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Reportedly haunted by former patients who died there, it is reported to be extremely active. Almost three thousand patients of this former hospital for the mentally ill are buried on its grounds. Numerous claims of ghost activity.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    242 W Shamrock Ave
    Pineville, LA 71360
    United States

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    31.3230022, -92.43534160000002
    Rapides Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Pineville, LA (0.1 mi.)
    Alexandria, LA (1.0 mi.)
    Ball, LA (6.5 mi.)
    Prospect, LA (9.3 mi.)
    Creola, LA (11.2 mi.)
    Rock Hill, LA (11.7 mi.)
    Woodworth, LA (12.7 mi.)
    Pollock, LA (14.1 mi.)
    Center Point, LA (14.3 mi.)
    Boyce, LA (14.6 mi.)


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    1. I recently stayed on these grounds. i was in gateway adolescent treatment center. One night when i was sleeping i looked up and see a black man with a navy blue jacket and khaki pants standing by the door. He didn’t talk, he didn’t move. I told the nurse about it and she said that it was crazy that i seen that because back in the day when the men would die they would bury them in a navy blue jacket and khaki pants.

      • Patience young Jedi  |  

        I probably speak for most by saying you seem very quick to jump to your conclusion. Maybe they wait for the unexpected and less eager ones.

      • Some of the facilities on the campus are still open. There are a few buildings on the campus that are closed and in utter disrepair and they do give it somewhat of a creepy vibe. As for it actually being haunted, I couldn’t say. My son was there recently at the Gateway Adolescent Treatment Center facility and didn’t experience any paranormal activity.

    2. A lot of residual hauntings. Certain areas & buildings are more active than others, also depending on the time of day or night. A few of the houses that doctors and staff lived in have both residual and intelligent activity. Orbs have been seen- (no, not dust on the lens, or bugs, or reflections, but actual balls of light.) Shadow figures & full apparitions. In the past, some staff members refused to work on certain dorms because of being frightened of what they heard or saw, or felt. The hospital is now gated and 24 hr security, due to it’s rich history of theft, vandalism and other criminal activities.

    3. there are buildings that I believe to be haunted. I worked there in the early 80s. The mourge in particular. The barn I have been told but not from personal experience. The building that had been the mourge is a grey building I think 3 stories high.and bat the time i was there was down the road from where music therapy was.

    4. I worked in the adolescent department as an RN on evening shift for several years 18 years ago . Recently, I looked up my old workplace and found your site. Not surprised its listed as haunted as i had many experiences. The doors and walls made of wood have many demonic and strange impressions. I thought i was imagining it but other coworkers verified the same images. The adolescence girls and boys unit was high on a hill, not easy to walk to. All of the windows had a metal type grating on the outside. Frequently, the patients would hear someone pounding on them loudly but noone was found outside. I also experienced this while working in my office. There has also been sightings of a woman in white floating down the walkways near the old electroconvolsive therapy room. One night our main refrigerator was out and i was asked to get the snacks from the back up fridge at a vacant part of the building. You needed a key to enter and leave. It was a short hallway leading to 2 large empty rooms on both right and left sides, and in front a dead end. It had tiled floors and multiple metal chairs. The minute i walked in i felt like i was being watched. No problem (i told myself) and brushed it off as i got the snacks. As i walked out of the room an eruption of metal chairs scraping the floors came from both rooms! Needless to say I couldn’t get my key in the door fast enough!

    5. I was on the adolescent unit when I was 14 for 1 year. I’m 41 now, I was pregnet at the time an every night I was visited by a lady in a long white gown from a different time than we were in. I could tell by the style of her gown, she would sit on my bed an rock as if she were holding a baby. I’d tell my Dr. about her but he would just always up my meds. so I stopped telling him about it. After I had my little boy he went home with my family an I went back to the hospital an the lady in white would visit me just as before but at that time she would cry an cry! I think she lost her child as well.

      • The lady in a white gown caught my attention because when this place first opened for many years they dressed deceased women in white lace dresses for burial. I worked there a few years ago and during orientation they took us in the museum on the grounds called the white cottage on tour. It has some of the gowns on display and a lot of belongings and artwork done by mentally ill patients from long ago. Now that building is really creepy. Some people could not breath in there and had to leave out.

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