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The building this branch of the local pizza restaurant is housed in is one of the oldest in town, and dates back to before the city was established. The back room of the place is supposedly where most of the supernatural activity is confined to.

Submitted by Callum Swift

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Geographic Information

3490 Smith Street
Union City, CA
United States

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37.59634781823755, -122.07967051861488
Alameda County, California
Nearest Towns:
Union City, CA (3.3 mi.)
Hayward, CA (5.0 mi.)
Newark, CA (5.1 mi.)
Cherryland, CA (5.9 mi.)
Fairview, CA (6.0 mi.)
Fremont, CA (6.0 mi.)
San Lorenzo, CA (6.3 mi.)
Castro Valley, CA (6.8 mi.)
Ashland, CA (7.0 mi.)
East Palo Alto, CA (9.4 mi.)


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  1. Charles Ciccia  |  

    I worked there in 1992 as a cook/bar tender. At closing one night, while cleaning up, a dirty plate flew from the back room, across the kitchen and hit the rear kitchen wall, right underneath the clock.

    It was unexplainable. The place was empty, all chairs were up, and floors mopped. Prior to this, Rosa, the manager, asked me if all the dishes were done. I guess we missed one. Lol, This plate had definitely been around for a while. There was dark, dried up sauce on it and a long dark brown hair. Rosa seemed unmoved by the event. That was twenty five years ago. I never forgot it. Lol

    Charles Ciccia,

  2. Chris Gonsalves  |  

    On the night of October 21st 2011, the eldest and longest employee of over 20 years named Carmen had what is believed as a ghost encounter. Towards the end of the night, she was alone in the back of the restaurant washing dishes, when suddenly she seen a black figure run past her then through a back door and go up the stairs. For a second she thought it possibly could have been me because i was there and i was wearing a black shirt that day. But when she turned around and seen that i was in the kitchen she quickly realized it wasnt me and it could have been something paranormal. She reacted by running towards the few of us that were in the kitchen in tears because she was terrified and told us what happened. My reaction was to grab a big pizza cutting knife and go upstairs to see if anyone was up the stairs but there was nobody. A few days later i was able to watch the security camera footage of where it happened to see if i could actually see this black figure, but nothing could be seen except her suddenly looking to her left and reacting to it. This story is true and coming from someone thats worked there over 10 years as i am a current manager. Yes i do believe bronco billys in union city is haunted. Especially the back stairway area. -Chris Gonsalves official store instagram @broncobillys_unioncity

  3. I worked there over 20 years ago. It was my very first job. I had several sightings and what felt like someone bumping into or poking me. Always in the back. The only thing i noticed before each one of these events was the musty smell of sweat and dirt. One friday night i was working late with 3 other employees. We were busy and i rushed to use the mens restroom. As i was sitting the smell of sweat overcame the room. Within seconds i was thrust off the seat up and down up and down so many times. It felt like i was slapping against something that clearly wasnt the toilet seat. After what seemed like a lifetime of me thrusting and shouting for help a Sort of White ectoplasmic fluid was spewn all over the stall and myself. The smell left and I was able to clean myself before asking why no one came to my assistance. The Manager at the time laughed and laughed. I had to ask what this guy thought was so funny. He asked me if this was my “First Rodeo” I didnt get it. He replied ” well son you just met Bronco Billy”!!! Needless to say that was my last night. I never returned. And i refuse to use any public bath stalls. And i will never ever attend any damn Rodeos!!!

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