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A ghostly woman in white was scene by occupants of the property adjacent to the cemetery in 1874. An account of the ghostly lady, who demanded to know the whereabouts of her children before walking back to her grave in the cemetery and vanishing, was published in the Omaha Daily Bee newspaper.

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Geographic Information

Cemetery Road
Omaha, NE
United States

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41.278092, -95.96016800000001
Douglas County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Omaha, NE (1.8 mi.)
Carter Lake, IA (2.3 mi.)
Council Bluffs, IA (5.3 mi.)
Ralston, NE (6.6 mi.)
La Vista, NE (7.5 mi.)
Crescent, IA (8.0 mi.)
Boys Town, NE (9.0 mi.)
Papillion, NE (9.5 mi.)
Bellevue, NE (10.4 mi.)
Offutt Air Force Base, NE (11.1 mi.)


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  1. I have visited this cemetery before. I went in the middle of the night just because we were dumb teens, you’d think there would be a lot of sound pollution because it’s in the center of the city and in the middle of North Omaha, blocks from the high way and Ames st but it’s dead silent. While walking through I heard voices as though they were over my shoulder. Saw what I thought was a woman following me. Saw what my whole group thought was a man standing behind a tree watching us, only to have him disappear when we heard a voice from behind us. Upon leaving the cemetery walking down the main trail out of toward the gates I suddenly began singing old gospels including one I didn’t know. My entire group felt lethargic and drained after leaving.

    Months later my father recounts this tale my grandfather had told him regarding the same Cemetery and the gate I was walking through singing: While driving by he had slowed to nearly a stop when his passenger side door opened and closed as though someone had gotten in the car. My Grandfather turned to the seat and demanded who ever got in his car to leave immediately. He then said he felt sick and the car got this strange scent before the door opened and closed again. My grandmother who got in the car just moments later said it smelled like old perfume.

    • I went there for a SS project and we heard and saw the exact same things. What’s even scarier is i took a picture and in it, was a bright smiling face. Not like ‘say cheese’ smile it was a ‘Jeff the killer’ smile, it freaked all out and we had to leave scared about being possessed. We almost ran to the car, but it draws you back in, as if something is pulling you there.

  2. Went in here with my friends. We all had a strange feeling and my friend looked extremely dazed coming back out of the gates. When we got to our car she felt scratches on her back but nothing was visible.

  3. My friends and I went a few weeks ago, and as soon as we arrived, we felt at peace. It was a strange peace though. Not like relaxing. It was more of an acceptance peace. And we started wandering around, talking to whatever was there (and there was someone or something there). When we suddenly were drawn to this one spot and heard the date 1867. So we wandered around some more and found the grave with the exact date on it. We asked if it was hers, the voice was feminine, and she said it was. Then my friend and I heard laughter coming from a tree, so we went to investigate. It was the grave of a little girl. We heard the laughter again, then a rush of air around our bellies. Like a small child’s height. Afterwards, we went over to the Millard marker and spoke to a Tom Swobe who told us that my friends daughter who we call monkey was waking up. Sure enough, there was a Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Swobe buried not even 5 feet away from where we were, and when we had gotten back to my friend who stayed with the baby in the car, the little monkey was in fact awake. As we left, we all felt a stabbing pain in our sides. As if something was trying to keep us there.

  4. Visited during the afternoon yesterday, January 5th, 2019, and when we were getting ready to leave, the car wouldn’t start. The car is older, from the 80s, but it never takes five-six tries to get started. We had parked inside the cemetery on Prospect Hill Rd. My head felt fuzzy while I was there, but I think that’s because I was so excited.

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