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This area is rumored to be the home of a group of migratory Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, creatures as well as the site of many UFO sightings, but the Connecticut Hill Cemetery ghosts don’t seem to be afraid. Witnesses have seen orbs, human shapes, shadows and strange mists while visiting the cemetery.

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Geographic Information

Connecticut Hill Rd and Boylan Rd
Alpine, NY
United States

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42.36460193745604, -76.67904746536806
Tompkins County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Newfield Hamlet, NY (4.5 mi.)
Odessa, NY (5.9 mi.)
Montour Falls, NY (8.6 mi.)
Burdett, NY (9.5 mi.)
Watkins Glen, NY (10.0 mi.)
Northwest Ithaca, NY (10.1 mi.)
South Hill, NY (10.4 mi.)
Millport, NY (10.5 mi.)
Ithaca, NY (10.7 mi.)
East Ithaca, NY (11.5 mi.)


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  1. So the story I was told was that there once was a town that disappeared, and only a few residents had survived or got out etc… So I was very interested. Friends of mine were up for the treck up the hill. So on New Years eve or sometime during the winter we started out. I sat in the back of the truck. I noticed some white blurs a long side the truck in the woods, but that could have been the snow. We weren’t going that fast. You can’t actually go that fast since it is a seasonal dirt road. So we stopped at the top of the road where it T’s. So we got out of the truck. I walked out do the middle of the T intersection. Off to my Left was a tree line. I heard a growl. I walked back to the truck and let the others know. The driver had a large flash light and so we both walked over to the are where I heard the growl. We shined the light and where the light landed again their was a growl. We couldn’t see anything. There was no eye shine nothing!!! So we decided it would be better to leave.

    Other stories I was told was of families who go up to the berry patches have witnessed the sounds of something circling them as they picked berries, and again they couldn’t see what was circling them. I’ve also been told of a woman in white. You see her a few different ways. One is just seeing her gown draped over a head stone. The other is seeing a headless body, and the last is seeing her, but she is a very old very scary woman who stands in the middle of the road. Never made it to the village or town, and not sure I made it to the grave yard either. It is definitely an interesting place. If you can go do, and go with a group. There is rumor that their have been big cats released up there. The government denies it, but people who live at the base of the hill have seen them.

    • I had heard of some Bigfoot activity up there and rode up there maybe and 1/4 mile from the graveyard. I had my 13 year old son and my girlfriend with me. It was last summer a full moon. We sat in my suv with the windows down for about ten minutes. My girlfriend was poking fun at me a bit when we heard a thump of to the right of the truck I would guess at least 50 yards away. We all heard it and my girlfriend said it was probably a deer stomping its hoof. I said well I can fell it in the truck so I don’t know. Then we heard it again. As we sat there off to my left I heard a growl that made my hair stand up on my neck. I didn’t say anything when my son said “Did you hear that growl Dad?” I said yes and 2 minutes later it did it again. I was scarred but didn’t want my son to know. I started the truck and my girlfriend said ” What are you leaving for? We’re just starting to hear stuff?” I told her because that growl was scaring the shit out of me. It didn’t sound like an animal to me, not to mention I can’t recall ever hearing something growling in the woods at night. It sounded like a growl I’ve heard on a ghost hunter show on one of those recorders. We drove up to the cemetery and me and my son got out to pee while my girlfriend walked all around the cemetery . Another time after that a friend and I went back up to the center of the forest according to our GPS , did a single tree knock at 2:30am and got an immediate response , one tree knock and that was it. I’ve been up there about 9 times last summer and had weird stuff happen 3 times. The third thing was just my friends hair on his arms standing up when we go in the cemetery. He won’t go in there anymore. I plan to go up again soon.

      • This place will have you go insane if you stay up there for a long time. One time me and my cousins went up there and we live close by worst part we would see and hear all kinds of things but I could never forget the night that I can face to face with of the huge shadow men scariest moment of my life. We just got done drinking and I was pretty intoxicated and had too pee so I hopped out of the car and walked into the woods. I was standing there pissing and I heard a weird noise like breathing and it got closer as I listened but I ignored it and kept on peeing thinkin it was my cousins messing with me thats until a shadow that was way bigger than mine showed that when I turned around to look what it was. When I turned around a figure about 8ft was standing in front of me about 15 feet away staring down at me I couldnt move I was to scared. That hill has things on it that no man would ever think lived and that hill will make you never want to go anywhere haunted or covered in beast

    • That is some scary stuff I’ve never been up there and really wanna go to see if the rumors and stories are true….. My great grandma always used to go up to Connecticut Hill whenever she had a Pibolar episode and my mom wants to know why….. And I’m pretty sure it always used to be the night time when she went up there

  2. I went up there with friends on Halloween and I saw a little girl she runs at u from the grave also friends of mine have taped the voice in the area telling u to leave and screaming

  3. I grew up at the bottom of the hill. The town didnt actually disapear it moved down in the valley, Alpine. There are big cats up there, also packs of wild dogs. There has been activity in the cemetary by a “Satanic cult “along with the graves being robbed. I can honestly say I have never seen any signs of a “big foot” but there is definately alot of creepy stuff up there and the people buried there dont like company.

    • I would truly agree with the fact that whatever is in that graveyard is not friendly or welcoming to guests. I have lived in that area most of my life. I have been to the graveyard many times. I have heard many things there. Screams, thugs moving around you and things being thrown. I have wotnessed people pushed because they knocked the graves over. If you are there late at night and you touch the witches head stone just be prepared because it is a feeling you won’t soon get rid of. It feels like you have a massive amount of negativity crushing you.

  4. This all sounds very interesting. What did this figure look like? I have ancestors that came from the area. I am wondering how old the cemetery is and if it served Millport in the early 1800’s

  5. My friend Timothy Holmes and I were investigating the Connecticut Hill Cemetery on April 4th, 2015. There was about 6inches of snow on the ground at the time. We had a hell of a time making it to the cemetery due to the slippery and icy roads at the time. We eventually made it by taking the long way around into the cemetery. I think our investigation of the cemetery lasted about thirty minutes due to the fact that it was pretty cold up there. A few minutes before we left the cemetery Tim was filming the sb-7 spirit box session we were doing. When we got back home my friend and I reviewed the footage Tim had filmed and in the background there is a dark black shadow figure that moves between the trees almost as if it’s gliding above the ground but still stepping when moving. The footage is on YouTube under Tim Holmes or Timothy Holmes

  6. I used to go to Connecticut hill with my friends in high school around 2000-2002. We would explore the network of roads and trails, looking for anything interesting. We would often visit the main cemetery at the T intersection most people know about. We also found 2 more smaller graveyards deeper in the woods.
    About a half mile down the road from the cemetery (if the cemetery is on your left) my friend and I were exploring a field next to a little turn off on the left side. It was summer and we could tell the field was probably a little swampy but had dried out a bit. In the far right corner of the field we noticed a faint trail leading into the woods. We followed it for maybe a few hundred yards. There were two ruts from tire tracks, but were pretty old since there were 4+ inch wide trees growing out of. The trail ended at an old rusty pickup truck, yellow paint, looked like 60s or 70s. The truck looked like it had gotten stuck in the mud, only the tops of the tires were sticking out. The truck also looked like it had been set on fire at some point. The entire exterior was charred and all that was in there were the coils from the seat and the metal rim of the steering wheel. And some trees and saplings were growing up through holes in the rusted out bed.
    All this on its own was mostly just neat and interesting to us as teenagers. About 6 months later it was the middle of winter and weny back just out of boredom. We went trudging back there in the snow. Everything looked the same, the narrow trail looked like no one had been back there. The small trees were still growing up out of the old tire tracks. When we got to the end the truck was gone. This really puzzled us since there wasn’t anywhere for a tow truck could get back there between the trees. We looked around for a bit and off to the side of the trail maybe 30-40 feet was the truck crumpled and folded into a tight heap like it was a soda can picked up out of the ground, crushed, and tossed off into the woods without disturbing a single tree.
    My friend and I have both moved away from the area but still talk about it and curious if it’s still there at all.

  7. around 2006, we wnt into the witch cemetery thinking ..haha….as we approached, my spot light dimmed, in further, it was totally drained…as we walked back to the car, it worked fine, went back, same died…very strange

  8. I knew nothing about this activity until after my experiences which caused me to investigate. Basically . Whenever I would drive in that area of west hill or Connecticut hill I would get very panicky to the point of having to pull over . My stomach would cramp and I would just feel dread and sick. My research mentioned “Sullivan Trail” . General Sullivan massacre of native American settlement in that area.

  9. My friend and I went up to Connecticut Hill to the cemetery on 2 different occasions. The first time we took my car. We were driving and the sunroof opened by itself. The second time we took an SUV and both the driver and passenger front windows went down by themselves multiple times. I have been visiting the hill for many years. I used to hunt up there…also threw a few parties. Some things are unexplained and a bit scary but it hasn’t stopped us from visiting through out the years.

  10. Very creepy place, went in the cemetary not too long ago and had a flash light die when it had new batteries in. The place has a very unwelcoming feel to it, the feeling if you’re not suppose to be there at all. Creepy place, would reccomend checking it out, with caution!

  11. We went all over the place up there for hours and never found a thing. Is the cemetery deep in the woods off the road? The gps would say we had arrived at our destination but we checked it out and…no cemetery. Can anyone help? I really want to find it.

    • K. Wood, the cemetery is not “deep in the woods,” but it’s not very visible from the road. As far as I know, it doesn’t have an actual address. The only way I’ve ever found it is to go out there and just drive around slowly until I saw it. I think there were little American flags stuck in the ground outside of it last time I was there.

  12. I have done a total of 8 investigations here. I have many audio and photos. All which provide evidence. This is one of my favorite places to go.. If anybody goes there respect the place and do not take or remove ANYTHING.. There are attachments and u do not want that.. Here s a few photos with the most orbs I have ever saw. I will keep 2 photos private.. Hope you enjoy my youtube channel will be open soon so that you may view all videos and photos from all locations. Enjoy

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