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Built in the late 1950s, the motel site was once the site of a gun shop, a general store, and a Chinese restaurant. The ghosts here are often seen in Rooms 1 through 4. Witnesses have heard old-fashioned music coming from vacant rooms and discovered items missing from their rooms. The apparition of a white-haired man has been seen as well.

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Geographic Information

410 E Fremont St
Tombstone, AZ 85638
United States

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31.713718694537757, -110.06619303386839
Cochise County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Tombstone, AZ (0.1 mi.)
Saint David, AZ (15.8 mi.)
Huachuca City, AZ (16.8 mi.)
Sierra Vista, AZ (17.8 mi.)
Sierra Vista Southeast, AZ (20.0 mi.)
Bisbee, AZ (20.1 mi.)
Dragoon, AZ (21.8 mi.)
Benson, AZ (22.1 mi.)
Elfrida, AZ (22.4 mi.)
Palominas, AZ (23.3 mi.)


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  1. Well where do I start? We arrived at night in Tombstone,as. We went by the courthouse got a photo of apparition stagecoach type as we pulled down street. We checked into the Marian room 3 Doc Holiday room. I was carried across the threshold then off to the Birdcage Theatre for late spirit tour( the experiences there were enough to make anyone go WOW) When we got back to our room my husband laid down to rest I got into the shower. I didn’t feel alone but I did come to a haunted town so I continued showering I grabbed towel for my hair and dried off in the shower. When I opened the curtain I saw wet very wet footprints leading from shower out bathroom door through the hotel room carpet out the hotel door. Um he’s in bed and I go running out door into parking lot before I realized I’m not dressed. The manager there a woman looks at me asks if I’m alright. She sees wet footprints and asks me to please not say anything or post on any sites I agreed( only sent this to you because it’s haunted there) I go back into room and put on time period lingerie to wake up my husband for his midnight snack. As I laid down on his chest something tried pulling him off the bed!!! After third attempt I jumped up to see for myself what was going on. And yes something trying to pull him off the bed he was half way on bed when he woke up and was upset I was gonna let he m fall off bed because I didn’t try and hold him down. So now were both up. He goes and gets coffee and donuts from Circle I and when he leaves I get to table where TV is and my cell phone soaked waters everywhere!! I grab my phone and start cleaning it off and he arrives back and he puts donuts down in same spit t my cell got soaked. Tell him no it’s wet there very wet. He looks at me picks up donuts that are dry and counter is dry!!! Um no way water dried that quickly. We’re they after my cell phone they used at the Birdcage earlier that night? We got several pictures from this trip and we go back to Tombstone,az as much as possible since our first trip there even been bought property there. I thought I’d share our first experience there with you I hope you enjoyed it and go to Tombstone,az it’s very haunted

  2. I worked there a few years ago. I was a housekeeper. I remember being trained on the job and I had a pair of sunglasses and a Monster Energy van and I placed it on the cart that belonged to the lady in charge for training me. She was with me during the time this took place. The owners were out for the day and were not to return until that afternoon. We started on the left hand side of rooms. Not the ones near the Scheflinn Hall. Anyhow, I remember I was thirsty and wanted my drink. I reached to get it. I couldn’t find it. My coworker helped me look for it. She checked in the laundry room, in the office and it was nowhere to be found. We gave up looking for it and went about our business. About an hour later we started on the other side of rooms and when I opened the door- there my drink and glasses were on the desk in a room that neither of us had even been in.

  3. In summer 2015, my wife, 3 daughters and myself went on a roadtrip taking in parts of Arizona, Nevada and LA. We stayed at the Larian in Tombstone for a couple of nights. We were in the ‘Bat Masterson’ room. Now we really like the Larian, it’s in a great location, the people are lovely and the rooms are a nice size and comfortable. We’d recommend it to anyone. But on our first night we had an experience that to this day I struggle to explain. In the early hours I woke up, there was an odd atmosphere in the room, I can only describe it as the corner near the wall dividing our room from the one next door was radiating malice. It felt like there was something standing there hating us. Yet there was no one there. And to be honest that air of menace was so overpowering that all I could do was hide under the covers. After a time the rooms atmosphere returned to normal. I was able to relax and get back to sleep.
    The next morning over breakfast I told my wife about this and she went grey. Apparently one of our daughters, our eldest had told her the exact same story. She had had the same experience at exactly the same time. When we discussed this with our daughters our middle daughter said she too had experienced that. Stranger still we later read about the two ladies who had previously experienced their own encounter in the next door room.
    There is one thing that I want it to have been and that’s ultra low frequency vibration from the fan in the bathroom which was next to that corner of the room, but the thing is that no one had been in the bathroom for hours, the door was open and the light wasn’t on, so it’s unlikely that my version of a logical explanation doesn’t work.

  4. About 8 years ago, I stayed in room 8 while on a motorcycle ride with friends. I was aware that there might be paranormal activity in that room. The clerk told me there had been previous reports, but would not tell me what they were. (She didn’t want me to have preconceived or influenced ideas. She just asked me to report anything unusual.) The first night I was there I went out for the evening to come back to my room with the digital clock alarm sounding off. Thinking it had been previously set by another guest, I attempted to turn it off. The alarm switch was already in the off position. I unplugged it. The next evening I was preparing to go out, but could not find my eyeglasses. I searched high and low, under beds, in bed linens, and pulled all my clothes out of my small duffle bag. Nothing. Went out and came back several hours later. As I was getting ready for bed, I lifted a t-shirt off the top layer of clothing in my duffle bag. There were my glasses, with the temples twisted; one one way the other the opposite way. Took me about an hour to gentle bend them back into place. That freaked me out, and the big burly man I am slept with the light on that night. The next morning we were leaving. I went to the bathroom to wash my face, turned the hot water on, and the antique style “ivory” handle fell off. The retainer tip had been completely screwed off to the very last thread, which caused the handle to fall apart. The handle was perfectly fine when I showered and shaved the night before.

    I told the clerk about my experience, and she shared an event that had happened a few weeks prior with a housekeeper; smell of sulfur, pounding from inside of bathroom door, and bathroom door she had closed and latched being flung open while she was making a bed.

    When I got home from my trip, I uploaded the pictures from the trip, which included pictures inside my room. I have attached photos of orbs that the camera caught. Especially interesting is the wisp coming up off the bed. If you look closely, it appears to be the face of a silver mine era miner with mused up hair and a goatee. There were mysterious cross on the wall, behind the bed head rail, with no obvious cause. (I later saw those same crosses in a paranormal show I was watching. They were in a room of a haunted house)

    I’ve always sort of believed in the paranormal through other’s stories, but this was the first time I had ever experienced anything. There are ghost tour tourist traps all over Tombstone, which I took a couple without experiencing one single event. I don’t think they appear if you are consciously looking; they like to surprise you. The Larian Motel is truly haunted by prankster ghosts that get a kick out of messing with people.

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