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This bed-and-breakfast inn was originally built as a 19th-century church. Among the unusual things that happen here: Apparitions have been spotted on the stairs, the piano plays by itself during the night, and disembodied voices and footsteps have also been reported.

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Geographic Information

604 Poplar Street
Bellevue, Kentucky 41073
United States

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39.106174, -84.4790979
Campbell County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Bellevue, KY (0.0 mi.)
Dayton, KY (0.6 mi.)
Woodlawn, KY (1.0 mi.)
Newport, KY (1.4 mi.)
Covington, KY (2.2 mi.)
Southgate, KY (2.4 mi.)
Fort Thomas, KY (2.7 mi.)
Wilder, KY (3.5 mi.)
Norwood, OH (3.6 mi.)
Park Hills, KY (3.7 mi.)

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    • Very! My friend lives across the street and I stayed there. We looked out the window and the windows of this place were opening and slamming by themselves! So we went over there and some lady told us they were closed for the holiday. But it wasn’t close to any holidays. The next day her dad went over there and said that there hadn’t been a women there last night. And it wasn’t closed.

  1. Walking by the stairwell one evening, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a female wearing a golden dress. She ran into the church after I called her. Very spooky

  2. I used to attend the building for years when it was Bellevue Christian Church. In the 90’s I was a member of an acappella singing group and we spent countless hours there rehearsing. One evening when we were on the stage taking a small break, I was sitting in one of the chairs on the stage, facing the stairway near the rear of the church that went to the upper level. Next to that stairway, and parallel to it, is a short hallway that leads to the basement stairs. I was just glancing in that direction when I saw a young lady, maybe 25 yrs old (apparition), who was wearing a yellow dress and a white bonnet. She had come up from the basement, paused and looked at me, then proceeded down the short hallway, and up the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. This all happened in a matter of 4 or 5 seconds. When I read the previous comment on here about someone catching “…a glimpse of what appeared to be a female wearing a golden dress.”, I must admit, I got serious chills. I remember this episode very vividly. The spooky thing is that I also saw here in my home where I lived at the time…on Ward Ave. about 4 houses from the church.

  3. This is mind chilling growing up in Bellevue very close to the church as we’ll as attending bible school there, now that I am a grown women and not afraid to say that I had the same encounters at this church which no one would believe me when I told them,I was told it was just my imagination, but yes the young lady was always dressed the same in a golden dress and white bonnet,, I also encountered her in the house on ward at a sleepover walking in and of the rooms like she was looking for someone.

    • Have worked on Ward Avenue for many years. Have seen many apparitions in this home! One was a lady in a golden dress but she had Wings. She was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I was in awe of her and literally thought if this is what heaven looks like no wonder people who have near death experiences say they don’t want to come back. Everyone else describes her with a bonnet on. That makes me wonder if she is a daughter of General Taylor? I read that Ward Avenue was named after one of his daughters. Ward was her married last name.

  4. I talked to a spirit here named Chris now I don’t know if it was named after him or not or he was just messing around. I had a emf and we talked through that. If he made the meter go up 1 time it was a yes if it went up 2 times it was a no. We talked. He is not a good spirit and he said he’s in hell. He doesn’t like to be bothered I asked him if I was bothering him and the meter went up a billion times. He got the concept good. So a lot of people do come here to try and talk to him. Seems like a very good guy just very lost

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