

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Geographic Information

Walnut Tree Rd
Millington, MD
United States

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39.29092905872908, -75.81836038825713
Kent County, Maryland
Nearest Towns:
Millington, MD (2.5 mi.)
Galena, MD (4.7 mi.)
Sudlersville, MD (7.5 mi.)
Cecilton, MD (8.2 mi.)
Kenton, DE (9.4 mi.)
Kennedyville, MD (9.5 mi.)
Clayton, DE (9.8 mi.)
Townsend, DE (9.9 mi.)
Hartly, DE (10.1 mi.)
Barclay, MD (10.4 mi.)


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  1. I used to live not far from here and in High School my friends and I used to hang out here occasionally. My experiences with Cry Baby Bridge are… Car not wanting to start after being turned off just off the bridge, pant leg being pulled while we were under the bridge itself, heard crying that seemed to be always behind you, a heavy being held down feeling if you sit on the side of the bridge, heard gurgling sounds in the water below. Everyone I’ve been there with and spoken to about this location have all had similar experiences.

  2. A group of friends and i went there one night. We did experience anything but I recorded it all anyways. Well next morning there was baby like hand prints on the outside of the windshield and I watched the video. I saw nothing but heard horses and I believe a buggy on cobble stone.

    • I went with a friend there tonight. Heard swimming noises from the water underneath the bridge and what could be called a baby crying. When we turned around to go back the way we came, we drove off the bridge and something was thrown or hit the car. On the passenger side there is now dents and chipped paint. Will not be going back for a while

  3. I went with a group of friends down to the bridge around 9 or 10pm. We went across the bridge the first time and didn’t even stop because we wanted to take a look before we stopped the car even though none of us were planning to get out. We turned around and went back and stopped for a few seconds and nothing happened, so we went down a little ways to turn the car around and come back again. We had my nephew in the car who is still under a year old, so in his diaper bag was one of his toy tambourines. The third time we were on the bridge we heard a noise that scared all of us and we realized it was his tambourine, so I moved my feet to make sure I wasn’t touching it. The fourth time we crossed the bridge none of us were touching the bag and it went off once again a few seconds after we stopped. I said “maybe the baby wants the tambourine, so it keeps turning it on.” We were all super freaked out and we needed gas so we left and went to a gas station and took the tambourine out of the diaper bag and sat it on the dash. We got food and came back, stopped on the bridge and waited. Nothing happened so we turned around and tried again but once again nothing happened. We were almost sure it wasn’t gonna turn on by itself again but decided we would turn around and try one more time. We pulled up and waited for a few seconds and then it turned on again without any of us touching it. My sister was sitting in the passenger seat and grabbed the toy and tossed it out the window. If the baby wanted the toy, then they have it now. The creepiest part about it was that the tambourine normally sings “shake, shake the tambourine. music is so fun” in a higher key but on the bridge it played a different song. It was all very creepy, but we do want to go back.

  4. On 3 June 2017 my sister and I drove to the bridge, parked the vehicle and got out. We felt as if we were being watched. We both also began to feel sick almost right away, nausea, headache, and shakey. We took pictures and noticed a ouija board on the bridge right away with a planchette, and it looked almost new. Very puzzling. We didn’t touch it. We began to feel worse the longer we were there so decided to leave. After we got home and looked at the pictures it is evident that in some pictures the ouija board is there and in others in the same location , it is not. Very strange, very scary, and no answer as to how that could happen. Something very evil is at work at and on that Bridge. I will never go back there. Ever.

    • Thats so crazy we went there June 9th on Friday, and caught a man crawling in one of our pictures . We legit have been there like 35 times in the past year , have heard screaming , moaning , something flew and dinged out car , and caught orbs and shit in our pictures . This bridge is no joke. Do not ever go alone !!!!

  5. I recently visited this bridge. I parked my car on the bridge. I heard a baby crying and then I turned around and looked in my backseat and saw that I was an asshat for wasting gas and energy trying to find some dead baby ghost with “remarkably strong legs”.

  6. I grew up in Millington and have gone to the bridge many times in my life and have had something strange happen each time. The most recent time will be the last time I ever visit the bridge. It was about 3am and my car shut off completely while I was driving across it and my radio started playing static- it was off and sound was don completely before this as I was talking to my little sister who was in the back seat. it took three tries to get my car back on and the whole time I heard splashing and footsteps under the bridge and around my car.

  7. i went here recently with my friends, my 2002 miata, my friends 1990 miata and his friends subaru BRZ, we got there and nothing crazy happened, i went around some of the corners as fast as i could with my friend chasing me and his car suddenly cut off and wouldnt stay running, so we dragged him out and as soon as we got back to the main road on the east side of the bridge at the stop sign his car ran fine and we continued back the way we came following walnut tree rd, i was ahead, my friends older car was in the middle and his buddy was in the back incase he broke down again , i got a little ahead and went around a corner and saw 2 bright white eyes staring at me from just beyond the treeline to my left hand side, i hit the brakes and pointed my lights at it, it retreated and nobody else saw it, it was several feet taller than my car and the only animal i could have chalked it up to be would be a coyote trying to climb a tree but definiently a cool experience i reccomend visiting with friends late at night

  8. Was just there last weekend and to anyone that goes out there be careful. About 5 minutes after we got there we had a big black diesel truck go by, didn’t think much of it since it was still early in the evening. Not even 2 minutes later we heard it coming back and saw it creeping around the curve heading back towards us. The truck continued by and down the road. A few minutes later we started to hear walking through through the woods on either side of the bridge and someone sloshing through the water. All of sudden on one side we started hearing blood heavy splashes, we could see what looked like rocks maybe hitting the water. You could see them being tossed through the trees into the water. Then it stopped. We called out saying we knew it was a person because it was obvious it was not paranormal. Then the same thing happened on the other side. So we kept yelling out to them to show themselves, we were laughing because to us it was funny since we knew we were being messed with. We could hear them walking away and hear them talking. Sounded like one was on the phone talking to the other on the other side. We figured that the truck rode by saw us and decided to try and scare us, so they turned around. We realized the reason we saw the truck pause and creep around the corner was because it was letting people out so they could walk through the woods to the bridge. So keep an open mind and be careful while out there. These guys were harmless it seemed but you never know who else might do something similar. For us it was entertaining and we expressed that as we went to leave. they stopped throwing stuff when they realized we weren’t scared so we yellled out thank you for the laughs, it was fun. Then told them since they stopped entertaining us and we’re boring now, that we were going to go, told them thank you and have a goodnight lol To some others this might have freaked them out and they would think it was paranormal so just wanted to give others a heads up of what goes on there.

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