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In the old part of the hotel, which is now reportly the hotel’s smoking section, objects have been witnessed moving about by themselves.

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187 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States

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42.9669515, -85.67238499999996
Kent County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Grand Rapids, MI (0.3 mi.)
East Grand Rapids, MI (3.6 mi.)
Wyoming, MI (4.1 mi.)
Comstock Park, MI (5.0 mi.)
Walker, MI (5.4 mi.)
Grandville, MI (6.1 mi.)
Northview, MI (6.5 mi.)
Kentwood, MI (6.9 mi.)
Jenison, MI (7.3 mi.)
Cutlerville, MI (8.7 mi.)

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  1. Stayed here and woke up in the middle of the night to a arm lifting me up. Let out a blood curdling scream and awoke sitting up in bed.

    • Stayed here a couple years ago I definitely want to go back and experience more but me and my bf took the old elevators up to the old part of the hotel and we were just walking and it I smelt burning wire he didn’t smell it and leaving the venue I felt someone touch my side like a man but my bf was right by me and said no one was there and it wasn’t him

  2. Michelle White  |  

    I worked in the hotel for 5 years. I had several things happen to me. I was in room 336 and the water in the tub and shower came on full blast and instantly steaming. I was walking down the hallway another time and a rush of wind made my hair fly. Yet Another time I was helping a housekeeper clean a room and I heard kids running and laughing in the hallway, but when I went to tell them to quiet down, no one was there. Another person said the saw a woman in white in the tennis courts. I’ve gotten odd feelings in a certain room…come to find out a man killed his bride on their wedding night in the room. Lights going on and off by themselves. Doors slamming and no one there. That kind of thing too.

  3. I was sound asleep. I took my usual sleeping aid and fell asleep quickly. I woke up to 2 dark figures in my room. They left the room with a strange negative energy. Like one of them murdered a woman in her bed via strangulation. That was the image I was getting.

  4. I stayed on the 6th floor and every time I returned to my room, I could feel life around me but could not see or hear it. The feeling could not be ignored…it soaked right through you…the feeling of a party all around you.

  5. Barbara Palmer  |  

    I want to add more details about the murders which took place at 827 Hancock St SE, Grand Rapids, MI, about which I told you in my earlier submission.

    I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and don’t believe the dead come back. But I do believe what the Bible teaches that demons impersonate the living and the dead.

    The couple who were killed there on March 21, 1975, were Russell Lee Palmer and Jacqueline Palmer, her maiden name, Carter.

    The person who killed them was Louis Davis Washington, a friend of Russell since childhood.

    The daughter of the murder victims identified Louis Washington during the trial as the person who was in the house when her parents were killed.

    The wife, Jackie, let him in, together with his accomplice, when Russell, the husband wasn’t there; they had returned home earlier, around 7.30 PM, according to neighbors and police reports, as well as the media, and then Russell left. When he came back later, he found his wife had been killed, shot dead, and he was shot next, while kneeling, according to police and media reports.

    The daughter knew Louis Washington, and called him uncle because he was so close to the family. Louis was arrested and spent a year behind bars but, according to his grandfather Oliver Washington, his father LD, Louis’s father, got a sleek lawyer from Chicago and won the case. The lawyer argued in court that the daughter, as a four-year-old, was too young to have known and correctly identified the killer. The child said Louis had a cast on his leg.

    They let him him go and he is still free today living in Georgia. His last address was 8534 Cumberland Glen Ln SE, Smyrna, Georgia 30080-7684.

    But don’t tell him I told you this. He is a murderer and threatened to kill me when I worked for his grandfather as a live-in nurse. He said he hated all the Palmers and when he found out my last name was Palmer, and that I was therefore a Palmer, he assumed, wrongly, that I had been put there by the police, by detectives, to spy on him in order to have arrested for the murders of Russell and Jacqueline Palmer and send him back to prison.

    He even bragged about being the one who killed them. His grandfather said everybody in the family knew he did it because he told them so. He also bragged about killing a state trooper in Las Vegas, Nevada, in or around 1987; he had just come back from Las Vegas, to visit his mother, when he bragged about that.

    His grandfather said he did kill Russell and Jackie and the state trooper; his ex-wife also said he did kill them – the state trooper and the Palmers (Russell and Jackie), and his girlfriend. Janina Barbara Mickel who now lives in Kentwood and was known to be his partner in crime and may have been with him when he killed Russell and Jackie (she herself may have shot Jackie), also said he did killed the state trooper and committed all those crimes.

    Louis’s wife Becky said her husband and his girlfriend Janina committed crimes together and sold drugs together and that Janina also worked on the corner for Louis.

    It was common talk here in town, Grand Rapids, that he worked for the Detroit Mafia. It was also known in family circles that the hit to kill Russell and his wife Jackie had been ordered by the Detroit Mafia, with Louis as the lead executioner whom Russell trusted since they had been friends since childhood. Russell’s mother said Louis practically grew up in her house, spending nights on the couch and eating food there, 124 Delaware SE, since he was so close to her son; they were like blood brothers – but he was the one who ended up killing him.

    When I worked for his grandfather Oliver Washington, he ordered me to quit my job. He gave me three days to leave. I was forced to quit, fearing for my life and for my son who was only 13 years old then and living with me at Mr. Oliver Washington’s house where I worked as a live-in nurse.

    Russel’ls mother, Thelma Dell Dickerson, said she and other family members got threatening calls that the church where the funeral was going to be held would be blown up. She said “Are they trying to kill all the Palmers?”

    It is a tragedy and a great injustice that he has gotten away with murder all these years, almost 45, while his victims lost their lives at his hands when they were only in their 20s: Russell around 29, and Jackie 27.

    He should be arrested since there is no statute of limitations on murder. Just keep my name out of it before he comes hunting me down since he threatened to kill me back then claiming I had been put there by detectives to spy on when I was working for his grandfather.

    But you can tell the police so that they can go after him and even talk to his girlfriend, Janina, who may still be living in Kentwood, to get corroborative evidence from her. She will talk as long as she is given immunity from prosecution.

    His ex-wife, Becky, also will talk. She even talked to me, both did, even though I was a stranger to them. The girlfriend Janina talked, and his wife Becky talked, telling me all the crimes he had committed. They said he did kill the Palmers, Russell and Jackie, and he did kill the state trooper in Las Vegas.

    He himself even confessed to Russel’s brother, Arthur Williams Sanders (commonly known as Busch), that he did kill them. Their mother Thelma said her son Busch told her he got very close to Louis and they were riding together one day when he confessed to the murders; that being in addition to having confessed to his family members, and to his girlfriend and his wife, that he did commit those crimes.

    And he is still murderer who shouldn’t get away with murder.

  6. I had a very interesting stay at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI recently. First of all, this hotel is very beautiful and welcoming. The staff at the front desk, as well in the sports bar, are courteous, warm and seem genuinely happy to see you.

    I was relaxing in my room before dinner, drinking a cup of tea and watching TV. I was propped up on the bed and the television was directly in front of me. To my right was the wall of the bathroom, which ran along the side of the bed for about 6 feet and then the corner you go around to enter the hallway with the bathroom to the right . To the right of the TV, about three feet away, is a wall where the coffee/tea set up is. As I was looking at the TV I saw movement to my right in the hallway. I leaned forward a bit to try to get a better view, while thinking that it could have been my hair or reflection of the TV. A few minutes passed and I saw movement again. So now I am intently watching the movement on the TV and trying to look at that area at the same time. I’m watching to see if any reflection of the TV could be causing any shadow movement. Of course I went into “paranormal investigator” mode to see if I could debunk what I was seeing. Then, my visitor made a more pronounced shadow and got a bit closer. I’m starting to pick up on a female energy, and judging by the size of this faint grey outline, I’m pretty sure I have a female spirit visiting.

    Now, even though I know I’m seeing what I’m seeing, I decided to research the hotel a bit on-line. I discovered that this hotel is known for some friendly spirits in the historic part of the structure. Well, bingo my room is in the historic part of the hotel. These spirits are known to move things around. So, just like when you meet someone for the first time, I introduced myself and invited her to come all the way into the room. I didn’t see her do so, but I could feel her. I even read to her what I found in the article thinking that she might be interested or, at least, amused. I did tell her that I didn’t mind her moving items that belonged to the hotel, but to try to refrain from moving my stuff around. I explained to her that I had to get up very early the next morning, and I didn’t want to have to rush around and not be able to find my things. After a bit, she left and I decided to go grab a bite of dinner. It all stayed quiet through the rest of the night…

    So the next morning got very interesting. I got up and hopped into the shower. The personal amenities at this hotel are very nice. I really liked the shampoo and conditioner. I don’t normally use hotel shampoo and conditioner, but I loved the clean, light floral fragrance and I thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did because they were so lovely. So, I got out of the shower and put the shampoo and conditioner on the closed toilet seat because I wanted to take them with me. Now, to preface, there was only one bottle each of the shampoo and conditioner and a bar of soap (that was really nice too!) on a shelf on the wall opposite of the shower. As I got out of the shower I actually said out loud that I really liked that shampoo. Well, from no where a bottle of the shampoo was tossed onto the bathroom floor from outside of the bathroom… Startled, I stood there for a minute. I then bent over and picked up a bottle of the shampoo that had landed on the floor. It took me a moment, but then I started laughing and said, “Wow! You really listened to me last night! You moved something that belongs to the hotel and not any of my things. Thank you for listening! And thank you for giving me another bottle of that shampoo because I really like it. That was very thoughtful of you!”

    Of course I took that bottle with me! It took her a lot of energy to toss that shampoo to me and I was not going to ignore her gift. You see, sometimes all they want to do is to just be a part of the conversation and to get a glimpse of you in your current existence. Hey, it’s just a ghostly girl bonding moment…

    I looked all over that bathroom and hallway to try to debunk what happened. It really came from no where… It didn’t fall from anywhere in the bathroom. It had the motion of being tossed… By the way, I was in this hotel room by myself and the dead bolt was engaged on my hotel room door.

    It was such a positive and amazing experience.

    I blog as the Haunted Flight Attendant… Come fly with me!

    #ghostsarepeopletoo #trueghoststories #georgiaparanormalfiles #musingsofahauntedflightattendant

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