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Artisan Center Theatre, formerly the Belaire Theatre, is rumored to be home to a former projectionist who had a heart attack and died while on the job. Witnesses say there are also a ghost girl, with whom folks have interacted, and the spirit of a man named Neil, who’s not very nice. Witnesses hear strange sounds and voices, and water and lights come on by themselves.

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418 E. Pipeline Rd
Hurst, TX
United States

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32.822136652565156, -97.16184992460632
Tarrant County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Hurst, TX (0.5 mi.)
Bedford, TX (1.9 mi.)
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North Richland Hills, TX (4.0 mi.)
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Haltom City, TX (6.4 mi.)
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Pantego, TX (7.5 mi.)

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  1. Back in the 1980’s, I worked at Bellaire Theatre. I was advised when I started to not go into the projection room alone. Well, curiosity got me. I only did it once. Late at night after all of the customers had left and we were cleaning up, I saw a little girl in the ladies room. I asked her where her parents were. She giggled and went out the door. I asked my coworkers if they’d seen her and when I described her, was told that was a ghost. She looked pretty darn real to me.

  2. I worked for Artisan Center Theater for three years a few years ago, and had several experiences. Once, while I was alone in the theater, a human-sized black shadow raced past me down a hallway. I wondered if it might have been a shadow from a passing car outside, but the windows were covered by black velvet. Also, another day while I was alone and walking across the stage, a bald man wearing brown overalls jumped out from behind some scenery and grinned at me. l froze, knowing no person was there. He looked full of mischief, and then he just faded into nothing! My heart was pounding. (I told a young actor in the theater, who admitted that he had once also seen the same bald man). My third experience happened when I was preparing light cues for an upcoming production. I was on the stage calling cues while another employee was in the light booth. She became frustrated because the light board was acting up and she couldn’t understand what was happening to it. We all knew the ghost was called “Neil,” and my son had nicknamed him “Neil the Nerd,” so I jokingly called out, “Alright, Neil the Nerd, we’ll be done in a minute and you can play with the technology.” At that, all the lights blacked out except for the ones aimed directly on me, which began flashing off and on! My co-worker in the light booth swore she wasn’t touching anything, and she was really scared! I never felt afraid while working there, and disagree about the Neil spirit not being nice. I think he is just a harmless prankster.

  3. I worked here in the mid ninetys… I never experienced anything weird. Us employees wpuld even turn out the lights at the end of the night and have a friendly game if hide ans seek.

  4. I worked here in the 90’s as well and never had any paranormal activity. We would even stay late after closing hours, all hang out and play hide and seek behind the theater curtains and what not….definitely wasn’t spooky to me.

  5. Some paranormal activity won’t arise until something happens to the property. I.E. moving objects, construction, etc. perhaps many of you did not experience them in the 80s/90s due to this. The few who have experienced them in this time frame perhaps there was something that occurred to cause the spirits to appear.

    • I was just there yesterday, l am possibly doing roofing work on the building. I was in the projector booth which is covered outside in black material. It’s kinda creepy, it’s full of stacks of hats and maniquins. Low level light too, just enough to see. There is a narrow hallway connected to it that’s painted black with framed artwork, its dark and kinda damp, maybe from old roof above. The theater in the original area is full of props and lumber on the left, very organized, and random junk and a sitting area with chairs for possibly a acting class….if I get roofing job I will further snoop or investigate. I literally walked past a dance class and no one questioned me or my sales guy for being in the building…..

  6. I worked at this theatre in the late 80’s. I consider myself a sane well adjusted adult. I did not believe in anything paranormal at all. Until I worked here. My job was as a projectionist. I was in those booths everyday. The name of the projectionist who died was named Frank. There would be unexplained things all the time. The cigarette cans would be knocked over when we opened the next morning. Goofy stuff like that. The theatre was split into for screens. The original part was connected to the front screens by a long narrow hallway. It was straight out of a horror flick. The front projection booth had a stairwell in the right theatre. Late after closing one night the three employees there, myself included heard someone running full speed between the booths in the narrow hallway between them. Back and forth they ran. I went running to the front booth, Tony one of the other employees went up the back stairwell. We met in the middle. Nobody was there. We tore the theatre apart looking. We called the police thinking someone was in the theatre somewhere. It was searched by no less than 10 people. Nobody was in that theatre. That was it. I was genuinely frightened of that place from that day going forward. I resigned the next day and have never been back.

  7. Stacy R Korinek  |  

    So… I worked here in 1995. Was my first job. I disliked cleaning a theater alone. Always felt like someone was watching me. Just a super creepy vibe.

  8. I used to go to this theatre as an 11 year old. I guess it was fairly new back then and tickets only cost $.25. I am really surprised it is still there. This was back in 1966-1968,

  9. I did several shows there in 2016-2017 and while I never saw anything concrete, there were a whole lot of weird sounds and just general negative energy. I used to come get ready for my shows really early and get school work done backstage and it was always completely dark when I was in the theater/backstage. I would always hear what sounded like people running and making loud noises on the ceiling, but there was nothing there. I would also hear things from the opposite side of the stage that I was on, even if no one was there. It’s a common joke in the theatre to reference “Neil” the mischievous ghost, but I do genuinely believe that there’s something there. It’s creepy.

  10. Adding on to my previous comment: the rehearsal space (where Belaire Theater originally was) is the creepiest place to be. The old projector room especially, which now houses props and costumes, has always made people feel uneasy. There’s a long, dark, narrow hallway with lots of pictures on the wall and it’s where most people get freaked out.

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