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Reports say the Bentley Hotel was set to reopen in 2013. It was rumored to be haunted by several ghosts: a young girl who fell to her death down an elevator shaft, a man who fell over the grand staircase railing in 1985, some ghosts who peered over the mezzanine railings above the center of the grand staircase, and the ghost of hotel builder and lumber magnate Joseph Bentley, who died in his suite of rooms on the third floor.

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801 3rd St.
Alexandria, LA
United States

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31.312343337908658, -92.44541823863983
Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Alexandria, LA (0.1 mi.)
Pineville, LA (1.0 mi.)
Ball, LA (7.4 mi.)
Prospect, LA (9.9 mi.)
Creola, LA (11.7 mi.)
Woodworth, LA (11.9 mi.)
Rock Hill, LA (11.9 mi.)
Boyce, LA (14.3 mi.)
Center Point, LA (14.6 mi.)
Pollock, LA (14.9 mi.)

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  1. I took my dad to bankruptcy court in July 2013 I couldn’t go in with him so I stayed in the car I looked over at the hotel and seen a guy on the 3 floor in a gray suite at the window I looked back and know one was here when my dad came out I asked him about the hotel he said he hreated it was there was ghost in there I told him I just seen a guy in a suit at the window…

  2. My cousin stayed there a couple of night,said he saw an old black man who was always walking the same hallway. He approached the black man and asked him if he knew of a good place to eat. The black man, told him, ” I will gladly tell you but it’s gonna cost you tree fiddy.” My cousin then told him,”how about two fiddy?” The black man then said,”It has to be tree fiddy.” So my cousin paid him tree fiddy and the black man then told him to go to a restaurant named “Slappy’s.” He said it was located down the street. My cousin then went to the front desk and asked them the location to “Slappy’s.” They told him that Slappy’s was no longer there, it burnt down years ago. My cousin then told them that he spoke to an old black man who was wandering the hallway and he recommended it. They told him that the man he talked to and described was “Slappy.” Slappy apparently stayed at the hotel after his restaurant burned down because he lived in the back of the restaurant. Slappy had a heart attack two days later due to he was so depressed. He now roams the hallways of the hotel, asking people for tree fiddy ($3.50). He has been seen by numerous guests and employees,but vanishes soon after.

  3. I stayed at the Bentley Hotel in the late 90s. I was in a corner Junior Suite, not sure which floor. I left my socks on the floor each night. Each morning my socks were stretched out and layed on the arm of the love seat in the room. After the first night is was odd but I didn’t give it much thought. The second night it happened again and I knew I had left my socks on the floor. The third night I got up around 3am to got to the bathroom and the socks were on the floor. At 6 am I got up to check out, socks on the love seat. I asked at the front desk and the lady said she had heard about the ‘issue’ in that room. I’d go back as the hotel was full of history and I slept great.

  4. I worked at the hotel in the late 1990’s. We all knew that it was inhabited with spirits. The owner he liked to visit the dinning room . I would straighten all the photos in the hallway going to the restrooms and each time they would put back crooked. I use joke with him about it. That he just liked to play jokes. We would always have guest call the front desk about someone coming into their room or someone walking the hallways. I cannot remember which rooms.
    We would just smile when the customers would tell us of things because we all knew. It was a wonderful place to work because there was so much history there. You could sometimes feel a S see people of the past.

  5. I stayed in the bridal suite upstairs. Upon entering the room I lied my cellphone on the table. It flew across the table onto the floor. Then it kept turning the jacuzzi on and off. I could feel that place is so haunted!

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