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Barnard Park was once a cemetery, and it is rumored that when the city moved the bodies and turned it into a park, some of the bodies were missed. Several apparitions are said to roam here late at night, most notably a woman who was following the Mormon Trail and lost her daughter, who died at a camp on the site. The woman’s apparition appears crying over her lost daughter.

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Geographic Information

E Military Ave and N Irving Ave
Fremont, NE
United States

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41.4350323, -96.49014749999998
Dodge County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Fremont, NE (0.4 mi.)
Inglewood, NE (1.4 mi.)
Cedar Bluffs, NE (6.8 mi.)
Nickerson, NE (6.9 mi.)
Ames, NE (7.1 mi.)
Arlington, NE (7.3 mi.)
Fontanelle, NE (7.8 mi.)
Leshara, NE (7.9 mi.)
Colon, NE (11.2 mi.)
Valley, NE (11.3 mi.)


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  1. I actually used to live in Fremont Nebraska. and when I used to live in Fremont I only lived about 6 blocks away from there and I would go to that park all the time around 2-3 o clock in the morning.

  2. June 15, 2015 my friend & I were walking home from a movie & we decided to take a break & sit down in the gazebo; & of course being us we took a picture. As soon as we did we began to here footsteps & other noises coming from nearby things & startled us a lot so as we began to walk out she turned around & asked me if I saw it too.. I looked back then looked at her & was like that man.?! & she just nodded. So of course I turned on my camera & we began to walk faster then run she kept looking back so I finally did; we saw this figure of a man following us. & the weird part about it was we couldn’t see his face but there was nothing covering it but it was dark out but, we also had the flashlight & street lights.. Finally we stop running & we see these 3 kids that look about our age but I remembered seeing them earlier walking the opposite way. Now we were getting creeped out a lot so I called my sister & we walked to Bergan & stood there waiting for her & then from a distance we see lights flashing from a cop car not far from where I live.. But where we were at as we got closer to the lights I realized we were far away.

  3. Last night me and my friends. Being us we had to just go look and chexk out the rumors so we did. Around 4 oclock we went there and took a look around we saw nothing strange until we looked over at the swing and we saw it swinnging but there was nobody there i dont know of it was the wind or what happened but we juat all got really scared and ran away.

  4. Back in the 60’s a group of my friends rode a bike there to Ridge Cemetery. We heard and seen things and we scream and ride our bikes so fast. I left town in the beginning of the 70’s and have thought about and talked about.

  5. Kayla Yanke-Wagner  |  

    my fiance a friend of his and myself went there because my fiances friend was a skeptic but was willing to be proved wrong. they were from out if town so i suggested bernard. spooky but nothing too bad. we got there around 2:30 am and walked around doing sporadic recording in different spots of the park for about an hour and a half…i have multiple evps but my favorites are 1 a young child saying something along the lines of help im lost 2 a womans voice in the womens bathroom yelling to get out(my fiance set the recording inside) 3 a mans voice saying something sounding confused(i set the recorder within) and finally 4 a young child saying wee like they were enjoying the park…i still have these evps and they still blow my mind

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