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Local legend has it that the haunts that may be seen at this cemetery are restless because at some points in the park’s past, proper care was not taken of the graveyard, and some bodies were simply left lying in a mass grave.

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Geographic Information

Eighth Ave., and Franklin St.
Denver, Colorado
United States

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39.734272019752865, -104.96603643907292
Denver County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Denver, CO (1.0 mi.)
Glendale, CO (2.7 mi.)
North Washington, CO (5.1 mi.)
Edgewater, CO (5.4 mi.)
Commerce City, CO (5.4 mi.)
Mountain View, CO (5.5 mi.)
Lakeside, CO (5.6 mi.)
Berkley, CO (5.8 mi.)
Lakeside, CO (5.8 mi.)
Englewood, CO (6.1 mi.)


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  1. Captured many orbs, heard children playing in the park late at night, took video and captured what appears to be some sort of orb going across screen.

  2. Hi. The true history of the place is pretty disturbing. It was the main Denver grave yard in the late 19th century and the project to move the dead from it for re-development was anything but professional. At the right moment with the right light you can see the depressions of the old graves. But Ghost Hunters should beware that it is a notorious place for cruising homosexuals to “hook up” with each other and you’re more likely to see that activity than ghost activity!

  3. Had many an activity around this place during one night of hunting here. I’ve hunted there one other time before, but had no experiences that night. But this isn’t a recounting of that night, this is a recounting of my first, and only successful, spirit hunting trip here.

    After reading numerous stories about the place, we decided to walk along the Eastern and Southern Areas of the park, notably the old pauper’s area of the cemetery. We felt many cold and warm spots, and a few spots that felt like electricity. Any cold spot we walked through we took a picture of. Each picture had strange, arc shaped lights in them that couldn’t be explained by streetlights (which were clearly discernible as streetlights in the background).

    One cold spot ony came up to our ankles. I turned and snapped a picture, which showed a clearly defined orb hovering just above the grass.

    After walking through a cold spot at about chest height, we stopped and stood for a minute. That’s when I felt the sensation of something rushing up behind me and INTO me, I can’t explain what it was other than the feeling of something impending rapidly from behind, followed by a severe cold sensation that instabtly spread all over my body from my back. It was so intense I began shivering and walking around. Keep in mind, it was a warm autumn, and I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, yet was the only person that felt the sensation that something had jumped into me.

    We kept walking, feeling hot and warm spots and snapping pictures. At one point my brother and dad said it felt like their heads were buzzing, so they asked me to take a picture, and I did. When I finally got the picture back from the developer, the same arc shaped lights that were in all my other pictures from that night, were in this one; only there were far more of them, along with a few orbs.

    Still have no idea what any of the lights were in the pictures, or what I felt that night. I did have trouble getting to sleep that night, it seemed like something was trying to keep me awake, even to the point of a bright light passing in front of my closed eyelids for a brief moment.

  4. Went here when I first moved to Denver. I walked through the most intense cold spot I have ever felt in my life and it was unexplainable. I googled the park as soon as I got home and discovered it is popularly receded to as “haunted”. So I took a voice recorder back out one night and walked around. Didn’t hear anything and didn’t listen to the playback for several months. When I did I could hear music around the gazebo. Only way to describe the music is “old-timey”. Faint but distinct. I’m completely convinced. I’ve never had experiences like that anywhere else.

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