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Shadows and electrical interference are the two big ticket items to look for when visiting Big Woods cemetery.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Big Woods Cemetery
    Edgerly, LA
    United States

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    30.27100651008055, -93.50727550926206
    Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Vinton, LA (7.1 mi.)
    Sulphur, LA (8.1 mi.)
    Starks, LA (9.7 mi.)
    Carlyss, LA (10.5 mi.)
    DeQuincy, LA (13.2 mi.)
    Deweyville, TX (14.2 mi.)
    Prien, LA (15.2 mi.)
    Westlake, LA (15.4 mi.)
    Oretta, LA (18.1 mi.)
    Orange, TX (18.4 mi.)


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    1. my granddaughter and some of her friends went to this cemetery. They said they saw a man in a tuxedo they ran to the vehicle and it would not start. Really scared….. Whats the deal with this place…

    2. I have been there before, and I am going there again sometime this week 🙂 The most I got was feeling I was being watched and a tugging sensation towards a hidden grave. I am digging for my camera and voice recorder tonight and also going get some disposable cameras tomorrow on our way to starks. I am hoping to stay as long as I can or possable even getting permission to go their at night. I do not think I will be able to get permission but wish me luck!. Feel free to email me if you would like to see the pics I take or to ask questions.

    3. Everytime we go to Big Woods, we walk past the big tree in the front and go to the second set of graves. When we walk back to leave, the big tree is gone and in its place is a small girl crying. Also, down the path between the two sights, the dark one that leads back to the main road, whenever we reach a certain point, everyone else sees a woman in dark robes standing right in front of me, staring into my soul…

    4. I went there tonight with my daughter and 3 guys. Everyone had experiences-we all saw orbs. I felt like I was constantly being watched and kept looking over my shoulder and am still experiencing the overwhelming urge to burst out into tears, upset stomach, I saw what appeared to be flashlights in the passenger sideview mirror but nobody was out there. My daughter tripped and nearly fell into a grave stone, she heard a child’s laughter in her ear and had her jacket tugged off her shoulders at least three times. She also saw the flashlights, and wants to cry and did cry at one point. One of the guys said he felt a bite on the right side of his neck and when we looked and took a picture, there were several red scratches there. While walking in the same area also had his hat flipped up and off his head while his hands were in his pockets-no wind-a completely still night. He has been kind of out of it since leaving…very quiet and withdrawn. Another guy saw shadows, people standing in various places, orbs, glowing graves, took several pics on his cell phone which disappeared after the phone mysteriously powered itself off for no apparent reason, felt a pain in his chest and stomach and started to vomit. He complained about having the chills then said his back felt like it was on fire, we looked and took a photo and he had a large handprint on his back like he had been slapped on his bare skin hard. He also saw the flashlights in the mirror. The last member of our group took a photo by a grave, it came out amazing, no fog or clouds or smoke, but definitely something there. He also ended up with scratches on the right side of his neck and the right side of his abdomen. His jacket was pulled completely off and laid over his arm while climbing a fence. On his way out of the main gate, he felt a tug so hard on his jacket that he stumbled backward and nearly fell. Now he feels completely drained and wiped out and is complaining of a massive headache. When we were all in the truck, I had had it running, foot on the brake and went to put it in reverse and it just turned itself off. After a couple of tries, it finally restarted and we left. We did attempt communication using a flashlight, but unfortunately no responses. Very interesting and fun night. We are all a little freaked out by the experiences. Two of the guys went there tonight expecting absolutely nothing to happen but boy were they surprised!

    5. Me and two friends went here last night and I will never go back! We all seen different things two of us couldn’t see past our headlights into the front gates it was pitch black and blurry one of us seen something right inside the gate I felt like someone was watching me from the right side of the entrance like someone was gonna step out at any time but never did I was afraid to turn my back to leave so one kept watch while we turned around we snapped pics while standing by the car but didn’t see anything at the moment. We left the same way we can’t in headed towards Vinton but some how ended up in dequincy ? None of us are sure how that happened.. We pulled over to collect our thoughts at a store when we tried to leave the car wouldn’t start.. This happened again a lil while later we all had different experiences for several hours after we left from there I was looking at the pics when I got home and there is a pic of a guy in a red coat staring at us right in between the gate entrance.. Very very clearly.. I’m not sure what’s going in there but I will not be returning. I also burst into tears then hysterically laughing then nauseous

      • me my mother and dad and two younger brothers went there last week. I promise myself i will NEVER go back there EVER AGAIN. i seen things i didnt expect and i truly and honestly thought it was a joke,

    6. wonderful widow of odds  |  

      Now why couldn’t at least one of you people upload a photo? Of course you can’t if the photo mysteriously deletes itself but libby we would love to see a photo of the guy standing in the red shirt? It’s pretty simple to do.

      • My mother’s side of my family is buried in this cemetery. When i was younger my mom told me stories about how she would go to visit her relatives, prior to her parents passing, and her vehicle would break down everytime she drove into the gate. She would have to park outside the gate and walk alll the way thru to go visit family. Weird enough, when her father passed away and was buried out there that all stopped. She no longer had the same issues with her car breaking down she could drive thru no problem. The second part of the cemetery is full of American flags giving me the impression its mostly soldiers (?). I was sitting on a bench on that side and it was getting dark out and i could see a flag flying like it was windy out but the air was still… just that one flag… i had gone in another time with a group of people who had all kinds of equipment. They claimed to be ghost hunting of some sort but as we walked around and listened you could hear strange random people talking. Only thing that was clear as day was a loud mans voice getting close to the speaker and saying “leave”. Its a neat experience if you are into things like this! You will definitely feel something within the gates and keep an eye and ear out because your definitely being watched.

    7. Grew up in nearby Vinton and made several trips to BWC over the last 40 plus yrs.Both at night and during the day. Attended several funerals there too. I have been with friends and also alone. I have not spent the night there as some folks claim to have done,but I did go alone at night a few times thinking I would be more likely to see something.( once during the supposed “witching hour.”) Obviously I have a malfunctioning spirit radar.Even though I would love to see something paranormal,I have never experienced one damn thing. I have,however, on about six occasions throughout the years experienced something strange,but not in the cemetery. If you will go very late at night or in the wee hours of early morning( best during the late Fall season) and sit with your lights off at the entrance and look south towards Edgerly,sometimes you can see what you are certain is car lights.Very bright. But they will disappear after a while. Once they even lifted above the ground to tree top level and slowly floated towards the west and faded away. I’m sure its a natural event like phosphorous gas or something,but cool to see none the less. Although I do not discount some peoples beliefs or experiences at BWC, I am always amused at some of the stories that are told. The “gate keeper”, the black ghost truck,laughing children,the woman in black,ect,ect.The list is long. Too bad some a-holes had to ruin it for every body else when they burned down the old historic Antioch Baptist Church. That’s why the Parish put up a gate some yrs back. If you go to the old site and scratch around( maybe use a metal detector) you can still find some antique square nails. Oh well… happy ghost hunting every body and be safe out there.

    8. Took us about an hour or so to finally find this dead end street. Right before we turned down the street, in the distance we could see what appeared to be headlights. On the street of the cemetery, immediately felt a strange discomfort like we weren’t alone. Then a big giant cock smashed our window and there was no way to turn around. And it wasn’t just any cock… It was a ghost cock of African American descent. In shock, we started to tickle this cock until we could assemble a plan to escape this horror show. And yeah you can guess yourself what happened next.

    9. One night my sister and some friends went to big woods. They had heard about the legend and all and they thought it would be cool if they went and checked it out. That night They started driving down the road and came to the gate. It was open so they went in. They were driving and looking around and got an eerie feeling that they were being watched. My sister’s friend named Richard was driving and all of a sudden he looked and said “do you see those head lights?” There were head lights coming at them. My sisters other friend was getting scared and said they needed to leave, so they started laughing and turned around and told her it was nothing. They turned down another road and started driving when all of the sudden the truck drove be kind them flashing his headlights. Richard drive faster because it was so close it was about to hit them. But whenever they sped up the truck sped up. They were going 130 mph and the truck wouldn’t stop chasing them! They finally got to the gate and sped out of there screaming. They stopped on the highway and my sister turned around. There was not truck anymore and nothing but darkness and a closed gate. My sister still doesn’t know how it was closed nor how the truck disappeared. The only thing she knew was that the place has something evil and scary and that no one should go there again.

      • No one can go 130 mph in this cemetery. It’s old gravel roads and not enough straight away to get up to that speed anyway! I call BS! I go there often in the evenings, right before close. Never felt anything but peace and light. Love this old place.

    10. First several times I went, nothing happened. The last 5 times I went strange things happened. Dead birds popping up that weren’t there before, people not acting like themselves until we get back to their house (not possessed and crazy, just not like normal), people running off in the bushes to try and scare you as a joke then coming back saying “let’s go NOW!” with no explanation, seeing headlights suddenly appear and disappear when your on the road or near it but there’s never a car that passes you when you turn. Enough to creep you out but not enough to keep you from going if you’re into that sort of thing like I was. The last night I was there was the most terrorfing night of my life. I’ll never go back.

      Word of advice: Be careful and be respectful. Not everyone has these experiences. Not everyone will. This will sound nuts but they and he picks and chooses who and when. So it’s never a guarantee that if you go you WILL see something. This sounds like complete B.S but I couldn’t be more serious. You might have to go with one other person instead of a crowd. You may have to go several times like me. Maybe on a Wednesday night. Never know. Just know it’s all real.

    11. Had a scary experience at Big Woods Cemetery a couple years back. Went there to check the place out and the story. As it was getting darkish the gate keeper came by, an old man wearing a over-alls driving a white pickup. he rolled down his window and told us we had to leave becuase he was closing the gate. We told him our intentions to stay and take pictures after dark, and offered to close the gate when we left out of comman curtesy for letting us stay. The old man got out his truck and made sure to make his 9mm very visible. he advised us to leave and informed us ghost hunting wasnt going to be tolerated, and went on to say stuff about family and friends being buried out there, about being dis respectful, ghost hunting leading to vandalizium, blah blah blah. Easy to say we left. Went back later that night parking at the front gate and continued our investigation. Out of 4 cameras not a single picture showing anything. The only scary thing was the crazy old man with the gun. So not woth having a gun pointed out me!

      • drama much?? Sounds like he didn’t point it at you, just made you aware. You have no idea the crap that has gone on out there. You were being disrespecful. Why is he crazy, just because he wouldn’t take your word for it that you weren’t going to vandalize anything? Give me a break!

    12. rebekah hahling  |  

      Me and a large group of friends went around 1 this morning. Me and 3 other people decided I go past the gated path to see the witches house that was burnt down. On our way down there, we heard a lot dog barking. No it was not the howler frogs it was a dog’s bark. Then as we walked further…we saw a girl crouched and heard her crying. I tried to capture what we saw. We all saw it and heard it. Which I’m posting it…but also as we go further down we saw 6 figures and then they scattered into the trees and every time we looked back they lined up the path. I’m going back. I have to…

      • I’ve seen a a couple of post on here talking about the “witches house”that burned down. Note to all.There is no,nor has there ever been a “witches house” in or near the cemetery. What you are referring to is the old historic Antioch Primitive Baptist Church that once stood at the south end of Bigwoods Cemetery. Separate from Antioch Cemetery. Selfish vandals burned it down many years ago.That old church was founded in approximately 1827 and was also one of the first (if not the first) protestant churches built in south west La. It was originally made of logs,but was later covered with wooden slats made from cypress trees. As young teens in the early 1970’s we played in the cemetery at night just like the young people of today. It’s a great local tradition. Too bad the vandals ruined it for the young folks today. Although a ‘witches house’ sounds much better than some old church, I’m afraid its just not true. Sorry to burst any bubbles.

    13. My boyfriend & I went there tonight & we went down the road that leads to the other cemetery which connects to the witches house. Our friend was behind us in his car but didn’t go down the road, so we stopped to call & ask him why he stopped. He said going down there was bad luck. Well we were backing out of the road, & I have a back up camera in my car. My boyfriend & I both were watching the camera & next thing you know you hear this big thud like we backed into a brick wall. So we took off out of the cemetery. We stopped at the fire station down the road & checked the back to see if there was a dent or scratch. There was nothing. No debt, scratch, nothing. So mind blown.

    14. Crystal Barnes  |  

      Ever wonder why people get attacked?? It’s b/c that’s their final resting place & just want to be left alone & not harassed all the time by thrill seekers. My husbands grandparents are buried there so we visit all the time w/o anything abnormal happening. It’s a graveyard/cemetery not a playground & needs to be respected as such. If you go w/ good intentions you won’t get attacked but you mess w/ them & it’s your own fault!

    15. Big Woods is a beautiful and peaceful place. Stick to haunted houses and stay respectful of a family gravesite that isn’t a playground! You probably wouldn’t want people giggling and messing around your loved ones graves, and we certainly don’t want you messing around ours. No one has any business out there at night taking pictures or doing anything else. Grow up.

    16. I went here about 8 months after hurricane Rita with friends. I got evps during day and night. Caught photo of a man appearing to be kneeling by a grave. You could see fence through him. Sadly I do not have that pic anymore. Old pc crashed. Was on it.
      It was the older part if the cemetary we were at. Over that little bridge into the enclosed cemetary. Creepy it was

    17. Jamie Hammontree  |  

      I have a picture from here of a woman. She is slightly transparent and is DEFINITELY a ghostly apparition. Blew my mind when I saw it. The image is blurry, but once you enlarge it, you can clearly see a tiny woman. The headstone is not very tall at all. It’s jaw dropping, makes your spine tingle, and astonishing. I never thought I personally would see something later me this.

      • Shailyn Henderson  |  

        That would be the ghost of a little girl that is always right there. She stays close to the area this was taken and every now and then you can hear her say momma and if you have a woman with you sometime the little girl will run up and hug them. Me and my friends want to try to go back and talk to her when we go ghost hunting there.

    18. Shailyn Henderson  |  

      I have been born and raised in this area and i can for sure say its haunted. I used to go there a lot as a kid. one day my mom took me, my brother and friend out there and all three of us kids saw a man with half a face missing by the area to get to the other part. We freaked out and told my mom to get out of there and the truck we were in felt like someone was pushing us and we almost hit a tree. I have had a lot of experiences, but the worst was like just this year. I’m part of a ghost hunting group and we came here to go ghost hunting and as we were leaving, we jokingly kept going around the circle even though a voice came through on the spirit box and told us to leave. As we went around the 6th time. My best friend was hanging out the window to video and clear as day you can see someone or something crawling after our truck. She turned white as a ghost and started to cry and said get the fuck out now. and as we were leaving my spirit box said you will die and then we felt someone hit the back of our truck and then I felt something scratch my back. It was so scary, but I want to go back because all my footage was lost when we got home to edit it. Also, there is a story of three witches buried out there somewhere who burned in a church fire with a bunch of kids because the preacher said it was best to just burn the church down.

    19. A few years back… 7 or so, me and my boyfriend were out there around dusk just looking at the old Graves. We seen an old looking black truck pull in and circle around and then it stopped and the engine shut off. We kept looking at Graves and paid it no mind. After about 5 minutes the trucks engine started, drove about 20 foot more then killed its engine again. We could not see anyone in the truck. After another minute or so we got in my suv. We drove into the old church part of the cemetery. We circled around and came back into the main part of the cemetery. The truck was GONE. We really didn’t think nothing of it. We started to circle around towards the exit and then we noticed the black truck pulling out from the church side where we had just been. WE DID NOT SEE THEM COME IN THERE! THERE IS NO WAY THEY GOT PAST US. IT WAS LIKE THEY TELEPORTED BEHIND US! We got the hell out of dodge! That was my Big Woods story.

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