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The Renaissance style mansion was built in 1895 after a fire destroyed the manor house of Cornelius and Alice Vanderbilt, the latter of whom is believed to still haunt the house museum. Staff and visitors to the building have reported sighting her apparition on various levels of the building, and also report the feeling of being watched.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

44 Ochre Point Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island
United States

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41.4698082, -71.2981949
Newport County, Rhode Island
Nearest Towns:
Newport, RI (1.6 mi.)
Newport East, RI (3.2 mi.)
Jamestown, RI (4.0 mi.)
Middletown, RI (5.3 mi.)
Melville, RI (8.1 mi.)
Narragansett Pier, RI (8.6 mi.)
Portsmouth, RI (9.5 mi.)
North Kingstown, RI (10.3 mi.)
Wakefield-Peacedale, RI (10.6 mi.)
Kingston, RI (11.6 mi.)


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  1. I’m not a psychic or anything but I do search for signs of the supernatural. I visited 3 mansions in Newport Rhode Island today an at the Breakers mansion I was walking around taking photos an when I went to the billiards room I got a very heavy feeling in my chest and was light headed like I might faint. I smelled lillies and it was not my perfume nor were there any patrons around in the room with me. I smelled the curtains and the 2 plants in the room and nothing smelled like the floral scent I was smelling. I left the billiards room an the dizzy heavy feeling went away. The kitchen of the breakers and Marble head smelled musty and bathroom scented to me almost sour urine scented. I’ve had a heavy feeling an a deep sadness come over me before while exploring cemeteries an supposedly haunted places before. It was odd not a bad feeling just overwhelming. Idk what it was. I’d love to be extra sensory in psychic ability.

  2. I work at the mansions in Newport, breakers being one of them. While many of my coworkers claim to have felt like there being watched I haven’t felt or seen anything at this house in particular. However, I have had a few experiences that got my heart racing at other mansions in Newport. Last summer I was working at one of the smaller homes, called chepstow. I had heard this one was haunted and had seen things out of the corner of my eye on multiple occasions while working. So, one day I decided to bring my K2 meter. In between tours I would be the only on in the house. I tested the range on the K2 for all electronics in the room and kept it on when I was alone. After almost an hour of nothing the meter spiked to the red LED,(aka 20+ milligals). In the two years I’ve been doing paranormal investigations I had never seen it spike that much. I later learned caretakers often see a woman dressed in white on the second floor window. Still gives me chills to this day.

  3. Yes, I witnessed the Vanderbilt sons Ghost in full color and solid in form. We were leaving the tour and going down the steps to the basement kitchen when he came out of the staircase wall about midway down on the right side. He was wearing knickers with high stockings and saddle shoes. His shirt was white with a rounded collar. He had a houndstooth woolen vest on and a flat MICKY ROONEY hat with the button on top. He proceeded to walk up the stairs and go right through each person before me! No one ever said a word about seeing him. I must of been the only one! I have always wondered to this day if he has been seen by anyone else? We went back a few years later. I saw him in a family portrait in the master bedroom. He looked about 18 to 22 years old.

  4. My daughter was taking pictures of the Christmas lights outside the second floor window. I was to the left of her out of the window reflection. She got this image. We didn’t notice the woman in the back until we got back to the hotel to look at the photos. Nobody was around us at the time the image was taken.

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