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There are apparently numerous reports of paranormal activity amongst the residents of this apartment complex. Some hear disembodied footsteps climbing stairways. Others swear that power outages and elevator malfunctions have otherwordly causes. Despite it all, we’re told by at least one resident, it’s still a great place to live!

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

1101 Bear Creek Pkwy
Keller, TX
United States

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32.931177, -97.22617579999996
Tarrant County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Keller, TX (1.5 mi.)
Westlake, TX (4.5 mi.)
Roanoke, TX (5.0 mi.)
Trophy Club, TX (5.2 mi.)
Watauga, TX (5.3 mi.)
Southlake, TX (5.4 mi.)
Colleyville, TX (5.4 mi.)
Marshall Creek, TX (6.0 mi.)
North Richland Hills, TX (6.7 mi.)
Haslet, TX (7.7 mi.)


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  1. I go cycling by this place at night sometimes. Was riding by the apartments one night and had just crossed under the bride headed towards the lake. Immediately upon exiting the tunnel, I came across a strange individual standing just off in the shadows to my right. He was dressed in what appeared to be old fashioned “Keappa” tennis shoes and a red “Izod” shirt (very 80’s). He noticed me looking at him and smiling, stepped back into the dark. There was an off feeling about him. I passed by, and when I turned to take another look he was no longer there. This was at roughly 12:30. I was out for a later than usual bike ride.

    This was also the night that I happened to ride through Bear Creek park, much further up the trail, and came across what appeared to be a small group of adults soundlessly playing on the swings in the moonlight. It was almost 1:00. They paid me no mind and appeared to be enjoying themselves. I simply shifted into a higher gear and booked it home. Very weird night indeed.

    • This kind of stuff happens. Be careful during the night. Especially around building #3. You have no clue what happens here during the night

    • me and an old friend have seen “the jogger” also. not too far from that area. friend and I were in the same car and both saw him. did a u turn and went back he was totally gone. we searched all around the area for blocks and he was no where. i grew up in the area. story goes late night jogger never made it home after his run. some say he was murdered, others say he was hit by a car “cop car-” and they took the body and buried it in what used to be a marshy pasture- now the art house buildings. majority of the so called ghost tales in keller are bs. i have lived here since the town had only 2 stop lights and no fast food joints. 2 lane road in all directions. ive been in every old home and building in town. many of them torn down and built into other things like stores and gas stations. stories come and go. but, the jogger… he is real.

      • Do you remember what the jogger was wearing? Just curious. Did he look dated? (Headband, long white socks, Converse All Star shoes, etc..)

  2. Working here I can defiantly state it is haunted. Was sitting typing at my desk and the lights over my desk have turned on when switch is off. Doors Slam sometimes when they are not open. And this morning the standing fan beside my desk just turned on while I was on the phone.

  3. I’m sitting in the Keller Art House outside patio using WiFi at around 3 30 AM. And I see the elevator inside opening and closing by itself. I didn’t think anything of it at first but then I remembered my sister telling me that they say the Art house is haunted. I was like holy shit . There is definitely paranormal shit going on here. I am posting this as I just saw it. Date is Friday May 12 2017

  4. I keep hearing more and more about this place, from apparitions to phantom voices of children, things moving on their own, etc. Maybe they should call this place the Amityhouse Apartments. Zack Bagens! (Ghost Adventures) We got a new place for you to investigate!

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