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Bill Walden is the identity of the ghost who haunts this restaurant, a man who wears a tweed smoking jacket and ascot. He was a regular patron, and although he has since passed away, his spirit has made it clear that he still visits regularly.

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1350 S 119th St
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

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41.24601759999999, -96.09871279999999
Douglas County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Boys Town, NE (2.0 mi.)
Ralston, NE (4.1 mi.)
Chalco, NE (5.1 mi.)
La Vista, NE (5.5 mi.)
Papillion, NE (7.0 mi.)
Elkhorn, NE (7.6 mi.)
Omaha, NE (8.4 mi.)
Bennington, NE (8.8 mi.)
Richfield, NE (9.6 mi.)
Carter Lake, IA (9.9 mi.)

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  1. Had dinner last night and sat at the very corner table in the large room and while our waitress as taking our order my glass of water fell off the table. It was not an accidental spills. The glass simply fell off of our table. We were all shocked. That is when the waitress told us about the tales of Brother Sebastian’s ghost. I don’t believe in ghosts but what happened was unexplainable and bizarre.

  2. In fact it is easily explainable. The condensation from your water glass collected at the base. This in turn broke the friction of the table surface with the bottom of the glass. At this point, the glass is essentially floating, though it is nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. With the glass now floating, it takes only the slightest degree of angle of the table top for the glass to begin moving, and momentum takes over from there. Any form of vibration whatsoever would also cause the glass to move. Even allowing for the unlikely scenario that the table top was perfectly level, nearly every glass ever manufactured has some sort of a concave bottom surface. As the condensation pools around the base of the glass, it creates an air pocket underneath. Simple physics tell us that the air pocket will eventually need to escape, causing lift and propulsion in the process. Ghosts are fun to imagine and I truly wish they existed, but they simply do not.

    • Embarassed Scholar  |  

      Sorry but your physics model is flawed. Try again with consideration that not all condensation would pool into the bottom of the cup, nor would the air require a violent escape to overcome the pressure of the water beneath. Your typical 16 oz cup would have a concave bottom that would take up a third of it’s volume to produce those results, and that’s given the benefit of the doubt to the house purchasing really cheap, light cups.

      And again in your model, as you stated that such glasses typically have imperfections, and as such would allow gaps for the air to disperse.

      If you’re going to disprove something, atleast use the proper physics instead of embarassing the scholastic minded.

  3. Snatchy, do be wary of what you wish for, as you probably WILL get your wish. And remember my post here when it does, as I’m telling you now that it will happen when you absolutely least expect it. I gather from your short post that you are a man who is pragmatic, sensible and assured of himself…..all fine qualities in my book. When your ghost sighting happens, you’re the type of gentleman that will be severely affected by it….as “it simply will not compute” with your world view. Buckle up, my friend. If I could, I’d bet serious dollars that your day will come! It may be years, decades or more down the road….but it’s going to happen to you. IF you wish to accelerate this to happen as soon as possible…what truly works in many cases would be for you to “egg on” the spirits. You can do this by actually making loud statements in purportedly haunted establishments that “ghosts are not real….ghosts do not exist…it’s all in people’s feeble little minds” etc. etc. I’m serious about this….do it if you dare! Best of luck, my friend. Joel in az.

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