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At Adelaida Cemetery, locals say its ghostly inhabitants may swipe your car keys. It is said to be haunted by Charlotte Sitton, a minister’s wife who committed suicide at age 19 in December 1890. She visits late Friday nights in a white nightgown to lay flowers on the grave of her child, who died of diphtheria. In some versions of the story, Charlotte wears a pink dress and is called the Pink Lady. The cemetery also is said to have a tree that bleeds. Adelaida Cemetery is closed at dusk, and trespassing after dark is not allowed.

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Geographic Information

9899 Chimney Rock Rd
Paso Robles, California
United States

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35.65638564043461, -120.8740845322609
San Luis Obispo County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lake Nacimiento, CA (5.0 mi.)
Paso Robles, CA (10.5 mi.)
Templeton, CA (12.0 mi.)
San Miguel, CA (12.0 mi.)
Cambria, CA (13.2 mi.)
Cayucos, CA (14.8 mi.)
Bradley, CA (14.9 mi.)
Atascadero, CA (16.2 mi.)
San Simeon, CA (17.8 mi.)
Morro Bay, CA (20.1 mi.)


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  1. Several years ago my coworkers and I heard about this place and supposed haunting, so we decided to go check it out one night. We arrived in two cars as it was a group of 6 of us and started exploring with flashlights. As we neared the upper part of the cemetery we started to see something, but weren’t sure what. So we all grouped together and stayed quiet and turned off the lights. We heard a noise that sounded kind of like a breeze rustling leaves and looked toward the sound to see what looked like gently glowing eyes. We decide to head back down to the cars as we are all spooked. As we are descending the fog rolls in and by the time we get to the cars it is all around us. This is where things got truly scary/spooky for us. As we tried to leave, neither of the cars would start, they wouldn’t even turn over like the battery was completely dead. Looking back up the hill we all see a figure moving along near the top of the cemetery with the glowing eyes and we just want to leave. After what felt like 5 minutes (probably less than 1) the lights on the cars turn on and we realize we can start the cars. Needless to say we got out of there as fast as we could and I have not gone back to this day.

  2. Adelaide family preservation Inc.  |  

    I have family here at this cemetery. U are all idiots to think it’s haunted. Adelaide is a quiet country place with a history or simple family living. It’s private property and only people with family are legally supposed to visit. U trespassed. We now have a Night Watch that monitors a small camera that is always on so he can write down license plate numbers and call the sheriff for trespassing. There has been litter, vandalism, and desecration of graves because of disrespectful asshole hoping to see a spirit.

    Stay away from Adelaide Cemetary!

    • Ghostbuster -Project Adelaide  |  

      The night watch really doesn’t care. Nor does he pay attention as he says. We paid him off the first night and give him a heads up if we go again. This place is most definitely haunted we have been with several different groups over the last 3 months and it is frightening how much paranormal activity goes on after the sun goes down. I will not ruin the surprise but it is quite frightening /interesting. Adelaide will lie as much as they can to keep people away but the truth has been told by several people. We will be setting up another night trip on an undisclosed date very soon. We are accepting 15 people to tag along and experience THE NIGHT LIFE OF ADELAIDE CEMETARY!

    • I am a native of Los angles. I drove on chimney rock one night and saw a young lady in a white nightgown. I though it was my imagination but it was when I had moved to heritage ranch. I told my
      Wife and we looked it up without ever hearing about this. On day we decided to drive down chimneyrock
      And had no blue of Adelaide but when we turned we both got chills and looked to
      The left and saw the cemetery. For the first time. It was wired we both had the same feeling at the same time. We went back to
      Check it out and go inside and it was definitely haunted. Its a. Quite little cemetery but we both got the same goose bumps
      Going tall three times. We only entered it once. It there is definitely activity there.

    • So I took this picture on the left the other night at the Adelaide Cemetery. I thought it was weird with that light streak running through it. My friend then noticed that there was a shadow of a person in it. So I tried to lighten the picture up on my phone and if you look close you can see that there’s a person that looks to be in a prairie dress. Weird and a little freaked!!

    • You just confirmed it’s haunted, congratulations. Unless it’s a family cemetery on private property, which it isn’t, all cemeteries are public property and there is no possible way to determine who has relatives there and who does not, so stop lying

  3. I have lived in Paso Robles for 30 years. I first went out to the cemetery around age 16. I have heard chilling stories about the old school house before it was remodeled. And I have experienced myself spooky situations out at the cemetery. Rumor is the ghost is to be seen Friday night’s around midnight. About 16 of us set out one night to see what the rumors were about (this was circa 2003) we arrived in like 5 vehicles and pulled up to see that 2 other vehicles were already there. We set and waited and watched, we saw camera flashes up on the hill. We decided we were a bit enough group that we shouldn’t be scared. We set fourth through the cemetery respecting graves and checked out thee old bathroom or whatever it is below the adelaide cemtary sign near the front entrance. It was scary as hell. We moved on up the hill. About mid way up we saw more camera flashes up top. Next thing I knew I had a flash light in my face. I quickly turned my huge police style mag light on and flashed the person whom had shined his light in my face. I came across an entire porn scene in mid progress, light guys, sound, the whole thing, all dressed in black. A man and a women lay across a large tomb style grave. ( a big flat rectangle concrete grave) . They asked what are you doing…. I said immediately, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. They replied shooting a porno. Okay strange right. We kept walking . We got to the top and walked around, we stepped past a tree and came across a guy with a lit up camera screen standing against a tree. Scared us. He walked up, introduced himself and began showing us the images he shot with spirt orbs everywhere in each photo. Creepy. We moved on. He went down the hill, seemed to be with the porn people, and they all left. My group of 15-16 remained and we sat down at the top of the cemetery. We sat in silence. Didn’t move. Sat from 11-30-1215….. We heard branches breaking and cracking. Steps walking. Closer and closer. Finally I turned on my huge flash light. It was 4 or 5 coyote creeping, we all began throwing rocks . It was a creep weird night. I will NEVER forget. Absolutely 1000% true story.

  4. I went here during the day with my friends our parents would not take us at night and we were not old enough to drive yet we didn’t see or hear anything with our own ears and eyes but my tape recorder had a female voice say “gone Jacob” my name, Charlotte Sitton the ghosts that supposedly haunts the place Vandals knocked over and took her tombstone we did not know if this at the time we went investigating and we could not find her stone but in the photograph we captured what looks like her stone it has the same shape and lean that the original tombstone had before it was taken, we used a disposable camera and we did not see the final pictures until a week later after they were developed and I scan these and they are not edited.

    on the left of the Picture you can see the ghostly tombstone. the Heather picture looks like it was taken at night but it was not.

  5. My brothers, my sister, and myself, went to the cemetery one Friday the 13th, about 10or 12 years ago. We got there around 11pm and there was a group of 7-10 people probably in their late teens to mid twenties in age. They were being very obnoxious and disrespectful, but as we walked up, they were starting to leave. They left behind a pile of beer cans and other trash that was strewn about all over the top of the hill. Also several tombstones were knocked over, but I don’t know if they did that or if they were already like that. Anyway, my older brother and my sister picked up all the trash, while my little brother and I stood the tombstones back up exactly where they were, hopefully to maintain their proper marked grave. After we finished, we turned off the lights and sat in the dark. I don’t know if it was because of our cleanup, but we never saw or heard anything paranormal or animal. It was the most quiet and peaceful place I think I have ever been to at night. No feelings of being scared, no goosebumps, no hair standing up, no chills. Just peace and quiet. Really quite nice. Only time we got scared was when the sheriff’s dept rolled up. They saw our car and started shining their spotlights up on the hill. So we jumped the back fence and headed on down to chimney rock road and walked back to the car and left. If the cemetery is haunted, the spirits didnt seem to want to show themselves to us. But I don’t think it is haunted at all. I think people see what they want to see or let their imaginations and thoughts get the better of them. But the sheriffs apparently check the place nightly on their patrol in the area, so watch out for that. And if you do go, please be respectful and take your trash with you. Don’t knock over stones or film adult movie scenes, and most of all, don’t steal anything. Thats just downright stupid and I’m pretty sure will bring you a lot of bad luck.

  6. James MacArthur  |  

    I lived in paso robles for thirty years and one night a few of us went to the cemetery and ventured to the school house where an alarming event took place. Me and a friend were sitting on the benches in the mIn room and at one end of the building there is two doors that lead into the kitchen. We heard footsteps going back and forth from one door to the next and what sounded like someone sharpening a knife. Thinking it was one of our stupid friends we just sat there in the dark for several minutes until the footsteps left the kitchen and started towards us but we couldn’t see anyone belonging to the noise. We both jumped to our feet at the same time and tried to open the first set of double doors leading outside. Although all of us had come in and freely previously to this event we found that the doors to be locked! We each jumped through the space where there was once glass panes in the doors and reached for the double doors that led to the outside to find them unlocked and every one of our friends sitting calmly on the porch waiting for us to return! We asked if anyone was just inside besides us and they could not figure out why we were so spooked. All of us returned inside to find the first set of doors unlocked again leading to the main room! As we were leaving we took a few pictures of the school house from our car. Through out the night we had noticed in our pictures that there seemed to be random bubbles in several of the pictures, but the pictures we took of the school house upon our retreat were so dense with these bubbles that you couldn’t even make out the structure of the building or the play ground. We later discovered that we enlarged the photographs on the computer you could make out a face in every one of these orbs and it was distinct that you could tell the approximate age and gender of the image. To have had this expirence in a large group that remembers every detail as clearly and correct as I do seems to be a very good indication of solid phenomenon as most encounters are not recalled as correctly from one person to the next but after 15 years I spoke with my friend who was inside with me and he gave the exact recollection as me to this day. Very creepy

  7. I was admitted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall of 2015 and began my studies there as a freshman in late September. My roommate and I decided to rush the same fraternity, and during our time as pledges, we visited the cemetery as part of an event during our final week of initiation. Myself along with my fellow pledge brothers received a text with an address and were told to get there as soon as possible. It was a Friday night at about 9:00pm in late December, and it had recently started to rain. I was one of the 3 people in my pledge class that had a car, so we piled as many people as we could in my 1991 Honda Accord and hit the road at about half past nine. After a long and somewhat difficult drive (getting to the cemetery at night having not been before is not easy – the roads are tricky to navigate and are not well marked, and you find yourself winding through miles of unkept roads – not to mention, phone service cuts out so relying on navigation is out of the question) at this point all we knew was we had to get to this location as soon as possible; none of us had any idea where we were headed. At about 10:30 pm we pulled up to the tall wrought iron fence and parked, and it was at this point we started to realize we were at an old cemetery. It was very cold, very dark/damp, and very eerie right off the bat. We entered the lower grounds of the cemetery and saw an old shed, and the only direction we were given from the fraternity was to enter the shed and recite our creed. We did so and the air became extremely still. There were 15 of us and I thank god because if I had been alone or with only a few people I would have been freaking the hell out. We stepped out and as a few of us started to crack jokes to lighten the situation, my roommate lit a cigarette which he almost choked on because he was the first to see 10 hooded figures standing in the tree line just 20 feet from where we were standing. I almost crapped my pants but was quick to realize that the hooded figures were in fact older brothers from the fraternity. We stood there listening to a speech from our pledge master about the purpose of leading us out here – that they had done so to prove to us that no matter the circumstances, no matter the cost, we would always have each other’s backs. It was a great speech with a great purpose, but all the while, one of my pledge brothers was starting to freak out – I whispered to him what was the matter when he lifted his hand to point up on the hill about 100 yards from where we were sanding. I will never forget what I saw. A white figure in a flowing dress appeared to be gliding across the hill. It was shining brightly and was unmistakably a ghost or paranormal being of some sort, the first I had ever seen – just writing this my hair is standing up. Long story short we were told to head back to our chapter house and that the older brothers would follow us back before long. Fast forward an hour later, we finally made it back safely when I overheard a conversation between two brothers about a problem pertaining to one of the older brothers that had been a part of the speech at the cemetery. Apparently he drove his motorcycle to the cemetery, and when he had attempted to leave, discovered that his entire set of keys that had been carabinered to his jeans was nowhere to be found, and that the only way he was able to make it back was that he kept a spare key stashed in one of the storage compartments on his motorcycle. Part of the legend of the cemetery is that peoples keys go missing…it was a truly bizarre night to have witnessed both phenomena on the first visit.

    Ive shared this story with many of my friends from school, and about a year after that night at the cemetery, 2 of my friends, a boy and a girl, had taken such interest in my story that they demanded I take them, given it was Friday night at about 9:00. I was very reluctant but they basically forced me to take them and after some convincing I agreed. I plugged in adelaida cemetery on my phones navigation and we hit the highway. About 45 minutes later my phone lost service, as was expected, so I pulled to the side of the road for us to check out the satellite map and try to figure out which road to take manually. My friend got out to take a pee but when he came back he said he had heard strange noises and felt uneasy. This started to make me feel uneasy, because I had also realized that the road I thought was the correct road appeared to be wrong, which meant turning around and back tracking. No big deal i though, so we started to re trace our steps. I took a turn onto a road which I thought was the correct way but after 10 minutes started to get the sense that it was also the wrong way – the road appeared to be getting narrower and had very tall grass on either side, almost like I was driving through a parted sea of grass, and upon realizing that the road was no longer paved, I realized this was all wrong and that we would have to turn back around again. However, in the process of turning around, my friend who had gone out to pee who was sitting in the back middle seat had been looking at his phone maps, trying to help me navigate, and as he was showing me and our other friend his screen to point out a possible road to take, HIS PHONE SCREEN SHATTERED IN HIS HAND. my hair is standing straight up writing this – we all looked at each other with absolute terror and said a prayer of relief when we made it back to paved roads and a return of phone service. We drove back and abandoned the mission, and the whole time driving back I couldn’t believe how I was able to make it there the first time, and, of course, we were all absolutely freaked out about what had just happened.

    If you decide to visit the cemetery, DO NOT GO ALONE. bring at least 2 other friends and prepare for weird stuff to happen. Keep track of your keys, and keep your wits about you, because there is some seriously strange energy out there.

  8. So I took this picture on the left the other night at the Adelaide Cemetery. I thought it was weird with that light streak running through it. My friend then noticed that there was a shadow of a person in it. So I tried to lighten the picture up on my phone and if you look close you can see that there’s a person that looks to be in a prairie dress. Weird and a little freaked!!

  9. I am currently writing a book about Adelaida and would love to hear personal accounts of goings-on at the cemetery! I won’t be including them into the book, I would just love to hear some perspective!

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