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Famous Tombstone graveyard which is the last resting place of those killed in the shootout at the OK Corral.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Boothill Graveyard
    Tombstone, AZ 85638
    United States

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    31.72004946259817, -110.07024206878663
    Cochise County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Tombstone, AZ (0.5 mi.)
    Saint David, AZ (15.3 mi.)
    Huachuca City, AZ (16.8 mi.)
    Sierra Vista, AZ (17.9 mi.)
    Sierra Vista Southeast, AZ (20.3 mi.)
    Bisbee, AZ (20.6 mi.)
    Dragoon, AZ (21.4 mi.)
    Benson, AZ (21.6 mi.)
    Elfrida, AZ (22.7 mi.)
    Whetstone, AZ (22.9 mi.)


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        • Discover Tombstone  |  

          Actually it’s not a phony in any sense of the word.Boothill Graveyard has been continuously visited sine the early 1800’s. There are a small amount of graves that were moved to Boothill from about a block away at one point. Other than that, everyone buried at Boothill is still buried at Boothill.

      • Discover Tombstone  |  

        Actually ALL three of the deaths associated with the OK Corral ARE in fact buried in Boothill. Both McLaury brothers and Billy Clanton are laid to rest there next to Billy’s father “Old Man” Clanton. The Clanton family is currently working on having the remains of Ike Clanton moved there as well.

    1. I visited this cemetery as a you.g child and I must say that there is definitely something not right about that place, I have many pictures in front of different tombstones and everyone of them had 5 to 15 orbs in them . At that time I didn’t know what that mint but looking back at these photos is really creepy

    2. Rudy Escobedo  |  

      Im fascinated with the history of Tombstone Ive gone there by myself 3 times and twice with family. Can never get enough. Ive been to Boothill in Tombstone numerous times always felt strange couldnt put my finger on it. Then one day on my way out of Tombstone I was by myself something attracted me to Boothill. Dont know what it was cause I had been there 4-5 times but this time it was different. So I stopped by. I walked thru the gift shop I started looking around to see what was pulling me in I couldnt figure it out. So I walked out to the cemetary . I started reading those headstone like I always do when I go there. There must of been a total of 10 -14 people I can see around the graveyard. I could hear them conversating laughing didnt make anything of it. Then all of sudden there was a gust of wind starting to blow I could faintly hear Indians howling thru the wind sounded like they were coming towards the grave. It started getting louder. I was like WTF!!! As I looked up to see where that howling was coming from, everybody that was around me was gone. I litterally ran back to the gift shop to see if I can recognize anybody that was out there. To no avail. Not one person was in that shop I recognized. I didnt see any cars leaving. I even asked the cashier at the time if they had seen anybody come back in or heard those howlings they said they didnt see anybody leave or hear anything. I was blown away . I know I saw all them people out there and I know what I heard. Somethings can never be explained even when we look . Ill go back to Tombstone over and over again. Love that place!!!

    3. YES, I haven’t been to TOMBSTONE since childhood, lifelong Tucsonan, but I recall the BOOTHILL CEMETERY, and being told later it wasn’t really anybody’s burial ground, and they moved it later anyway. it is VERY fakey looking like in a film anyway.

    4. My brother and I visited this cemetery a couple of years ago. We stayed at the Tombstone motel and that was much more scary than this cemetery. It is very interesting though as this town has a lot of history about it. There’s nothing really scary about this place as everything seems new and not authentic as I expected it to be. I recommend you come and visit though, it’s worth the time if you’re in the area…..and if you DARE!!!

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