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This cemetery is 4 or 5 cemeteries in one: Acacia (Masonic), Longfellow, Pioneer, Pauper’s Field and St. Stanislaus. Many accidents/deaths have occurred along Scenic Ave along with young, stupid gang bangers who’ve toppled tombstones and columns over the years. The old hospital across the street is also haunted. Acacia has been a hot spot for decades with rumors of a woman who screams day and night, even if you’re driving through the lanes. I originally scoffed at this but I did hear the scream one night while ghost hunting with friends. Aside from her I’ve heard EVPs of many disembodied voices, one of a young boy around 15 who my friend and I talked about possibly dying in a car accident…as a psychic medium I was picking that up, and on the voice recording he says, I’m driving (then something muffled after) before I ask anything about how he died on the recording. I’ve gotten many other voices there including a pervy guy who says “hey you”, “hey girlie” — in reference to a friend of mine’s teenage daughter who got spooked by the main mausoleum and got hyper emotional crying and didn’t know why—she said she’d never go back. This area by the mausoleum has caused other problems, I’ve always seen a tall shadow man lurking around here……day and night but he’s more visible at night or just before dusk is best for taking pictures….I saw him once behind my car when I started to hear footsteps around me…I was alone at the time and freaked out and saw him in my rear view mirror. He’s also wrenched a friend of mine’s shoulder who’s a medium….and he’s spooked other people, everyone gets an uneasy feeling who I bring around the mausoleum…which I was told by someone who volunteers there has been vandalized over the years…..broken glass, bums and druggies steal marble vases to sell, etc. (In fact, last time I was there my friend Melissa and I saw a drug deal going down…there’s always nefarious stuff going on there so be careful, don’t go alone….if you go during the day you’ll be fine. One of the things I love about this cemetery is it’s not gated and you can stay until 8PM and even if you stay longer….the cops don’t care nor really come around as long as you’re not causing trouble or hanging out by the Scenic side. But there are bums and drug deals and other odd activity that goes on as well as people on bikes who sneak up on you on the lanes day and night. I haven’t encountered any other real negative entities there other than the “mausoleum man” who I think is a protector entity…possibly a former caretaker. I’ve gotten voices of women and children…a girl singing, a woman who laughed at me talking about eating pomegranates growing in a cemetery (I didn’t, but thought it would be odd to eat something growing in a cemetery). I’ve had spirits say my name and names of my friends during investigations…they seem to know me well and said “Ryan is here!” on a ghost box session with the local paranormal group Chillseekers (check out their youtube videos and facebook page, they’re great!). Other cemeteries in the area that are active are Lakewood Cemetery–I went there once and got all kinds of voices during the daytime….I also recently researched and found out a ghost town called Empire City (south of current Empire and near the cemetery) was flooded and destroyed in the late 1800s so I will be exploring by the river area near the cemetery soon. Wood Colony (a Brethren cemetery) by the Vintage Faire Mall is also haunted and I’ve had spirits tell me to Go Away! One woman spoke German, others seems irritated I was there….and the Brethren do watch you like a hawk out there even though it’s in the country so hang around long or go during the day and be respectful. But anyway, I’ve gotten orb photos, pink mists, seen shadow figures, light anomalies, blue glowing orbs…not just me, but others I’ve taken out there to Acacia cemetery. It’s an easy access cemetery, you can park your car on the lanes…..the St. Stanislaus side is also quite haunted….in fact I’ve noticed the more recent the burials, the more likely you are to get activity and there are always fairly fresh burials in random places out there. The back lane that wraps around to the St. Stan side is probably the creepiest part of the cemetery….that’s the Pauper’s Field area….I’ve heard footsteps on the lane and voices, I was with 2 friends at the time durin the day and we all heard the footsteps following us and a voice on the EVP recorder. If you head out there during the warmer months, beware of mosquitos….the wintertime you don’t need to worry so much.

(Submitted by Ryan P)

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801 Scenic Avenue
Modesto, CA
United States

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37.6480539, -120.98383999999999
Stanislaus County, California
Nearest Towns:
Modesto, CA (0.9 mi.)
Bystrom, CA (1.9 mi.)
Shackelford, CA (2.4 mi.)
Bret Harte, CA (3.4 mi.)
West Modesto, CA (3.7 mi.)
Ceres, CA (3.9 mi.)
Empire, CA (4.5 mi.)
Riverdale Park, CA (4.6 mi.)
Riverbank, CA (6.6 mi.)
Del Rio, CA (6.8 mi.)


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  1. Although my mother is burried there, its very haunted.. Me and some friends went there at 2am and im very spiritual i felt negative energy and seen a man rocking himself on the ground and a girl in a dress that looked like she was walking towards me and my friends but never got close. Also at the running trail i seen a indian man late at night.

  2. I believe it! Back in 2006 when one as 16 my friend and I were screwing around at in the cemetery taking pictures. Well we were nesr s large plot and (rudely I know) stood on it and it was loose and moved a bit. I immediately hopped off and we started walking away and flipping through the pictures on my camera. After a second or 2 the camera started whizzing through the pictures really super fast and then shut off completely. I never had a problem with it before and never did afterwards. I think it was something mad about me standing on the grave. To this day if I walk in a cemetery I make extra sure I avoid accidentally stepping on a plot.

    • Yes I been told that never step on the burial plots bc that’s rude and disrespectful. Your lucky someone didn’t talk to you to get away. I’m scared I would never go late at night to a cemetery. Too many things can happen.

  3. I originally commented on this years ago when my wife and I were driving the northern most lane of the cemetery near the paupers and infants burial area. We were using the cemetery as a short cut due to a traffic jam on Scenic drive. We took a wrong turn, and had to go to the rear of the drive that had been blocked off due to being used for more burials. It was about 2:45 in the afternoon when, during the act of turning around to go back the way we came, we both heard what sounded like a soft moaning that got progressively louder, until it became a very loud mournful wailing that seemingly filled the entire interior of the car. It was very intimidating for several reasons, first it was broad daylight, and it was also accompanied by such an overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness that it became difficult to breathe. It was terrifying to the both of us. We could hear the wailing growing softer as we departed in a rather hasty fashion, but we could still hear it as we hit the main road and left the cemetery. The odd thing was
    , above all, it seemed to be following us as we drove away. I, for one, will never forget the terrifying experience. My wife still speaks of it today, and the memory of it still gives her goosebumps. This cemetery is beyond belief with paranormal anomalies, have no doubts about that.

  4. Hi, I’m sorry to bother you. I was wondering if you could possibly help me out, point me in the right direction? I live on my bosses little River Ranchette. It is about 20 yards from the Tuolumne River. We live in a trailer house in the backyard portion of the property .Our address is on Michigan Avenue Modesto 95358. Problem is that Ever since we saw this trailer, we, well I have been feeling watched. Hear doors open and shut, knowing that there is nobody in the area of the trailer where the noises are coming from. I have even heard something call my name. My dog Pistol was laying on my floor in the living room where I sleep, chewing on a bone. When I finally got it away from her, I could see that it was what I am convinced is a human upper thigh bone. Specifically the portion with the “ball” that goes into the hip socket/joint. Not long after, the birds started attacking 3-4 different windows of the trailer. I am not talking one or two times, but many times periodically throughout the day….
    AND night!!! I have such anxiety and fear that I cannot sleep at night, unless I am so exhausted that I pass out. There is a deep foreboding feeling. I have smudged the place several times. Placed crystals around my living space. I sleep with a couple of knives and a small hatchet, along with a dog training siren in my hand, to set off if something happens. I will be forever grateful if you’d help me if you can….
    Please & Thank you in advance ..

    Nancy Pearson-Rico

  5. Yes I been told that never step on the burial plots bc that’s rude and disrespectful. Your lucky someone didn’t talk to you to get away. I’m scared I would never go late at night to a cemetery. Too many things can happen.

    • I went at night and there was a person in the distance that hung themselves on a tree and we all ran and left cause it got closer and when we drove back around it wasn’t there and then there was a crash next to a church then when we were turning around at the church our car broke down there

  6. I went at night and there was a person in the distance that hung themselves on a tree and we all ran and left cause it got closer and when we drove back around it wasn’t there and then there was a crash next to a church then when we were turning around at the church our car broke down there and while we were there their was a car and when we look away for a minute it was gone afterwards and we didn’t hear anything start or drive away and we were recording audio and one had something was growling and one was someone talking in the distance and we were alone and none of us were talking

  7. I was born and raised in Modesto. Ca. Many of my family members told me stories about what it was like in the 1920 &30s and 1940s to the present time. Modesto high School, Downey High School, Mark Twain Jr. High, La loma Jr. High Schools are the oldest schools in Modesto. Also it was all orchards there up the 1950s and I was told by my kids great grandfather that a predator or pedophile would go missing and were buried in the orchards. That happened so much all over Stanislaus county. Not to mention the bikers back then were really violent as well so there’s so much energy I’m sure you will find a lot of haunted places.

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