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Academy of the Holy Names was established in 1881 and the current building opened in 1926. The school is run by the sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Ghosts of nuns have been seen walking around on the 4th floor, where the sisters used to live. There is also a little girl ghost that has been seen multiple times in the library. Other paranormal incidents have also taken place, such as bookshelves being fixed one night and then being in disarray the next morning.

(Submitted by Meredith B.)

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3319 Bayshore Boulevard
Tampa, FL
United States

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27.9148461, -82.49277339999998
Hillsborough County, Florida
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  1. Whoa! I ma going to this high school soon!! My dad went to the grade school and my sis and cousin went to the high school!!! I’m really excited! I met up with some of my friends that are going there and we asked around (like the teachers and students) about ghosts and we heard some interesting stories about ghosts! Even the nuns that are there now see the ghosts! We also saw some creepy places (like in between the walls and other secret places that nobody knows what they were used for. Even though some people say they see ghosts, I don’t think it is haunted, I believe haunted means, for example if you said “that school is haunted” by that, people would think that ghosts lived there and tried to scare people and keep them away, but from the stories I’ve heard, they are peaceful spirits/ghosts even the nuns say that, I know some students who think it’s actually “haunted” and actually scary but I believe they are spirits. Anyway yea lollll! Also I’m the girl’s locker room in the gym students say they “hear a little girl laughing” sometimes and they can hear the doors being opened and closed but that is a rumor started by the students so no one really believes that.

  2. I currently go to school here and one day i was on the 4th floor late after school and as I was walking I heard whispering behind me and I turned around and no one was there and the temperature got colder. I can tell you that the 4th floor is the most haunted because that’s where the nuns who were first here and after slept. Our guidance counselors office is the same room where one revered nun died in her sleep from unknown causes. During classes we will sometimes see dark shadows pass quickly by the window but then go out to see nothing at all.

  3. Most of the school is renovated now, but the bathroom on the fifth floor on the North side which was by my senior lounge was pretty haunted. I’ve heard countless stories from teachers and people who work there like counselor’s music randomly switching in the middle of a song to a completely different genre for a few seconds and going back. One teacher told me when she started, she would come in on the weekend and would hear tapping on the white board, but obviously no one was there. Sister Mary Glavin told me that she saw a nun in a habit out of the corner of her eye in the 5th floor hallway, but when she did a double take, she was gone. One of the other guidance counselors heard lockers being opened and closed outside her office when no one was around. Also, the chapel is pretty inhabited because one time a teacher was trying to open the door and it felt like someone was holding it shut from the other side and he heard a woman breathing when he was alone. When you walk behind the tabernacle to go into the back office, it’s always really cold in that spot for some reason and Ms. Linda thinks it’s a spirit. Just some of the one’s I’ve heard of over the years.

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