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Locals say that for decades, around the mansion ruins, the spirits of former owner Henry Miller and his daughter have been seen riding horseback. The daughter was killed when she broke her neck in a riding accident. A ghostly girl also has been reported walking in the night, wearing a long white dress.

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7850 Pole Line Rd
Watsonville, CA 95076
United States

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37.01132861077471, -121.70904701586915
Santa Clara County, California
Nearest Towns:
Interlaken, CA (4.4 mi.)
Amesti, CA (5.1 mi.)
Corralitos, CA (5.6 mi.)
Freedom, CA (6.4 mi.)
San Martin, CA (7.5 mi.)
Watsonville, CA (7.5 mi.)
Pajaro, CA (7.7 mi.)
Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley, CA (7.7 mi.)
Gilroy, CA (7.8 mi.)
Day Valley, CA (8.6 mi.)

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  1. In the early 80s, I waa coming back from sanjose with my girlfriend and a friend thru 152 when we were approching the summit, it was about 1:30 am we seen a lady qalking on the side of the road. We slowed down I was driving, and I rolled down my window to ask if she was ok she nwlt down and looked toward us and she had no face just black i could see everthong plian as can be but no face. I stepped on the gas and got the hell out of there. I still drove that route many times late from my girlfriends house in sanjose, but always had that thaught in the back of my mind.

  2. Actually, I had an experience that may be connected to this. About 7 or 8 years ago, my mother and sister had picked me up from a friends house at about 10:00 pm when it was already pitch black, and we drove through Hazel Dell Rd towards Corralitos. About halfway through Browns Valley Road, there was a man standing about 2 feet from the road with his arms on his hips looking away from the road. I was startled that we had driven so close to him so I turned to my mother and said “Mom watch out you almost hit that man on the side of the road!” She looked at me confused and asked what man I was talking about, and I asked my sister and mother if they had seen the man standing right next to the road, to which both replied that they hadn’t seen anything even though we had all been looking in the same direction, and I had seen him standing there clear as day. It’s odd though, because the man seemed to be wearing what I would describe as a horse jockey outfit, with lose fitting trousers. There also appeared to be shadows of people tilling the soil with hoes or similar tools, and he seemed to be supervising them. I remember thinking to myself how odd it was that there were people out there with not a single light. I never figured out what I saw that night, but it’s something that will stay in my memory forever and gives me the creeps every time I think about it.

  3. This place isn’t really scary at all. I came here for my best friends twelfth birthday party over the summer of 2012.I was sound recording during the night,and i did hear a strange whisper,but thats the only scary thing I’ve ever encountered while there. That same best friend of mine’s step dad has a high job there so they now live in the house near the station, which are by the white deer and the old house of the Miller family. I’ve gone up there and stayed the night at her house and not once have i ever felt uncomfortable. The only thing that will scare you is your paranoia of knowing that a little girl died there long ago.

  4. I went to 3 years of highschool at Monte Vista Christian. Which is maybe why i never heard any stories about it. But my 1st year there Santa Cruz was know as the “witch” capital of the world AND though we were 13 miles away on Holloween Night there was a HUGE pentagram with a circle around made out of fire…it was a very long stressful night with all sorts of people sneaking out of their rooms slapping doors moaning walking heavy when a floor was under them…all sorts of pranks were dont to those who admitted to the fire scarying them.

  5. I have felt strange by the ruins, I also have a groaning voice on my evp recorder. I believe there is something weird here, I need to go back at night.

  6. My boyfriend was driving at 4 in morning and seen a women in white on side of. Road he said that she was just standing there he was freaked out

  7. I came here a few years ago for a hike with my girlfriend. We were walking on a path just past the equestrian trail as you enter the park. I lead the way while my gf was talking to me from behind. We’re conversing , but simultaneously I hear footsteps off to the right of the path, in a heavily overgrown area. I stopped to check & if I see anything and notice that the footsteps stop as well. My girlfriend hadn’t seemed to notice so I keep walking, yet again the footsteps seemed to continue walking along side us, yet nothing was visible. no animal..nothing. I encountered deer before and their four hooves trekking through wooded areas are pretty distinct. Just the same these footsteps, were distinctly human foot steps. At this point my girlfriend stops me asking ‘do you hear that?” I ask her “what do you hear?” to see if she may be on to what I was hearing. She replies “it sounds like someone is walking alongside right here” . this point I say I heard the same thing. The most off-putting thing was there was clearly no person or animal. It was around noon time and there was enough light to clearly see the area. We just turned around and got back to the car and split. Not sure if it was paranormal, but definitely wasn’t the safest feeling. This was simply one of strange occurrences out of many great experiences in the park. Always remember it though.

  8. Yep. I grew up in Gilroy, which is the town at the base of Mount Madonna, and everyone knows about the haunted Miller site. It feels eerily quiet in the daytime, but at night it’s downright terrifying. There is definitely some unsettled energy in that spot.

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