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Here’s a ghost will really specific needs… supposedly, mostly in February, and mostly around 1:24 AM, the ghost of a retired officer haunts the cemetery, looking for his wife.

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Geographic Information

Cobb Cemetery
Okaloosa, FL
United States

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30.8165249, -86.6284344
Okaloosa County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Crestview, FL (5.1 mi.)
Laurel Hill, FL (14.4 mi.)
Munson, FL (14.8 mi.)
Harold, FL (18.5 mi.)
Spring Hill, FL (18.9 mi.)
Lockhart, AL (21.3 mi.)
Florala, AL (22.1 mi.)
Paxton, FL (22.2 mi.)
Niceville, FL (22.5 mi.)
Valparaiso, FL (22.6 mi.)


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  1. Deff activity cold spots where you can see your breath in 75 degree weather where you can see your breath. Made me start to believe and I have some interesting pictures, I would like to have authenticated

    • Myself and some friends were up there some 3 or 4 years ago and I have pictures as well that would spook you out. Apparition beside me in one pic, crystal clear image of a female. All of my friends there were male. We went back another night and I kid you not some if not ALL graves were completely moved around from when we visited 3 or 4 nights prior. From what I know it gets care from someone from time to time but all the graves being moved is VERY creepy.

      • I live in Niceville, born and raised actually. I have never seen this cemetery, nor have I ever had any paranormal activity happen to me, but when I was younger, my mother kept it a secret that mt childhood home in Valparaiso was haunted. I am very interested in all things paranormal and would really like to experience something. Would you guys be willing to share your photographs with me? I’m interested in seeing them and I would actually like to make a trip to the cemetery to see for myself!

  2. I went there on a February night last year, and my brothers and I were physically pushed out of the gate by something, and heard a voice day my older brothers name!!! Scared the hell out of us, and I haven’t been back.

  3. To Anonymous
    Would you Please share your pictures? How do you get to the Cemertery? We would like to go out and Investagate it.. To see if we can capture anything on pictures or video..
    Thank You

    • Take hwy 85 go towards baker fl. Make a right on old river rd. Its several miles down on the left. About 10 or so if I recall. I grew up around there when I was a kid ms.cobb tended to the cemetery. People said she was a witch killed her husband and children you can find all 3 children’s graves they died a year to the day apart at a very young age. Late at night on any full moon or Halloween eve or day its a creepy place ive saw people hanging from the trees. And have heard someone calling my name or a friends name. Just dont drive up to it walk from the road or youll be walking home. My car wouldnt start we had to push it back to the road. And again the second time we went my friends truck wouldnt start.

  4. This used to be a quiet, peaceful place but the gun range changed that. Last time I was there, our small group was run off by the cops. I’ve only captured a few orbs on film but hope to experience other encounters one day.

  5. I’ve heard about this place that you will get pushed off the wall. You can find this place if you look for Cobb Cemetery Rd on google maps. It is at the north end of the road. I would love to go there one day soon. If you are interested in setting up a Saturday night stayover please message me. I do hear the cops visit that place now as well due to many drunks, etc & lessor desirables hanging around there. My e-mail is This seems to be the most active or 2nd most active place within 100 miles of Panama City, Fl from my preliminary research.

      • Yeah, I’ve gotten some photos of orbs and shit in the darkness. It’s closed at night so u have to jump the gate and walk 5 miles down THE CREEPIEST dirt road ever. I’m very careful not to step on the graves or fuck with anything so if there are vengeful spirits I didn’t provoke them to show themselves. Be careful, the cops do come around and wait for you sometimes when they have nothing better to do. They really like fuxking with people. As for the wall, we’ve walked it several times and it seems to me to be all bs. I just went there to party, so I don’t think the spirits minded my company.

        • Here’s a different photo with a very prominent apparition. We didn’t even notice it till we woke up the next morning and saw the photos. I didn’t feel any energy or anything, so it was a surprise.

  6. Been to this place so many times i could draw you a map of the entire area. Cops like to par at the top nnear the entrance for people. This is mainly used to get away and look at stars for me but i have driven up there and found poeple having sex all the time, not haunted.

  7. I went a year ago me and a friend since coon hill’s gate was locked and I couldn’t find a good spot to hide my car so we walked around a bit looked at the stones but I didn’t feel like anything was out of place nor it was haunted. took lots of pictures but nothing came up. wont rule out it isn’t yet will be back. but people should respect graveyards none the less we picked up few beer cans while we were there. we had a few ourselves but I always set my empty ones out of the yard or back in the car not right to disrespect peoples final grounds

  8. this one is very active have been there many times. we ran into cold spots heard foot steps but never seen anyone. we took photos of the posts at the gate once and the entire photo was covered in so many orbs it was crazy.

  9. I went to Cobb cemetery last night. 30 minutes after being there and walking around, my friend started walking away from me and went to the other side. My other friend thought he saw something so I took a picture. My friend didn’t remember taking any pictures on the other side but there was one picture taken at 2:49 and I have his flash in one picture and then the next picture shows my friend and an apparition sitting on a headstone right in front of him. Heard footsteps and the whole time my friend felt like he was being followed. After seeing the picture he kept seeing the face throughout the next day and felt as though something may have tried to follow him home. All together a pretty spooky experience. Definitely want to go back soon

  10. i took this picture my self, if you look off my moms left shoulder and shoulder high about 3 inches to the left you should see a face , you can see the mans forehead ,nose, chin and his handlebar mustache , you can reach me at or feel free to look at in on my facebook page under graveyard, facebook address is .Rob.Ray.71

    • looking at the picture it’s a little over head high and probably 6-7 inches to the left off of her left shoulder (picture size) and about 10-15 feet away if you took the picture in reference to the ground

  11. I’ve been to Cobb Cemetery several times tons of orbs there is a young girl that is caught very often in the south west corner, the last time I went we seen the little girl we try ed to talk with her and find out why she was stuck here all we could get was a EVP of the small girl say hello. Her presence was soon ended as moments into the investigation there was a loud pricing scream of a woman coming from behind the cemetery we were to only ones there though the vibe then changed in the cemetery but with no further contact we decided to go to another place as we started to leave the car we were in started leaching like it was stuck in soft sand eventually the car pulled off our next spot was semi lighted that’s when we notices a ton of hand prents on the roof of the car within the dew but mot convening was the hand prints slid both back and forth in the same directions of the movement of the car when we thought we were stuck

  12. I lived a block from there, I went a night and as soon as I got out of m truck, cold chills consumed me, I started crying an d left very quickly. Baker is known for its kkk rituals and a lot. Took place there.

  13. I have went here separate times on my own with different friends. I have witnessed so much paranormal activity here. My first experience was when my friend and I got there at exactly 1:24am. As we walked in the gates, I instantly felt chills on my left and right arms. I had claimed to hear a woman laughing or crying of some sort. I did not walk over there becausr I was too afraid. The other time was when my other friend wnd I went there and we brought the ouija board. I kid you not, we kept hearing cracklings in the woods, dog barking, a girl screamed, and this was only during the day day! Once we came back that night, we had brought the board again with some candles. I could see my breath in certain spots of the air. I hadn’t contacted a Mann who wasn’t born in May of 1959 and died by a gun. I have even talked to Mr. Cobb’s wife on the board. She was telling us to leave. She was very angry. I could feel so much energy..

    I also have another story of an experience that I had went alone. I had brought the ouija board with me and I was sitting near the northwest side of the cemetery near Mr. & Mrs. Cobb. I was facing towards the back of the cemetery. While I was there in broad daylight, it was still hot and I could see my breath again in the air.. as if, it wasn’t freezing temperatures. I had sat down and tried to communicate with the spirits on my board. I heard so much crackling in the woods, heard distant meowing of a cat, and I saw these vultures fly out of this very tall tree above me in a pentagram formation. I kid you not this happen. I decided to leave after because I was getting chills and I just couldn’t be there anymore. However, I do have Polaroid pictures of black figures that I was not aware that was there until after I had left. This place is for sure haunted and I recommend anybody to come here if they want any real, authentic paranormal activity.

  14. Something evil is there. Not recommended. I recently went there with my family. I proceeded through the gate while my family was still in the vehicle grabbing materials. Soon as i walked through the gate the whole environment changed. Energy changed. Weather changed. A huge light orb floated near my leg as if it was a ball on the ground rolling past me. Closer i got the closer footsteps were approching out of the woods. As my family approached me we were so scared we proceeded back on back. About 15 minutes passed we noticed a light from the woods. It looked as if something was close then the light shut off. Leave and brances were crackling in diffrent areas. Almost as if we were surrounder. We turned and decided we should leave. On the way out things were different. The metal gate door was closed and locked. We thought we came in a different so we followed along the gate which led us to a small headstone showing the death date lf a toddler. Instantly my stomach filled with butterflies and as if something was right behind me. We jumped the fence but when i sat down in the vehicle nothing changed. Headed back out i noticed to my right a very detailed lady standing looking. It was almost like a movie. The fear was so extreme that i couldnt move after looking at the figure. She had on a white dress, her skin was very and her eyes were completely . Like i said i dont recommend anobody there.

  15. My friends and I go here quite frequently to catch something. We take lots of pictures and we catch a lot of things, but last night was the most chaotic night that I had ever been there. Something is definitely evil here and I sense it. I brought sage with me to try to sage the place, and this is what I found in this picture. You can see multiple faces and even figures standing there. This was around 2am. We also took other pictures, which I kept seeing a mean old mans face to the right of the southwest corner near the Spanish moss tree.

  16. Lmao I’ve lived less than a mile away from this place most of my childhood… theres nothing haunted about it… just an old family cemetery…

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