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This night club is sometimes called “the most haunted night club in America.” The building was once a slaughterhouse, but it has an even darker link. Alleged Satan worshippers Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling were said to have killed Pearl Bryan in 1897; her headless body was found near the building. They promised to haunt the area after they were hanged for their crime, and it is said they have made good on their promise. Both men are said to haunt the well room, perhaps bringing other demonic friends with them, since some say the well is a doorway to Hell. The club is also said to be haunted by a dance hall girl named Joanna who committed suicide. Ghost Adventures has featured the place on several of their TV shows, and in one episode one of the hosts is shown to be possessed. The caretaker Carl was also been taken over by a spirit.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    44 Licking Pike
    Wilder, Kentucky
    United States

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    39.073354, -84.49284979999999
    Campbell County, Kentucky
    Nearest Towns:
    Southgate, KY (1.1 mi.)
    Covington, KY (1.1 mi.)
    Wilder, KY (1.2 mi.)
    Newport, KY (1.3 mi.)
    Woodlawn, KY (1.6 mi.)
    Kenton Vale, KY (2.1 mi.)
    Park Hills, KY (2.1 mi.)
    Bellevue, KY (2.4 mi.)
    Fort Thomas, KY (2.5 mi.)
    Fort Wright, KY (2.7 mi.)


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    1. I wish we could have spent the night here instead of the Golden Lamb Inn. This place is definitely worth visiting, and you can take a tour to the Satanic Ritual room (+ where pregnant Pearl Bryan’s head was supposedly dumped, the (mob) torture room, Johanna’s dressing room/ basement for only $10. They have longer, (5 hours?) paranormal tours offered but unfortunately we did not have the time for this since traveling cross country, but the number is on the Bobby Mackey website. It was very crowded after the tour upstairs while Bobby Mackey was playing.

      According to the tour guide, Johanna was the daughter of someone in the mob associated with the Latin Quarters during her time (this was during the time after the murder of Pearl Bryan by her Satanist boyfriend/his friend); she fell in love with a man out of wedlock and her father murdered (hung) her love. In retaliation she attempted to poison/murder her father before committing suicide the same day via poisoning herself; unfortunately, her father survived and she did not, hence her “unfinished business”/regret/reason to stay. Lastly, according to the guide, the skull fragments found in the well were actually of Native American origin, which is very interesting….This place has some heavy energy, you should go here if you haven’t and find these things interesting.

    2. I was at this location with a small group of people in October of 2015. While going though the basement portion of the tour, I stepped into a small shop that was used to store equipment and furniture. When I stepped back out to re-join the group, I looked back at the doorway of the room I had just stepped out of, and saw a shadow figure peering around the corner at me. The feeling in the air when I saw this was very heavy, very negative, and not welcoming at all.

    3. I’ve gotten to go here once for a friends bday for drinks. I didnt realize they had tours. I’m going to have to go on 1. All I experienced was a heavy feeling but it was filled with people and music.

    4. My aunt worked here for many, many years and she used to be one of the very few people that would always close, she has never had any paranormal experience here. She thinks that people see and hear things that they want to see and hear, and after being here a a couple dozen times I would have to agree.

    5. I don’t live far from this place and I have been their, fun to go bar is cool great people and yes it’s neat to take a tour to the basement, however never saw or heard anything. Ghost hunters will tell you diff. but anyway a cool place and on America’s top haunted list. Youll love the trip and experience if anything to say you have been here.

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