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According to reports from employees of the power plant, ghostly figures sometimes can be seen traveling through the air between transistors. Also, voices can be heard talking, and objects will disappear only to later reappear in plain view.

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Geographic Information

1 Willow Avenue
Colstrip, MT 59323
United States

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45.88536904384843, -106.61356365682877
Rosebud County, Montana
Nearest Towns:
Colstrip, MT (0.5 mi.)
Lame Deer, MT (18.3 mi.)
Muddy, MT (19.5 mi.)
Ashland, MT (26.0 mi.)
Forsyth, MT (26.5 mi.)
Rosebud, MT (28.1 mi.)
Busby, MT (29.2 mi.)
Birney Day School, MT (33.2 mi.)
Birney, MT (39.2 mi.)
Hysham, MT (40.9 mi.)


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  1. I lived in Colstrip for 7 years, I can say that I heard multiple reports of many different places there being haunted. One super haunted place is the Whiskey Gulch Saloon. I worked there (for a little over a year) and while closing it was not uncommon to have the tv’s change channels or turn off/on, or hear pool balls clanking around in the pool room upstairs. There were a few times I would hear pots and pans BANGING around in the kitchen that’s attached to the bar (after the people who ran the restaurant had left) I would go check and No One would be there. There are several spirits there, too many to write about each one that I saw. SOME show up in pictures, I used to have are few, but sadly the camera they were on no longer works. And there was one night that I as closing and turned around and saw a man in khaki pants, and a white hoodie with blue writing standing in the middle of the dance floor plain as day! Then he vanished. Many bartenders have made comments about this place being haunted, until I worked there I didn’t believe it myself.

  2. I have lived in Colstrip for almost two years now and worked at the whiskey gulch saloon for a year and half. On a regular basis many odd situations take place. The most regular one is the footsteps up the stairs and then the commencement of a pool game starting though no one but myself is in the bar. The occasional mount just happens to fall off the wall when no one is around. This location has a long history and a very horrific event happen on the property. The spirits of the victims of this horrific event make themselves evident at all times. I worked this last year on the anniversary of the shooting and needless to say it was a very active night in the bar with the spirits.

  3. I worked at the plant for 3 years now and today I had my first big accident. I went to the bathroom today and there’s a can of air freshener sitting on the back of the toilet, no where close to the edge. I go to the sink to wipe off the seat because I’m slightly a germaphobe, i look up and as i am directly staring at the air freshener, it looked like it got swiped the can and hit the wall about a foot away from where it was positioned then fell to the ground. I do believe in spirits and ghost but I have never had anything like that happen to me before. It was exciting but scary at the same time. There’s another thing I hear at the plant from multiple employees saying they can still hear banging with a hammer inside a vessel… the same vessel an employee had died after a long fall a long time ago. I do believe the place is haunted.

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