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The Kenwood Inn, in the oldest part of downtown, is said to be haunted by several ghosts, the most well known going by the name of Raymond. The most active guest rooms are 7, 9 and 10. Ghost tours of the area often stop at this historic inn.

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38 Marine St
St Augustine, FL 32084
United States

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29.890162, -81.31066699999997
St. Johns County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Saint Augustine, FL (0.4 mi.)
Saint Augustine South, FL (3.3 mi.)
Villano Beach, FL (3.4 mi.)
Saint Augustine Beach, FL (3.9 mi.)
Saint Augustine Shores, FL (5.5 mi.)
Butler Beach, FL (6.9 mi.)
Crescent Beach, FL (9.1 mi.)
Marineland, FL (16.4 mi.)
Hastings, FL (16.8 mi.)
Palm Valley, FL (20.4 mi.)

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  1. My mother and I have stayed at the Kenwood inn several times over the past few years. The first time we were there, the owner Pat was giving us a tour and showing us rooms just renovated on the second floor. My mother, also named Pat; did not believe in ghosts. It was around noon and we were in one of the rooms by a rocking chair. She abruptly said we had to get out of there something was touching her. The hair on my arms was standing up. Mom said she felt two hands on either side of her face, and someone whispered “wait”. Pat (the owner) said we were in one of the “active” rooms on the property. We think “the ghost” was sitting in the rocking chair and thought Mom was going to sit on her. (Mom felt it was a female entity, friendly) I took pictures in the rooms as well, and of course blue “orbs” were present in many of the photos. We always choose to stay in a ground floor room as we don’t want any ghost encounters. Pat said the active rooms are all on the second floor.

  2. I enjoyed reading Catherine’s comment posted June 29, 2017 with a little chuckle! I stayed at the Kenwood Inn Feb. 17-18 2020. I was pleasantly greeted and assigned Room #4 on the first floor. The next three days were a reunion and visit with three friends from different cities. The next day we engaged in our planned activities and upon arriving to my room around 4:30 pm I opened my door and was taken back by a very strong floral perfume scent. My first thought was that the room had been sprayed with an air freshener by the Inn housekeeping staff… though I had never smelled such a powerful scent from a can of air freshener! My sinuses let me know that the scent was not favorable to normal functioning and started filling up. I began sneezing as well. Thinking no more of it, I showered and prepared for the evening outing. Upon returning and entering my room, the scent was still clearly present, though not as strong. I did not smell the scent outside of my room’s entrance door. I retired to bed around 11 pm. and at 2:20 am woke up sneezing continuously and caring for what seemed to be continuous sinus drainage. After a frantic search for an antihistamine in my luggage, a half tablet of Zyrtec was found and immediately taken. The symptoms improved enough for me to fall back to sleep. The next morning only a very mild scent was noticed. After a lovely breakfast I asked the Innkeeper if housekeeping had sprayed a fragrant scent in my room the previous day. She looked at me with a slight hesitation and said that the only scented product used was Lysol.
    Being quite familiar with Lysol that was immediately ruled out in my mind. I had not brought with me nor used any perfume during my stay. I was then informed that most likely I had a visit from Mitzi one of the resident ghosts. That was totally unexpected! The practically minded person that I am, the idea of ghosts in the Inn had never crossed my mind and therefore was not even under consideration! I later learned from Pat of the Inn that Mitzi was the wife of a sea captain and would await his voyage arrivals at the Inn. He failed to arrive from a fateful journey and she died of a broken heart while staying at the Kenwood.
    What an amazing experience, one I treasure I hope that this benevolent, sweet soul finds her peace and I thank her for opening up her heart to me.

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