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Reportedly haunted by the niece of the former proprietor who is alleged to have drowned in the creek that runs through the dining room. People claim to have seen her ghost running through the dining area, sitting by the fireplace crying and other times at various places. One of the motel wing rooms (46) is alleged to be haunted by poltergeist like activity. Although these are the most well-known claims, others have said that there are dozens of spirits haunting the Lodge, and there is ghostly activity of every description occurring on the property.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    11570 Hyw 9
    Brookdale, CA 95007
    United States

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    37.10708216292088, -122.10891589522362
    Santa Cruz County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Brookdale, CA (0.2 mi.)
    Boulder Creek, CA (1.5 mi.)
    Ben Lomond, CA (1.8 mi.)
    Lompico, CA (3.1 mi.)
    Zayante, CA (3.8 mi.)
    Felton, CA (4.3 mi.)
    Mount Hermon, CA (4.8 mi.)
    Bonny Doon, CA (5.1 mi.)
    Scotts Valley, CA (6.5 mi.)
    Paradise Park, CA (7.6 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I live in brookdale a town of 2000 people and live right up the street. I cannot begin to tell the extreme energy that resides in this town. I have seen multiple unexplainable things…with other people in the room so I know I’m not crazy! Strange the first time had ever come to Brookdale was to visit the Brookdale Lodge. Oddly enough I now live up the street. I first started going to the lodge a couple times a year, then the number of times I came here increased slowly. Yeah it’s haunted ask any of the locals! This place is closed and for a good reason, many ways I’m happy it’s not up and running but can’t wait to get that old feeling back hanging out in that creepy bar yeah baby….For being the nicest town in these mountains there is a dark did you sell your soul to the devil kinda vibe here. When first coming here 10+ years ago I thought everyone was being agressive and crazy, but now realize just the dark energy here causes a glass like visual effects that throws your senses off. God I love this place! Do not force the energy out of you come here it will reveal itself when time.

    2. Many years ago my late husband and I attended a wedding reception at the Brookdale. My husband was a Lockheed engineer-scientist, and a dyed in the wool skeptic, atheist. During our stay at the Brookdale my husband went to use the restroom which was located off the reception room. Upon his return from the restroom, he looked bewildered, confused, and was at a loss for words. I thought my husband may have suffered a stroke. He took me aside, wide-eyed, and said he saw what looked like a short man, of middle age, slicked back hair, dressed in dapper 1930’s clothing, standing by the wash basins, just staring at him! My husband said that he called out to the “man” but he just vanished, not exiting through the door! I was at a loss for words myself when my husband told me this story. My husband clearly didn’t feel well after his witnessing something from another dimension. I asked some of the employees on duty if there was a man on staff or visiting the Broodale that matched the description my husband had witnessed, and they all said no. My husband was clearly shaken. His ridged skeptical, scientific beliefs, were challenged big time. He saw something real that clearly was out of bounds for scientific reason. I have always been open to the prospect of the survival of consciousness after physical death. I don’t believe in a religious God, nor do I follow any religion. I’m spiritually aware. Even after my husban’s otherworldly encounter he still remianed skeptical of the paranormal, though not as extreme as it was prior to seeing his ghostly visitor. Years later as my husband was dying from complications of throat cancer, and just weeks before his death, he said to me, “I wonder if I’ll meet that fellow from the Brookdale when I die” I hope my dear husband didn’t meet that “man.” Since I’ve read that the Brookdale had mobsters take refuge in the inn during the prohibition era. I have no doubt that my husband saw an apparition of one of those members of the syndicate in the men’s restroom. And since then I have read and heard personal stories of many paranormal occurrences at the Brookdale.

    3. I’d rather not reveal my name, but I’m a true believer in the super natural. We live in about 300 ft from the lodge itself. Not only is the lodge haunted, this entire area is haunted. My house is haunted, for real! This is not a joke. I have actually seen and heard the unknown. I can’t explain any of this paranormal activity. All I know that it”s for real. There is truly a strong energy force whether bad & good that lerks and haunts the Brookdale Area. Take it from me , open your mind and body into another relm, maybe? They’ll come to you.

    4. I saw Sarah, the little girl who drowned in the creek, one time back in the 80’s. I walked in the front door and saw a little girl in a blue & white dress sitting next to the fireplace. I glanced towards my friend to say something and a couple seconds later she had vanished. My whole story is in a Haunted Hotels & Inns book, if anyone is interested. I can post it here.

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