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At College of St. Catherine’s St. Mary’s Hall, a gray lady appears in doorways of the second floor rooms. Students also have reported something poking them awake right before their alarms go off or cold fingers on the backs of their necks. Some have heard the sound of someone running down the hallways when there was no one visible.

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2004 Randolph Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
United States

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44.92471700000001, -93.18229200000002
Ramsey County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Mendota, MN (2.7 mi.)
Lilydale, MN (2.8 mi.)
Mendota Heights, MN (3.6 mi.)
West Saint Paul, MN (4.0 mi.)
Saint Paul, MN (4.6 mi.)
Falcon Heights, MN (4.7 mi.)
Lauderdale, MN (5.2 mi.)
Minneapolis, MN (5.5 mi.)
Sunfish Lake, MN (5.5 mi.)
Richfield, MN (5.7 mi.)

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  1. I’m a student here, I live on the second floor where the ghost is. Alone one night I walked down the hall, outside of one of the rooms the light was flickering and then turned completely off, however when I went back out there an hour later it was on. No a janitor didn’t fix it because it was around 2 am in the morning.

  2. I was a student at St. Kate’s from 1996-2000. There were rumors of paranormal activity in many of the buildings, but mostly Whitby Hall and the top floor of Derham Hall. People had reported hearing piano music coming from the auditorium on the 1st floor of Whitby after hours, when it was locked and darkened–it was always rumored to be a nun who had died years before, but admittedly this could have been students playing a prank.

    However, in the dorm rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors of Whitby, strange things definitely happened. I have stories that are just hearsay, from close friends who had unexplainable things happen (stereo volume changing, sightings of a figure in their room at night), but I personally experienced this one:
    The first day that I moved into my room on the 3rd floor of Whitby (it was a single room and I was the only occupant), I left my door ajar and my keys hanging on a hook on the wall and went down the hall to visit a friend’s room. When I returned, my door was closed and locked. I should mention that it could only be locked with a deadbolt–no doorknob lock. I had to call security to come and open my room for me; the security guard was confused at how I could have managed to lock myself out of my room, but came and opened it anyway. When he unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door, there were my keys, still hanging on the hook where I’d left them. (His comment: “That is some freaky sh*t.”)
    Later that same year, the last night before Christmas break started, I was one of the only people left in the dorms and was awake late that night. Around 2am, I heard an old fashioned fire alarm go off in the hallway–a bell with a hammer, not the electronic buzzer kind that went off when we had a fire drill. It stopped after a few seconds, and I stuck my head out into he hallway, but there was no one there, and no one else even came out of their rooms.

  3. I just started my junior year here, but way back when I was in high school I toured the university, complete with an overnight stay in one of the dorms. I happened to be placed in a dorm on the second floor of St. Mary’s for that night. I absolutely could not sleep that night, I just couldn’t shake this creepy feeling I had. So I went out into the hall to call my boyfriend at the time, and as we were talking I still had the creepy feeling. Then I started to see weird things out of the corner of my eyes–I remember several times I thought I saw someone walking towards me from one end of the hall, but when I turned my head to look, nobody was there. Eventually I hung up and went back to bed. Now, I’m absolutely terrified of the dark, so I was fixing my eyes on the little bar of light coming in from under the door while I tried to will myself to feel tired enough to fall asleep, and at one point I saw what looked like a pair of shoes under the door. It was around 2 am, and nobody was knocking or trying the doorknob, nor would they have any reason to. They were just standing there. As I was staring at these shoes, I started to feel unbelievably tired and drifted off to sleep. It wasn’t until I moved on campus (different building) and started school here that I learned that the second floor of St. Mary’s is said to be haunted.

  4. I’ve got one for you that sent chills down my spine. When I was a sophomore back in 2004 I was working late in the art building one night developing photos in the dark room. I thought someone was up there working, since someone’s sweatshirt and backpack were laying down in the main class room, and when I went upstairs, everything was set up as if someone had been working, but no one was there. The radio was on, the lights were on, the chemicals were out… So I just began working.

    I started printing a picture with the projector, turned around and put it in the chemical bath, moving it from one to the next. Then started another photo. By the time I was ready to move that photo into the last bath with the second one, my first photo was missing. It just wasn’t there at all. I couldn’t think how it could possibly have fallen out. I looked on the floor, on the table, in other bins. It was just no where. Whatever, I kept working.

    Then this song came on over the radio that I found annoying, so I walked over to the stereo on the other side of the room to switch the channel, but just before I got there, the radio died. I couldn’t make it work at all. Strange… so I continued to work in silence. During this time I was hearing footsteps on the spiral metal staircase so I went over to see if someone was coming up and there was no one. I heard this a few times. Then I heard whistling from the room down below so this time I went all the way down to look for someone there, but again, the room was empty and I was completely alone. I even searched the surround rooms and floor, but nope. I went back up to work. At one point while I was developing, a dark shadow figure moved past me on the other side of the table moving toward the stereo. I gasped thinking someone was walking by me when I never heard them come in.

    Then, working at my projector again, the silence was broken by the booming stereo. I had left the volume down after fiddling with it, but it was on loud! I jumped about 5 feet in the air and my heart was pounding. I then decided to quit and get out of there for the night, feeling very scared.

  5. I’m not a student. I was at the campus for a camp called Music Ministry Alive.
    I was staying on the second floor at St. Mary’s Hall. My roommate and I moved are beds together because we were both already creeped out by the place.
    We both went online and found out that it was haunted.
    I’m really into haunted stuff so I thought this was awesome. I never saw the alleged ghost but I did have one encounter that makes me really think.

    One night my roommate and I were sleeping and I woke up but I couldn’t move. I could barely speak either. I don’t know why. I felt like a certain force was holding me or pining me down. While all this was happening my roommate was making all these weird sounds and speaking really weirdly. I couldn’t tell if it was here though because I couldn’t move.
    Then I felt like something was grabbing my arm and trying to pull of my covers.
    I finally was able to muster out a faint help to my roommate.
    She was a light sleeper so she immediately woke up and then that feeling stopped.
    It was so weird.
    We both went back to bed. I’ve felt really bad ever since. What happened??

    • Hey. This is 4 years late.. but that encounter is sleep paralysis, and it often has people see shadow people.. that is all I can really say, though, as I never had such an experience before.

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