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Onetime Tampa Bay Hotel servants are said to haunt the Science Wing. Witnesses have felt something watching them and had an eerie feeling. Apparitions have been seen all over the campus; in fact, folks say ghosts abound in this University of Tampa hall after hours—and there are quite a few of them. Bessie, an actress who committed suicide after finding out her husband was cheating on her with another actress, is said to haunt Falk Theater. James and Jennifer are two ghostly lovers who both died on campus. Some claim to have heard Jennifer singing sometimes in Reeve’s Theater. Onetime frat brothers Tim and Terry both died, within a couple years of each other, and are saud to visit the campus. They are credited with putting Greek letters on the door that is now the financial aid office.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    401 W. Kennedy Blvd
    Tampa, FL
    United States

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    27.9463525, -82.4640842
    Hillsborough County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Tampa, FL (0.4 mi.)
    Citrus Park, FL (3.2 mi.)
    Palm River-Clair Mel, FL (5.4 mi.)
    Egypt Lake-Leto, FL (5.6 mi.)
    East Lake-Orient Park, FL (5.8 mi.)
    Progress Village, FL (6.9 mi.)
    Carrollwood, FL (7.4 mi.)
    Temple Terrace, FL (7.7 mi.)
    Gibsonton, FL (8.1 mi.)
    Town 'n' Country, FL (8.2 mi.)

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    1. When my husband and I were first dating, we ended up in downtown Tampa near the Riverwalk. We saw the University and decided to try to open the front door to Plant Hall. It was late evening, so we were surprised to find the door unlocked and the lights on inside. We figured it was just open to the public, so we walked in and started looking around the main room at the artwork, etc. All of a sudden, a couple in their early twenties came walking down the staircase from the second floor. We were surprised that anyone else was walking around in the building, as it was pretty late. They told us that they graduated in like 1996. We both remember thinking that they would be in their late 30s now if they graduated at that time. I myself graduated from college in 2000 and they looked a lot younger than me. It struck us as odd…but they seemed nice enough and we didn’t think too much about it. They offered to show us around the building and kept telling stories about the hauntings there. They walked around with us for a bit, then said that they wanted to go into the theater and that they knew a janitor there that would unlock the door for them. Again, we found that odd since it was really late at night…and a weekend. Either way, we walked with them a bit, then we went to the second floor to look around. It was really creepy up there. Feelings that I just didn’t like. My husband wanted to continue to walk around a bit in the science wing, so we did. Every now and then hearing the couple giggle down the other part of the hallway. We thought they were having some “couple fun” so we left them alone. Then we went down a VERY narrow twisty staircase back to the bottom floor. SOOO creepy. We then started to wonder where this couple went that was showing us around. We couldn’t find them anywhere. We peered into the theater (as it was locked) and looked all around. We didn’t want to be rude and ditch our tour guides. Since we couldn’t find them, we figured they just left so we left ourselves. I always wonder if they were real people or a haunting themselves. I just read this thing about a couple named “James and Jennifer” who had died there. I would love to see a picture of them! Weird stuff!

    2. my daughter and I had decided to go to the museum area of Plant Hall since they had holiday winter decorations in those rooms. we went into Plant Hall also but it was mostly empty since the students had mostly left on winter break..
      as we were walking up the main stairs branching to the right to third floor, I happened to gaze to my right through the wooden railings a little above eye level on the third floor. I spied this grinning face like a mask make this quick jump a couple of feet towards the large closed trash bin in front of a column.. I paused on the steps and asked my daughter if she saw anything but she thought I was joking. we walked up the remaining steps and there was No one on that floor, I peeked around the trash bin and column but there were no strings to pull or any decorations. office doors that were at least 15 feet away were locked. I know I saw it and it resembled an ancient Greek style comedy mask, which was strange. my daughter still doesn’t believe me. she thinks I was teasing her about seeing things.
      we also went to the round hallway on the second floor that goes around the theatre area. I got this intense feeling of being trapped and that something might be coming. so we left there in a hurry. it was near sunset then. ( all the decorations downstairs in the museum were Christmas related, no drama themes)

    3. I was a college student there and I was on the main floor studying it was about 8:15 pm and, no was on the second floor or on the main because the building closed at 9 pm. all of sudden sitting in a chair facing the doors to see if my ride would show up soon the lights was shut.Now the light switch is near the doors it did not have a timer on it nor did anyone go near them. When the lights were off I heard running on the second floor. When I yelled someone is here studying the lights was turn back on and no more running I told an instructor about it he told me that it happen to other students

    4. Alexander Hamilton  |  

      Halloween at 7:24 AM.

      I was walking to the Vaghn Center to get some breakfast, and had to go through Plant Hall. As soon as I stepped inside the main foyer of the hall, shivers went up my spine. Usually I’m alright with creepy, but I just had a feeling that someone was watching me. Literately no one else in the hall at the time, so it made me freak out more. Even as I exited the place, I looked back to check and see if anything was following me.

    5. My husband and I stumbled across the Museum when we first started dating. It was absolutely gorgeous. We walked the entire school and museum to see all the beautiful architecture. But…we stumbled across an auditorium/theatre type room. My husband found a beautiful Piano, and as he’s very good at playing, decided he was going to play. I was sitting back and listening, just kinda taking in the sound of this gorgeous grand piano bouncing off the high ceilings. Now mind you, we are the only ones in this room. When I looked over to the piano, I noticed a young woman standing at the end of the piano. She seemed entranced by the music and was just kinda swaying back and forth with her eyes closed. As my husband finished playing, she turned to me and smiled, waved, and walked away.

    6. while I was walking inside the building looking at the museum part I would get this heaviness feeling and a headache feeling just by walking in certain areas of this building. I would love to go up stairs and see more of the building but wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble for walking around. I was taking pictures and videos and I saw some orbs floating around in my videos.

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