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This house has a cannonball lodged in the wall. I really don’t care if it’s haunted or not – it has a cannonball lodged in the wall. How cool is that? The result of being strafed during the Civil War, the homeowners apparently decided the cannonball was a nifty conversation starter and left it there. What precisely the hauntings are, I haven’t had a chance to truly investigate yet, distracted as I have been by the cannonball in the wall, but supposedly there are numerous ghosts that haunt this stately inn. Some are no doubt a leftover from its days as a Union Hospital during the war as well as several personal tragedies that befell the family who lived there.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    2200 Oak St
    Vicksburg, MS 39180
    United States

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    32.341235, -90.88562300000001
    Warren County, Mississippi
    Nearest Towns:
    Vicksburg, MS (0.9 mi.)
    Delta, LA (2.6 mi.)
    Beechwood, MS (3.6 mi.)
    Mound, LA (8.1 mi.)
    Edwards, MS (16.4 mi.)
    Richmond, LA (17.6 mi.)
    Tallulah, LA (18.2 mi.)
    Lynchburg, MS (20.8 mi.)
    Learned, MS (22.1 mi.)
    Utica, MS (22.2 mi.)

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    1. Definitely haunted. Visited with my parents when I was teenager (Around 1993). I had several experiences in several places on the property during the 2 days we were there. I will never forget it.

    2. I have never been there. But it has always been my dream to become a Paranormal Investigator. I’m sitting at an office desk at Tennessee College of Applied Technology ….. to become a Medical Records Technician. I have always had a passion for the world beyond ours. I have never been more interested in doing something more with my education than set at an office. ….. Should have chose a better career than Medical Records Technician.

    3. My husband and I went to the area for our forty first wedding anniversary, and decided to stay in Vicksburg as it did not seem nearly as crowded or as expensive as Natchez. I picked this property off the internet because it had everything I wanted for the stay. I have to say this place is very nice: it is lovely, and the food was wonderful. But there is “stuff” there. I felt it immediately when I went to our room to put our things away. I asked whatever it was to please leave us alone, as this was a celebration of our anniversary, and we wanted to enjoy it. I have to say, whatever it was did as I asked, and we were never frightened- but there were workers there scared to death, especially one girl who worked in the dining room, who was terrified of the stairs and the hallways.I was all over this house and took pictures with my cellphone, and got a heck of a surprise when I looked at them later. In one picture, you can just see the trailing hem of a ladie’s long dress. The picture was taken at daybreak, as I sat in the room with the cannon ball lodged in the wall. I did not get any feelings of dread or terror, but felt at times an atmosphere of quiet, gentle sadness.As I said, it is a lovely place and do not feel frightened to stay- you will absolutely adore the food, the chef is magnificent. But stuff is definitely here- no doubt about it.

    4. My husband stayed in 2002 and 2007. The trip in 2002 was very scary. We stayed in the Victoria Suite. I woke up the first night with something scratching on the side of my bed. I thought that it was my husband’s arm under my head, but then I turned towards him and realized that he was on the other side of the bed. The next thing I remember is something pushing my arm as if trying to wake me up. I was too scared to open my eyes!! The next night I heard something rattling our dry cleaning plastic in the “Hall” behind the bed. I could also hear “them” shaking my bag that I keep my medicine and toiletries in. I remember asking the front desk if the place was haunted. They said that our suite was the old nursery and that “the children” always tried to wake up the “parent” on the right side of the bed. The next night I was very tired and left my husband on the rooftop. I went back to the suite and left the light on in the bathroom. He told me the next morning that there wasn’t any light on when he came to the room. He went to take a shower and I heard a strange “clanging” sound over by the dresser. Turns out that the change that my husband had thrown on the bureau rearranged itself in a line and all the pennies were turned face down. Nothing happened in 2007 – we stayed in the library suite which was formerly the morgue. The next night we stayed in the suite to the left of the staircase. No ghosts this time!!

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