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This antiques store has been featured on the TV show “My Ghost Story”. It is said that it was originally the first jail in St Augustine, while the other was being built. Children spirits are there, as well as others. You can hear footsteps above you in the vacant area above the store.

Source: Gwen F.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    7 Aviles St
    St Augustine, FL 32084
    United States

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    29.8916875, -81.31146560000002
    St. Johns County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Saint Augustine, FL (0.3 mi.)
    Villano Beach, FL (3.3 mi.)
    Saint Augustine South, FL (3.4 mi.)
    Saint Augustine Beach, FL (4.0 mi.)
    Saint Augustine Shores, FL (5.6 mi.)
    Butler Beach, FL (7.0 mi.)
    Crescent Beach, FL (9.2 mi.)
    Marineland, FL (16.5 mi.)
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    Palm Valley, FL (20.3 mi.)

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    1. We have investigated here several times, day and over night. Captured many crystal clear evp’s, poltergeist activity, been touched, etc. If your in St. Augustine stop by the store, the owners are very nice people and willing to talk openly about the activity they experience daily. – we will be posting pics / vids from here shortly

    2. I feel them, sometimes I see them. . When I was in there I felt them. I feel like they’re not only connected to the place, but also an item or items in the shop.

    3. Yes, this location is haunted. One of the most amazing stories was My self and two friends were filming in the garage sometime in the fall of 2016 , when we heard the sound of something slide across the linoleum floor above us and hit the kitchen cabinet (apartment upstairs) , strangely enough after reviewing the footage the next day, I got a phone call from one of my friends stating “you have to see this..” During the video, you can hear the noise above us, myself and friend #2 were across the garage filming friend #1…. my friend # 1 (sitting on the concrete step next to the stair case) reacts and points to the ceiling as if to motion thats where he heard it from. Right after the noise, you can see a ball of light hop off the first step of the stairs, and a large mist come floating very fast down the stairs and out the wall in the direction of the ball of light. After seeing this, and being there in person, this was one of the events which sealed my belief in the paranormal.

    4. The PeaceKeepers  |  

      St, Augustine is my home away from home and this location is like my families place. I have known the owners for many years and every time that my husband and I or myself and team go something always happens. I have videos of what we call the “stick man” basically climbing all over me in the back corner of the room. I have 100’s of EVPs many that are Class A ( meaning clear and in direct response to questions asked) and so many personal experiences it is unreal. If you ever travel to St. Augustine take a walk down Aviles Street and stop in at Antiques Uniques & Collectibles. You just might get a tug on your shirt, a whisper in your ear, or it is possible a photo in your souvenir shot contains an extra face that just wanted to take part:)

    5. yes been there many times know the owners personally have no doubt this place is haunted especially the garage and apartment upstairs have seen shadow figures in there last time was there was able to communicate with the children in a small hall they have I was there about 30 minutes that was the best and longest investigation I have ever done

    6. I went on the Dead Walk last night And while in the basement of the store the sound of footsteps started walking toward me and my older sister and a knocking sound above us. Our tour Guide checked no one else was in there… and her backpack was shoved off a counter at her!! That was the scariest yet most exciting moment of my life, and i recommend this for any age of 12 and up. I’m 13 it was quite a frightening moment for me and the adults but scariest for younger children, such as my 12 year old sister who that night slept with the light on because she was so paranoid. I would definitely do this again, and I would like to buy myself an Electromagnetic Frequency Meter to do some exploring on my own.

    7. McKenzie Savage  |  

      I was there on the Dead Walk tour this past Thursday. First, I started feeling really sad. Then when I explained what I was feeling before knowing the backstory of where I was, our tour guide said that I was feeling Ted. Ted was a openly gay man that locked himself away in one of the rooms upstairs because he wasn’t able to be himself back then. After, I went back to the hallway where the children sprits are. All of a sudden I felt a little finger poke my back and then the area where I got poked got really cold. I freaked out because I’ve never experienced something like that before so I left. I felt bad after because they were just little kids trying to communicate so I decided to go back in. When I walked in, I was doing a voice memo to see if I could catch any voices. Our tour guide told us that the children don’t really like recordings so I was on my way to leave and something tugged on my sweatshirt. I highly recommend to go here especially for one of the haunted tours.

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