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Room 1007 apparently has a ghost that likes to call the front desk and occasionally 911. Numerous people have reported unexplained phone calls coming from that room. Maintenance has not found a likely technical reason for the event. Some attribute the ghostly calls to a former employee who died after the inn caught fire in 1940. The employee discovered the fire and immediately after sounding the alarm, alerting guests and authorities to the emergency, he suffered a fatal heart attack and died. Some believe that the phone calls are still his attempt to alert the front desk and authorities to the fire that indirectly led to his death.

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1103 Spring St
Paso Robles, CA 93446
United States

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35.625599, -120.692184
San Luis Obispo County, California
Nearest Towns:
Paso Robles, CA (0.1 mi.)
Templeton, CA (5.3 mi.)
San Miguel, CA (8.8 mi.)
Atascadero, CA (9.5 mi.)
Whitley Gardens, CA (10.6 mi.)
Creston, CA (12.0 mi.)
Lake Nacimiento, CA (12.7 mi.)
Garden Farms, CA (15.1 mi.)
Cayucos, CA (16.9 mi.)
Santa Margarita, CA (16.9 mi.)

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  1. yesterday me and my friends went to see the hotel to see if it was really haunted at first we just take the elevator and then we go back outside to the front then we see to ladies and a man and before we see them there was a couple inside eating dinner in the lobby the man that came in with the ladies played the piano that is in the lobby but before that i asked one of the girls there “is it true that this hotel is haunted” she said that she has never encountered any paranormal sightings but she has took photos and seen strange things such as orbs the man stops playing the piano i ask the lady again where did she take those photos she said in the ball room then the man says that hes gonna let us in on a little secret he tells us that if we go all te way down the hallway theres an stares and in we go all the way down theres a basement with tunnels me and my friends go down but not all the way we where walking down and we hear a man scream we all run back up then later we decide to go back down we went farther this time there was a light switch my friend turns it on and we walk a little farther then we hear something we all get scared and run again my friend thought it was someone pulling a prank on us as she looks again to see if it was someone she said the light was off but the switch still was up and later we all talk about my sister and my other friend say they saw a black figure but it was so fast like in a blink of an eye it was gone.

  2. Went to Paso Inn to book a room for our anniversary and the lady at the front says that there are several rooms available and then informed me that the haunted room was available. I asked what the story was. She told me about the fire and how calls are received from that room mysteriously. Well, knowing my wife, she would want to stay in this room, so I reluctantly booked the room.I didn’t let her know until we were actually in the room and she was definitely intrigued. Well, we stayed there overnight and nothing happened while we were there. On the last day, we packed up our stuff and while we were walking out, I was thinking, will the phone ring? Well, being the man that I am, I let my wife out first and kind of looked around the room to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind and as we were walking out and I was about to shut the door…….click, the door shut and nothing happened. Sorry folks, absolutely nothing happened. Not one darn thing. Nothing!!!

  3. Local all my life. For my 13th Wedding Anniversary my husband booked a room at the Paso Robles Inn, not knowing about the alleged “Haunting”. We walked through town and had a lovley, romantic dinner at Villa Creek and returned to our room #107, upstairs. We enjoyed the sulfur tub in privacy on the balcony, and retired to the bed, the ENTIRE time, feeling as if someone else was in the room with us. It was very hard to sleep feeling like we were being watched. In the very early morning, we received a call from the front desk………..”Can we help you she asked”………..Um NO, We didn’t call…………2 years later I happened on the “Haunted History” of that room………Trippy………

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