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“The most haunted house in Mississippi”? You be the judge. Numerous people have died in McRaven and according to legend, some of them lingered on. Dating back to the 18th century McRaven lays claim to Civil war era ghosts, and a lady who died in childbirth.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1445 Harrison St
    Vicksburg, MS
    United States

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    32.346023, -90.87203399999999
    Warren County, Mississippi
    Nearest Towns:
    Vicksburg, MS (0.6 mi.)
    Beechwood, MS (2.9 mi.)
    Delta, LA (3.5 mi.)
    Mound, LA (8.9 mi.)
    Edwards, MS (15.6 mi.)
    Richmond, LA (18.3 mi.)
    Tallulah, LA (18.9 mi.)
    Lynchburg, MS (19.9 mi.)
    Learned, MS (21.6 mi.)
    Utica, MS (21.9 mi.)

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    1. Me and a friend came by to do a tour, and the gate was locked. We could hear guns being fired and such, and I told my friend they must be doing a civil war reenactment, and that’s why their closed for the day. We went back the next day and was able to do the tour. The tour guide at one point said they do civil war reenactments sometimes, and I said I know, we came by yesterday and they were doing one. She looked at me and said they didn’t do a reenactment yesterday. I said yes they did, we heard them from the gate. She told me others have heard fighting going on and that it happens all the time, but they did not do a reenactment yesterday! Freaked us out!!!!

    2. While touring the home with friends, I had worn heels and took them off because my feet hurt. I was walk with them, holding my behind my back, when something tugged firmly on the shoes trying to pull them out of my hands. This was the upstairs room on the right…after we were told about a little boy they called Peek-a-boo. I am a skeptic but this was somewhat eerie

    3. Charlie fort worth tx  |  

      I’m highly sensative to the paranormal and I can feel emotions and under the right conditions see ghosts
      September 31,2018 I went to the McRaven Manor for the combination history and ghost tours when I was on the history tour I could feel energy a through the house and feel like I’m being watched when I was on the back porch I heard a woman’s voice say “get out of our house .”
      When I returned for the ghost tour while I was waiting for the tour to begin I felt a woman come up behind me and stroke my hair
      I felt energy attached to the door going from the parlor to the dinning room it felt like a man the dressing area I felt like another man spirit trying to push me out of that area he let me know that was his space and I was crowding him
      The middle bedroom I felt a woman’s presence she kept closing a small cabinet door by a dresser mirror after everybody left the room I stayed the lady came up behind me again and stoked my hair again it was a gentle touch then I felt her sit on the edge of the bed I tried to take her picture but she turned into a mist and flew out a window I later when I was on the back porch again I felt her on the baloney I tried to take her picture again she turned into a mist again and flew into a door
      The back bedroom I felt a man’s presence in the corner he let me know that he can effect emotions and I just shrugged it off he kept his distance from me always on the opposite side of the room
      I could feel energy in the garden it felt like soldiers
      This place had a pretty cool vibe to it

      • sounds like you had a wonderful experience, I am the operations lead at Mcraven. Thank you so much for telling your story. We have all felt similar things happen as you have described. I was not a believer in spirits until i started working here, this house is special to us.

    4. This photo was taken from the window where they would throw the amputated body part of the wounded soldiers. After I downloaded my pictures to my computer, I noticed a blur within the trees. I enlarged that area to find this. To me it looks like an older man wearing a suit jacket and a vest.

    5. My husband and I went last year as part of our weekend away, just for a daily tour. While we were at the top of the stairs looking at the surgical tools, I stepped backwards towards my husband, in between him and the top of the staircase, and when I did, you could hear something run, or step briskly down the steps. It was another awesome experience to add to our ghost hunting weekend. I also took a picture from the entrance, of the old mirror at the top. This is my picture…..

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