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As locals it, many years ago a beautiful lady drowned her six children, and she now haunts the who stretch of the road around Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery. She is known in Hispanic legend as La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, doomed to roam in search of the children she murdered. Also, locals say the spirits of two people who were killed execution-style on this road have been known to cause fatal car accidents.

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Geographic Information

2001 Agua Mansa Road
Colton, CA
United States

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34.0420097, -117.36421819999998
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Highgrove, CA (2.5 mi.)
Bloomington, CA (2.7 mi.)
Grand Terrace, CA (2.9 mi.)
Colton, CA (3.6 mi.)
Rubidoux, CA (4.0 mi.)
Rialto, CA (4.5 mi.)
Sunnyslope, CA (4.5 mi.)
Fontana, CA (5.3 mi.)
Loma Linda, CA (5.9 mi.)
San Bernardino, CA (6.3 mi.)


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  1. angela riesland  |  

    I was working at the san bernardino county museum. my boss tom lived at agau mansa cemetery as a care taker. he had me and another girl go to the cemetery to pull out goat heads (weeds.) he had a cute little dog which was playing around us while we worked. He told us if it bothered us to kick it. it was creepy. we headed to the dumpster where it stank like death.If you have been around death, you know the smell. Before we left he showed us the whole cemetery,told us of a ghost horse (that was from him.) eventually we were back at the museum. the next day we come to work….one of the adminastrtors grabbed me and my co-worker and said:WHAT DID TOM TELL YOU AT THE CEMETARY??? we told her what he said…what we did. then she says “tom commited suicide yesterday at the cemetery. he called 911 because he was fearful no one would care enough to find him……the worst part, he was planning on shooting me and my coworker the Friday we were with him. the reason he did not go through with doing us….i believe is b/c I ended up talking to him about his family,divorce and i was really interested in his life. I came to this conclusion because when he killed himself, he was afraid that no one cared enough to find him. true horrible story. I felt sad. I hope if anyone goes to the cemetery (i won’t.) they would be careful not to mock him, as that could be a grave mistake. No pun intended. thank you.

  2. If your not careful ghosts will follow you home, back in 2004 me and my friends where going to every local hunted place in the I.E. trying to get a good scare but nothing ever happened and this cemetery wasn’t any different, it was eerie like every other cemetery and the road leading to the cemetery was creepy so we had a fun time. It was what happened after that freak me out the most. After are little adventure my friends drop me off at home it was like 2am and stayed up watching t.v. until 3:00 and i remember tuning off the t.v. and saying a quick prayer and right after somthing slammed my room door wide open and i jump up looking at the door and i see nothing but i start to hear heavy foot steps walking away from my room and down the hallway towards the front of the house door and that door slammed open and i can’t believe what just happened, so i get my self together and check the front door and i see nothing but!! once i walk out into my front yard i see a super black cycle shadow on the grass, give me the creeps just thinking about to anyone thinking about going to that cemetery be careful.

  3. I’m so tired of Urban Legends being used as ghost stories. The La Llorona story exists throughout the entire country just like the stupid female hitchhiker story, and the dumb story where kids push your car across railroad tracks. Every state has stories like these.

  4. The Lalorona Legend is false. I had investigated this place earlier and have listed the paranormal happenings on my blog-

    There are several other activities including some ghost pictures, mysterious noises and creepy apparitions that continuously move in the cemetery. I have reports of few people that heard loud screams while passing by the cemetery.

  5. My nick name is abo i have lived close to aguamansa eversince 80. One of my furst time at this location was bk around 8 yrs old when we saw i believe antonio aguilar a famous country singer of mexico. Bk then it was a very empty rural type camp field area there at aguamansa. To this day it somewat still the same except the travel center pit stop now there also the ampm and big wgerehouses adjacent to it. My late brother john used to tell us that one night as he drove through aguamansa rd. He i guess picked up a chicker or the chicker just ended up inside the car w. Him. John was a friendly working man who liked his beer ir his hammers as he called them. John told us that he thought the hitcher was uncle jose. The point where that man was picked up was asoon as you drive aguamansa rd from rialto av and he left johns car at rancho av. John i believe was pretty koo koo with the beer & god only knows he probably didnt even remember when the so called hitchiker ever entered inside his car. I like driving through this area althoughit primarily empty fields through aguamansa rd. It is peacful like its name in english peaceful waters. At times i have gone to the river there but i would advice tgat althoogh aguamansa oi rural land scape to bcareful with maybe coyotes or wild dogs

  6. Have visited here and investigated (outside the cemetery ) and can say that there is at least one spirit there. Didnt say much and seemed to get bored so it left me, this happened only once in 5 trips there so I think it is a hit or miss place. An ex of mine says she saw an Elderly man and a small dog walking along the road. Problem is she knew him and knew he was supposed to be dead. Not sure if same guy as story but I haven’t seen it yet.

  7. My husband is a truck driver and we were delivering a load to the wharehouse there on aguamansa road one night a couple of years ago. We pulled over to the side of the road closest to the river real quick to shut our doors and lock things up. My husband was in the rear of our truck when all the sudden he was standing on the passenger side of the truck yelling for me to open the door now. I was like what’s wrong and he said look out my window, I looked out the drivers side window to see a lady in a long flowing dress standing at the top of a tree, before we knew it she was down on the ground coming towards us. It was the creepiest scariest face I’ve ever seen. To this day I remember the look and every detail do her face, we have never shifted gears or left anywhere so quickly before. I’ve never seen my husband move so fast or quite so scared. Some may not believe she’s there but I’ve witnessed it, and have spoke to other drivers who have seen her on that stretch of road, needless to say we don’t stop on that road anymore.

  8. In 1967 me and my sister rode out to the grave yard auglamonsa, back then it was a place to party for a lot people. Because of the fact it was a place the cops never went. At that time there was no caretaker. And some of the partner’s were grave robbing.the night my sister and I rode my dad’s motor cycle out there to see if anybody was partying it was real windy known as the santana wind .if you know what it’s like there you’ll know that it’s mostly sand .so when we turned in to Auglamonsa graveyard sand was blowing into are faces, first entering the graveyard we didn’t see anyone or any cars .and no cars parked on auglamonsa road outside the entrance. We rode to the back of the graveyard then started back to the front,about 3/4 of the way back out standing in front of two empty Graves are a man and a woman and girl that looked to be 11 to 13 yrs a boy to be about 9yrs and little girl about 6 to 7 . They looked to dress in clothing from 1800s. We stopped about 40 feet from them, because we were going back out of the graveyard the wind is at our back. So it’s easy to see them.and they are all looking downward into the robbed graves. I shined the headlight of the motorcycle on them, while noticing the wind was not moving any of their hair or clothing nor squinting their eye’s from the sand .the man was holding a bible, the little girl was holding a doll. After a few seconds my sister said let’s go. I asked her first tell me what you see? She told me exactly what I was seeing. And then we left. I have not been back since.

  9. in 2005, the cemetery’s caretaker, who lived in a house on the grounds for nearly a year, took his own life. The site is the final resting place of about 2,000 pioneers who endured hardships to cross the Spanish Trail to put down stakes on the shores of the Santa Ana River. They were instrumental in helping settle what is today San Bernardino, Colton and Riverside. The most unusual crime took place nearly 20 years ago when police found two homicide victims in the back of a pickup parked at the graveyard gates. The settlers traveled more than 1,200 miles from New Mexico in 1838 to work on two massive ranches, Rancho San Bernardino and Rancho Jurupa. Their duties included protecting the ranches’ livestock from marauders. Some of the settlers put down stakes on the north side of the Santa Ana River, calling their settlement Agua Mansa, Spanish for calm waters.

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