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Brothers James and George Winchester built the first Cragfont, a log cabin, in 1785. George was killed by Indians in 1794, and James and his wife Susan went on to build the upscale manor house Cragfont, finished in 1802. The historic mansion has been restored and is open to the public. Caretakers there have seen apparitions and objects that had been moved, candles that lit by themselves, beds that had been disturbed and more after closing. Some of the phenomena have been caught in photos and on video. Country star Conway Twitty was a witness to the activity. He left the home after he said things were being thrown at him.

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200 Cragfont Road
Castalian Springs, TN 37031
United States

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36.40508953360374, -86.34185868497298
Sumner County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Castalian Springs, TN (2.0 mi.)
Bethpage, TN (5.5 mi.)
Gallatin, TN (5.9 mi.)
Graball, TN (7.6 mi.)
Bransford, TN (7.9 mi.)
Hartsville, TN (9.8 mi.)
Cottontown, TN (11.4 mi.)
Oak Grove, TN (11.6 mi.)
Westmoreland, TN (12.0 mi.)
Lebanon, TN (13.9 mi.)

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  1. Was at Cragfont many years ago and saw the ghost of General Winchester staring at me from a second story closed balcony in the back of the house as I was sitting in the cemetery. My best friend was with me, and she asked if I knew why he was so angry with me. Yes, it is haunted, and though most of the house was comfortable, being in the upstairs nursery was not a pleasant experience for me.

    • yes! nursey very creepy! my friends sister was like frozen in one spot. couldnt move or anything. for a good minute. so my friend took me there. did the haunted tour. she bought the dairy entrees of previous ppl that live. at the end of the tour. talking to the guy outside. i felt a little hand, grabbing my hand. so got a lil freaked out. we leave, i told her what happened. get back to her parents place. she went to read that book she bought. then starts screaming for me. and she says read this last enteree. come to find out. it was a lil girl, that was killed by a snowball. and if she liked you she will grasp your hand!! freaked out.

    • Markas Thomas  |  

      I’m certain that any paranormal investigating is strictly prohibited but tours are daily in season during business hours. although the spirit world is real, We wouldn’t want to disturb or upset the spirits of Cragfont. Please visit for more information.

    • An image appears looking out of the window between the little boys head and the other boys shoulder. It looks like Mrs. Winchesters elder portrait in her bedroom.

  2. Markas Thomas  |  

    I grew up near Cragfont and tour it a few times a year. I recently spoke with some friends from school who had family pictures taken there. If you’ll notice in between the smaller boys head and his brothers shoulder, there is what looks like Mrs. Winchesters spirit looking out the window. It looks exactly like the elder portrait of her in her bedroom…..See for yourself…..This is real!

  3. Markas Thomas  |  

    Caretakers through the years have reported objects moved, candles lit, full-bodied apparitions seen and beds found unmade in the morning after things have been tidied and closed-up for the night. Firsthand accounts abound.

    Country music entertainer Conway Twitty is said to have experienced the ghosts of Cragfont. Twitty was known for his interest in ghosts and the paranormal and he asked to spend some time alone in the home. After a couple of hours he left, saying things were thrown at him and whatever was in the mansion didn’t want him there.

    Our tour guide told us he no longer wears his prescription glasses in the house because they’ve been damaged so often and it’s too expensive to keep buying new ones.

    Sure enough, before he started our tour of Cragfont he removed his glasses and left them on a table.

    Courtesy of

  4. Investigated Cragfont with a group and was told multiple stores by Lowell. Lowell has had several pairs of glasses taken, twisted, and ruined by the spirits of Cragfont. The spirits of Cragfont are not of the friendly sort and do not like the visitors. Sensitives and spiritual messengers can feel the hostility and anger of the spirits that inhabit Cragfont. The spirits of Cragfont harbor some horrible secrets that they do not want anyone to know.

  5. I live not too far from Cragfont and have taken a few tours as well as been to several Christmas Open Houses.

    My mom and I were the only people on one tour and was able to walk the house by ourselves. We were in the front hall went we both had experiences. I heard a man angrily screaming “GET OUT!” from the landing between the first and second floors. At the same time, my mom said it felt like there was something like electricity traveling from the floor and up the back of her left leg.

    Many years later, we were at the Christmas Open House and we were coming down the the stairs in the front hall from the second floor. I was in front and all was fine until my foot touched that same landing where I had heard the screaming. Suddenly, I was panicked. I had to run! Get out! Hide! Get as far away as I could! I tried to at least act like I was calm as I walked across that landing and as soon as my foot touched the next step down – boom! The panic was gone and it was as if I hadn’t just felt all of that on the landing.

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