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This historic 1925 hotel was turned into an apartment building in 1983, stood abandoned from 1987 to 1991, and then was turned BACK into a hotel. It is said that ghostly shuffling can be heard coming from a vacant upstairs suite, and a portly figure has been known to apparate mysteriously on the south stairs. And look out — a prankish ghost trips folks who walk up the main staircase, near the seventh step. Unexplained voices and scents, like that of cigars, are sometimes detected here as well. Some believe comedian Fatty Arbuckle may be a haunt in residence. Other notable celebrities who have stayed here include Jean Harlow and Buster Keaton.

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691 1st St N
Jacksonville Bch, FL 32250
United States

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30.294787, -81.390354
Duval County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Jacksonville Beach, FL (0.2 mi.)
Neptune Beach, FL (1.2 mi.)
Atlantic Beach, FL (2.8 mi.)
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (3.8 mi.)
Sawgrass, FL (7.1 mi.)
Palm Valley, FL (8.1 mi.)
Jacksonville, FL (16.0 mi.)
Fruit Cove, FL (19.7 mi.)
Orange Park, FL (20.9 mi.)
Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL (22.5 mi.)

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  1. We stayed in a room upstairs overlooking the street. In the morning, my husband got up to run. I got in the shower. As I was finishing up, I saw a shadow. The shape was wrong to be my husband. It was too large, too rotund. At the time, the word portly came to mind, and I can’t believe that’s how this article describes it, but that’s totally accurate! I also smelled faint, semi-sweet cigar smoke. I froze, and the shadow’s hand extended out towards the edge of the shower curtain. I thought it was my husband trying to scare me, so I whipped open the shower curtain, and no one was there. The bathroom door was still closed.

  2. I stayed here last night by myself and will stay tonight too. Havent seen or heard anything so far. I did notice that one of the light hanging in the eating area was blinking. I am staying in a 2 room suite. When I went to bed last night I left a lamp on in the sitting area. Then I noticed that the light was off. I checked the lamp and it was working fine. Guess someone didnt want the light on. Lol!!! Other than these 2 things nothing else happened. Maybe I will have better luck tonight.

  3. Carlton Robinson  |  

    I stayed at the Casa Marina in September 2016. Every room gave me goosebumps and I have 2 experiences to report. Before I went to bed in my two-room upstairs suite, I told “the ghost” that I would leave the tv on for him. I’m a teacher and there was a gold teacher’s star (sticker) in my bed when I woke up the next morning. I checked the room and there was no item with a star sticker. I showed my friends (who made fun of me) and left the sticker on the coffee table in the next room. When I awoke the next morning, the same sticker was in my bed again. I wasn’t necessarily scared—-I thought “the ghost” appreciated me leaving the tv on all night.

    On the second night, I went to the ice machine after midnight and passed by what the desk clerk had described as the “suicider’s room.” There was a 60-ish, Hispanic man dressed in cabana clothes and wearing a fedora holding a boom box. I said: “Hey, do you want to hear a ghost story?” and the man shook his head “no.” When I passed back by with ice 20 seconds later, the man was gone. I wondered why the man would be playing a boom box late at night in the halls of a hotel in 2016, but I didn’t really think much of it until I returned home and started to do research. He appeared completely real, but the experience seems odd to me in retrospect.

  4. I stayed here 4th of July weekend to visit my friend, S, who came down from tennessee. I never really saw anything but my friend’s friend, H, said she heard a man (Fatty I guess) whistling on the seventh step. She looked and no one was there. We’re all really into the paranormal stuff the whole weekend. We listened to a bunch of ghost stories from the staff. They said room 208 was haunted. S and H were staying in 206, right next to 208. Me and my mom were staying in 212.

    That night, when we go to bed, I’m asleep on the couch with the tv on. My mom is in the bedroom and hears talking. She thinks I’m on the phone with my friend. She asks me who I’m talking to. No answer. She gets up and comes in there and it was the tv. She said the volume kept changing all night. The next morning I woke up and the tv was muted. The remote was on the table and i was still laying on the couch. Then, the tv unmuted for about 3 minutes (just an estimate), then muted again. We believe it was a ghost.

    My mom was taking a shower that morning and she said as she was rinsing out her hair, that she felt a hand grab her head.

    We went to lunch that afternoon and H was looking up the hotel for the paranormal stuff. By this point we had checked out and were going home after lunch. H then says, “Um, [my name],” S then leans over her phone and laughs/gasps. H continues, “turns out you stayed in one of the haunted rooms.”

    Bonus: apparently S and H didn’t know they were staying right next to room 206 and S was cuddled up next to H all night. I literally stayed in a haunted room and didn’t care. They were right next to one and we’re scared.

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