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Said to be on the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the park contains trails where visitors can view ancient rock carvings. Some folks have reported that when they drove past the park at night, their car air-conditioners suddenly turned on and blew a blast of cold air.

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10001 Watsonville Rd
Gilroy, CA 95020
United States

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37.03012013065009, -121.65692335369386
Santa Clara County, California
Nearest Towns:
San Martin, CA (4.6 mi.)
Gilroy, CA (5.2 mi.)
Interlaken, CA (6.9 mi.)
Morgan Hill, CA (6.9 mi.)
Amesti, CA (8.2 mi.)
Corralitos, CA (8.7 mi.)
Freedom, CA (9.3 mi.)
Aromas, CA (9.8 mi.)
Watsonville, CA (10.0 mi.)
Pajaro, CA (10.1 mi.)

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  1. this was in October of 2010 my husband had reserved two nights FD San Simeon resort Lodge in Cambria California. This was also around the time of the annual Scarecrow Festival and over. During our first night, both my husband and I had experience paranormal presence. I personally felt poked on my left side so I face my husband on the right side of the bed. it felt like a very sharp spear has been poking me harshly I had to say stop!when I woke up I told my husband about my dream and he told me that he had the same dream. We both discovered that our dreams about Indians who were attacking ussleep.on the second night I had a dream that I had levitated from our bed and was flipped over forward and landed at the bottom or foot of our bed.we went to town and found a small store that’s old candles incensewith hopes of reading of the negative energy that lingered in our room.on the day of our check out we had asked the nice old lady who work at the reservation desk the front desk.we asked her if there has been any paranormal or weird activities at the lodge.we also ask if this lodge sits on any Indian or Native American ground.she confirmed that the lodge and several areas nearby were indeed Native American land.that confirmed the dreams in paranormal activities we experiensince then we never stayed in Cambria and instead stayed in Cayucos California Cayucos California

  2. I’ll upload the image sooner or later. The Chitactac Rock monster used a rock ( normally the size of a bull) as a body and expanded it drastically to the size of a brontosaurus. It was huge when I went hunting for it on August 25th, 2010. It was playing dead and created a trail that does not exist. I was walking on it. I walked half way into the death trap and had no idea I was walking on a trail that does not exist, leading right up to the mouth of this thing. I still don’t know if this was God was ready to kill me or the ancient Ohlone spirits. GHOST HUNTERS BEWARE. take my advice and don’t mess with this place. It’s not for ghost hunters. Visit without hunting. David Lee,Author: Haunts of San Jose. 8/22/2016

  3. I live two houses down the park in aromas…and I’ve been witness to many sightings of multiple ghosts in and around my house.

  4. I went with my husband and our dogs only to find out that dogs are not allowed on the trail so we didn’t stay long but we were there long enough to see a native spirit. I only saw the bare naked back of what looked like a male spirit and it blended in almost like a deer in the brush . I tried to follow to see where it went and it had vanished.

  5. I grew up in the apartments at 17665 Crest Ave in Morgan Hill. We were told that all that area around there was built on an Indian cementary.Not sure how accurate that is, but I do know that we would always see shadows (aka ghost/spirits), hear noises at night and many times you would feel something touch/grab your back. Our school was right behind there (PA Walsh Elementary), towards the front of it~ right at the corner of Peak Ave & Main there is a big old victorian house that was said to be haunted as well. For as long as I can remember when I lived there, it was always empty, have heard scary stories of it. If you go to the end of the school (on Peak) where the school fence ends, that first house was said to be haunted as well.As kids, we had to be double-dogged dared to even go up by the fence and no one ever made it to the door of these 2 houses. Haven’t been there in awhile…but thanks to growing up in this area, I’m not afraid of ghosts or earthquakes…well I am but not as much.

    • I know exactly what house you’re talking about. I grew up in Morgan hill and attended Walsh in the 80’s. The house has since been restored and it’s absolutely beautiful. Gone are the days of it being spooky lol! I miss those good old days. Always 7-11 after school for slurpies and candy haha!

    • Alesia Murrietta  |  

      I lived on Main St all my life walked in front of that corner house everyday , at night we would be out there. We played at PA Walsh at night it had that smooth cement for roller-skating. I never felt scared. I had friends at the Crest hung out until I was about 24 never saw or felt anything there either

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