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Black mists are said to rise from the site and horrible feelings of oppression were claimed to be felt at this abandoned asylum. The asylum was on private property, and the owners got so sick of trespassers that they finally tore it down. Although this site is gone, there is no doubt that the spirits linger on…

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    N of Corner of Edith and Osuna
    Albuquerque, NM
    United States

    Get Directions »
    35.1575405381984, -106.62261664889229
    Bernalillo County, New Mexico
    Nearest Towns:
    Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM (1.3 mi.)
    Lee Acres, NM (1.4 mi.)
    North Valley, NM (1.5 mi.)
    Albuquerque, NM (4.9 mi.)
    Paradise Hills, NM (5.6 mi.)
    Corrales, NM (6.0 mi.)
    Rio Rancho, NM (6.1 mi.)
    Sandia Heights, NM (7.7 mi.)
    Pueblo of Sandia Village, NM (7.7 mi.)
    South Valley, NM (10.3 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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      • You can get to it from the railroad tracks. Go north beside the track for a little and then you see a white building on your right. It’s the backside. Be very careful going because the people there don’t fancy trespassers. Hope this helped 🙂

    1. The power of actually reading an article instead of seeing location and running there. Details count people! It separates the intellegent from the ignorant. The fact that people took information from this site then ran out to see it then CAME BACK and still didn’t read the whole thing is amusement to those of us who read things in their entirety.

    2. I saw this place many years ago. I took an artifact from there. Immediately things started getting bad. Before we even got to our cars the sheriffs came. They let us go. Within days our pets started becoming ill and dying. This went on for about of week. Out of 6 pets, one lived. Our lights would go on and off. Doors would open or shut by themselves. Got so bad we had a “psychic” come over. I didn’t really believe in that but the psychic identified right away the artifact I took from the asylum and said that was what was causing it. She told me to take it back and put it exactly where I found it. I did and things were better right away. So, that was my experience with this place. Not good. It was all either one big coincidence, or it was true. Either way, it about ruined my life.

    3. I was a patient in the Cleveland County Regional Hospital in Shelby, NC. And I was just about asleep when all of a sudden something scratched the sole of my foot. I sat up instantly and looked around. There was no one in the room. The door was shut, nothing sharp in the bed with me. It really creeped me out!!

    4. My sister was also a patient in Cleveland Regional Hospital in Shelby, NC and was in room 461. She said the CNA had come in to check on her, when all of a sudden the clock on the wall lifted off and flew across the floor. The CNA went running out of the room screaming. And my sister was left alone in there to deal with it. So the occasion comes that I am a patient in the hospital there again and Im in room 459. I asked the CNA on duty if she had ever heard of a story about a clock flying off the wall in room 461. First she tells me there is no such room. I said well that’s interesting because that is the room my sister was in when that happened. I thought well maybe she was mistaken and it was room 416. Then the CNA tells me well clocks fly off the walls around here all the time. I said really!!!! then she totally recants herself and says you know there is a room 461 and there has only been one occasion that a clock flew off the wall. Strange wouldn’t you say??

    5. It’s not torn down. It’s on Edith and osuna it’s a little hard to find but you’ll know as soon as you find it. It’s sorta hidden

    6. I was here several years ago. 3 others and I came down here after hearing stories from other group of friends who went down here. We bought a Ouija board and parked down the street and explored the place. Before doing our session we looked around for anyone who might be in there. This place, I remember was very creepy. A lot of dark energy. I wish we could still go back there.

    7. It’s still there. I snuck in the back way and some of the ruins are still standing. They have security like Fort Knox though. THe feeling of oppression and dark energy is definitely prevalent. I snapped a few pics and booked it out of there. Not sure if they have cameras or what. I was standing out front looking at it from Edith Ave (Public city of Abq property) and then drove to the back. Later I saw cops out front. Just be careful if you do go. It had a very eerie feeling to it.

    8. This place didn’t tore down, lies!!! It been restore into a hotel now call Hotel Parq Central. How I know because I live here in abq.

      • I went there several years ago with friends and as we were walking out of the building, I got a bad cut on my hand somehow without even touching anything as I exited the building through the south entrance..didn’t think anything of it at the time probably cuz I was with several friends but looking back on it now that’s really creepy and I still don’t know how I got the slice on my hand other than something dark causing it to happen. Afterwards I always felt a presence with me where ever I was, at home, at other peoples houses, everywhere. I can honestly say that the presence isn’t very strong anymore these days though. Occasionally there are strange sounds in my house but nothing more. As a matter a fact about 20 minutes ago before I began writing this I was in my bathroom and something tapped on the other side of the bathroom door from in the hallway and then like 3 minutes later tapped on the bathroom door again. This sort of thing happens to me all the time though and I’m really just kinda use to it.

    9. It is most definitely there and most definitely in Albuquerque. It is about a 1/4 mile north of the intersection at Edith and Osuna. It is on private property and sitting behind a private residence. They frown upon trespassers and have a huge Rottweiler.

    10. Me and my friends went to this place last night and it was terrifying. If you do go, I suggest you be very quiet and very careful where you shine your flashlight, because the owners house if right next to the asylum. When you first walk in to the building a little boy greeted us with a “hello”. A couple of seconds later we heard a kid laughing, and that’s when it got really cold in there. We were walking down the hall and we noticed that had popped out at the end of the hall way. This was our first night here. Our first night we lasted only two minutes because we were so terrified. We were also there during devils hour (a time from 3:00 am to 3:59 am where the devil always spirits to roam around for an hour). The next night we decided to go back, but this time to record of everything. The second night, we made it half way through. Most of the time we felt really cold spots and we heard a tapping on the walls. My friends flashlight turned off the same time my sisters phone video shut off, and right when that happened , we heard a very quiet laugh and it seemed like it came from one of the rooms we were by. So continued on, and we were about to start making our way through the “crazy” wards until we stopped to look in a room. We saw a little girl, and she was laughing, and that’s when we decided to stop going further and to leave. We noticed that the little girl was following us so we tried to hurry our way out of there. After our night, we looked at the video, an d noticed something in it. When I first saw it, it really terrified me. Take a look… I also suggest turning your brightness up on phones to be able to see the figure.

    11. I live 2 blokes away from this place! Owner did not “get tired” city did and TOLD him to tear it down which he absent! Some of the buildings have collapsed but still there

    12. My boy friends grandma used to work there in 1952 for dr myers, she told me a few things about what they did there, shock therapy while in a insulin coma, they tested LSD on schizophrenia patients and let them run around. It seem like she knew more but hesitant to say and kept insiting that nothing in humane was going on, it came up today because they are selling the property it was in the paper, she also got offended when the news paper called it a insane alsyum, she stated they took care of patients that had problem’s with drugs, post pardom depression, schizophrenia, and young childern with behavioral problems, and she even mention a patient from hollicust with a badly scared face from the nazis experimenting, some patients had to be restrained others did not. Knew her for seven years and never said a word tell now. Werid

      • Brittany your description is accurate. Almost 14 years ago my friend was renting the sheep barn that was also on the property from the owners. A biker club called the bandits were living in a small
        House also located on the property. I used to cook meth in a trailer that was in between the two structures. The asylum was more back on the land. We used to go there often to explore. We found a lot of things including one skull Cap. My friend had taken boxes of files from the asylum that detailed the experiments they did on patients. They included lobotomies, shock therapy and the use of LSD. Back in the day when I was there no one really knew about it so it still
        Had furniture and some medical equipment in it. Not much but enough to get an idea of how it once looked. It was a creepy place to
        Hang out. Lots of demons. Especially because of what I was doing there. It came up in conversation today so I decided to see if the internet had any info on it. I was shocked to find this site.

    13. This place isn’t torn down. It is there. I’ve never gone in as they often have patrol cars out there at night. It is hard to see because of the trees and bushes, but it is there. I live in Albuquerque and have passed by the area.

      • The building has been knocked down. It’s on Edith, North of Osuna, On West side of Road, across Balloon View RVPark… there’s a double gate in front of property. Property itself was behind the trees….

    14. is the asylum still standing? im wanting to get into “ghost hunting” and im trying to see if there is some places i can visit in albuquerque. also does anyone have any recommendations of places i can explore?

    15. I got paid 300 dollars to stand inside one of the buildings for five mi5nutes a few years ago I stayed for six minutes and he gave me 400 dollars ! Easiest 400 I ever made!

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