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This historic hotel was built in the 1890’s, and is believed to be haunted by Olive Kennie, the daughter of a former properties. Dressed in old-fashioned clothing, she has been known to appear in various rooms, hallways and the restaurant, although most of her appearances have been linked to Room #250. Guests staying in this room reported the toilet flushing by itself, the shower curtain twisting by itself and seeing the apparition herself sitting on their beds.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

501 Main Street
Miles City, MT
United States

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46.40612489999999, -105.8516247
Custer County, Montana
Nearest Towns:
Miles City, MT (0.5 mi.)
Rosebud, MT (29.7 mi.)
Terry, MT (37.0 mi.)
Forsyth, MT (40.6 mi.)
Fallon, MT (45.7 mi.)
Colstrip, MT (51.6 mi.)
Ashland, MT (59.6 mi.)
Lame Deer, MT (66.8 mi.)
Muddy, MT (69.5 mi.)
Broadus, MT (69.8 mi.)


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  1. I live in the Olive Hotel and as of late been having very weird things happen. I was away while my girlfriend was with her child in her high chair eating an watching a movie I came home to her sleeping an her daughter sitting next to the chair eating and a ceiling tile moved in the bedroom as if taking something out of atop of it. As I woke her up she asked if I took her out of the chair an I told her no an I even asked why she moved the panel an again she told me she didn’t. That was the first thing to happen. Other occasions happened while I was in the bathroom with the door shut an heard the door open,slam, an someone running. I figured my girlfriend got home an I opened the door an expected her there an no one was. Lastly tonight, I was going into the bedroom that had the panel move to turn on the light and as I was about to turn it on, the light fixture cover on the ceiling just shattered an fell to pieces on the bed. Scared me half to death. I can’t explain it just something just doesn’t seem right…

  2. Stayed there in 2009. When i checked in, the front desk clerk assured me my room was haunted & showed me a bookmarked page about the hotel from a book called “Haunted Montana.” I shrugged it off & didn’t believe him & went to my room. A couple hours later the tv shut off & all the lights dimmed way down. I went into the hall & all the lights were flickering, then the fire alarms went off. I went down to the front desk & clerk was on the phone & told me there was no fire it was just a problem with the alarm system. I’m an electrician & i can’t think of any reason a problem with the fire alarms would cause the lights to go dim.

    I decided that was a good time to go out for supper & when i said i was staying at the Olive, everyone i talked to said “you couldn’t pay me to stay there, that place is haunted.”

    When i got back to the hotel, everything was back to normal & the rest of the stay was uneventful. But what happened earlier still gave me an uneasy feeling the rest of the night.

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